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writing for godot

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# Article Title Author
1 End Gun Violence
2 An Early Night: Why I Hate Daylight Savings Time Zepp Jamieson
3 Bullying as a Weapon of Mass Destruction MonScott
4 A Trap posed by Nature to Humankind Otto E. Rossler
5 When Police Act Like an Occupying Army Robert J Gaydos
6 When police act like an occupying army Andrew Breiner, ThinkProgress
7 The Demon of Doubt Beth Carter
8 The Dictatorship of Ideology in the USA Russel Johnsen
9 Getting off on "The Grid" CD Sutton II
10 Robbing Children Beth Carter
11 Guns and Kids Zepp Jamieson
12 The dangerous are lurking in our society. Monicque Sharman
13 Cast out the evil doer! Monicque Sharman
14 Who Killed Trayvon Martin? By WestWinds Lisa
15 Now is the Winter of Our Discontent Zepp Jamieson
16 Why Einstein - and Therefore CERN - Might Be Wrong Stefan Hansen
17 CIC Hope-a-Doped by Muslim Brotherhood Richard Butrick
18 Welcoming the Summer Soldier and Sunshine Patriot:: Suppressing Dissent in America David Model
19 Tithonus of the Mind John Turner
21 The TSA and Travelers' Rights LAMAR HANKINS
22 Gay-Hating Cult Vows to Burn Korans if Jones' Church Doesn't Skeeter Sanders
23 Abolishing the Prison Industrial Complex --An Interview With Criminal Injustice Kos Angola 3 News
24 A nude awakening: How the government strips you naked LAMAR HANKINS
25 Why Is Obama Continuing Unconstitutional Bush Policy of Warrantless Surveillance? Skeeter Sanders

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