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Beyond Barbarity Update - Note to Trump - Rise of the Education-Medical-Military Industrial

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Sunday, 20 September 2020 08:17

By Judith Futerfas

UPDATE: I recently found out that the college-bound child of a friend of mine was found shot dead under extremely mysterious circumstances, on 8.9.20. He was a good and loving child, with loving parents - NOT suicidal by any of the markers. WARNING - KNOW who your child is communicating with via phone, in-person, etc. ...There are evil people - as I describe herein - who have no moral compass, and feel they are above the law…

I recently added my book, “Humanity’s Abyss…”, to my site I highlight the hubris of monolithic religion, as well as the danger of the education-medical-military. I include suggestions for a National Student Bill of Rights. One of my prior books, “Absent Due Process…” initiated my concerns for incursion of these forces into our lives, including higher education: SAEK – Students Against Extrajudicial Killings - For the Sake of Humanity - . Apparent military complicity, by some, is also detailed. Law enforcement is aware of all concerns.  #protectpatientsstudentsall

Trump has referenced "a lot of killers" in our Country (a 2.5.17 interview with Bill O'Reilly, link at my Home page). At a speech on 12.7.19 at IAC's annual meeting in South Florida, he stated, "...A lot of you are in the real estate business because I know you very well. You’re brutal killers. Not nice people at all...” This second reference was made at a Jewish summit. Also, at the 9.11 2020 commemorative ceremony, Trump did not say "under G_d" during the pledge... Perhaps he was aware of this further likely killing I have reported to law enforcement? For reasons I discuss, Jews specifically are involved in my complaints, as well as non-Jews. (I am Jewish.) All involved belong in prison.

Regarding these ties to religion… no G_d would sanction this horrid Shonda (Yiddish for sin, disgrace). Furthermore, Our Founders believed that the government should have no power to influence its citizens toward or away from a religion. The principle of separating church from state was integral to the framers’ understanding of religious freedom, Hence, the First Amendment - Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting the free exercise thereof. References to religion should be out of common practices, including The Pledge of Allegiance, money, and all government entities. Government holidays should have non-religious (seasonal?) names, and be on a date not specific to any one religion.

I have no doubt Trump is aware of my overall concerns, as they have also been reported to multitudes of oversight entities, local, State, and Federal, including the Intelligence and Judiciary Committees, and all representatives, both sides. Unfortunately, as one example of the degeneracy of our political system, Rubio receives a lot of money from Norman Braman, a wealthy University of Miami benefactor, so I never heard from Rubio directly, or anyone else.

The University of Miami (UM) has a lot of wealthy Jews (and non-Jews) on their boards, as funders, etc. One well-known builder, Lennar, has been quite generous. I am not sure who the other builders, or professions, etc. are. However, UM has some role in this horror. As a Jew, this is vile hubris, and unfortunately, reminds one of a time we were supposed to “Never Forget”, and horrid elements including the “Jewish Gestapo”, or Group 13:  See also, (FBI),  and (CIA as the American Gestapo).

These perpetrators are unfettered in their killings, blackmail, extortion, and other threats and harms. I do not know if Mossad or the ADL is involved, but those concerns are further discussed in my “Letter to FIU” at my site. They are protected – including by Trump. My message to Trump: most Jews (and all people) would be appalled that you are “covering” for these barbarians, perhaps for their votes and financial power? If you are being blackmailed or feel threatened – go public. The People will support you and appreciate this honesty regarding such absolute Terror on Our Soil. You have the Constitution and military behind you as well in such times, and it is YOUR DUTY (and the military’s) to Uphold Our Laws, and Secure Our Welfare. You must Tell The People, and Demand Constitutionality.

"We the People … in Order to form a more perfect Union … promote the general Welfare …"


Judy is a concerned citizen, author, and owner of She has knowledge of abuses against the Constitution by those with power, including technological, financial, and via position. She feels strongly that these people need the most oversight. People must be held accountable, or many will act with impunity. We cannot have agencies that operate extra-judicially to any extent, and without full accountability and due process. Protest also to heed Eisenhower's and Truman's warnings now, or nothing else will matter. Demand investigations and justice for those harmed. your social media marketing partner
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