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writing for godot

Call To Action

Written by The Eternal Optimist   
Sunday, 01 July 2018 04:45

Those of us to whom it was obvious from the start what kind of person Donald Trump is, have been and continue to be horrified by the inability of so many of our fellow citizens to see who we have actually allowed to become President, or to see the national and global ruin that he is rapidly bringing about behind the 24/7 media smokescreen that the likes of Fox and Sinclair spread about so thickly and that, alas, diverts us so effectively.


Those of us who have been unable to judge Donald Trump’s character correctly have necessarily also been unable to see what must be the consequences of giving such a person power of any kind over other people.  They will continue to support him almost literally no matter what he does.  They cannot see that they are behaving exactly like those who supported Mussolini, Hitler, and every other dictator who plays upon the lower angels of our nature until it’s too late for those who saw it coming to avoid the catastrophe that must inevitably result from failure to observe carefully, think critically, and listen to our hearts.


There comes a point when it’s just too late to avoid going over the waterfall.  Such a point came when Hitler and Mussolini plunged the world into World War II, and it may well be that we have passed such a point again.  But this time it’s global; on a level that the world has never seen before, where the continuation of life as we know it on this planet is actually in doubt.  If we pass this point of no return we will not be able to bounce back as we did from our two World Wars, from which we appear to have learned nothing.


There has never been a time when action was more necessary on the part of those who see what’s actually going on.  It could be argued that we’ve been much too nice; fatally so, by not standing up, screaming bloody murder, blocking the streets, boycotting, and doing anything else non-violent to stop this dreadful business.  We’ve been allowing ourselves to go along with so many things that no intelligent, adult, caring human being should EVER go along with.


With only sixty years left before the world’s topsoil is gone (for God’s sake, THINK about what that means!!!) and the Arctic melted by 2040 (for God’s sake, THINK about what that means!!!) those of us who have eyes to see had better get on it.  Now. your social media marketing partner
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