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Who Killed Trayvon Martin? By WestWinds

Written by Lisa   
Tuesday, 17 April 2012 11:06
On Apr 15, 2012, at 11:55 PM, West Winds wrote:

Who killed Trayvon Martin? We did. This society. The society that places more value on things, money and power over human beings, properly taking care of the animals, the planet and each other.

The police work in the instant case was another example of a botched job, like the JonBennet Case and too many other cases (98% of the rape kits in this country don't get processed) and the perp wouldn't ever even have been charged if this case hadn't become a "cause celebre" due to public outcry and sudden media attention.

This is a society that has criminalized poverty and only the rich get proper police attention. I had my jewelry stolen in NYC and I never got it back. The Duchess of York got her jewelry nicked in NYC; in that MAZE of an innumerable number of places where it could have been secreted, and she got her stuff back in two days! We live in John Edwards' two Americas and the poor aren't watching Plum TV.

We live in a society where the final answer is decided first and then all of the elements around the case are cherry picked in support of that answer and if someone steps out of line to offer reality-based fact, they are victimized by that said same policing agency as being misinformed, ill-informed or if any concrete facts prove real (like roofing nails impaled on roofing material), then you must be paranoid; it's all in your head, and that just trumps all. People don't know how to think any more; garbage in is garbage out and police perception of your sanity is based on how well you clean your home.

This is what you get when you go from a meritocracy to "restoring chaos" as W let slip. Education, facts, unmolested history and everything that leads to a reality based society have been trashed and what we are left with is a rigged legal system, a rigged policing system (owned and operated by the political front men for the investment class,) rigged voting system, rigged redistricting, a rigged Supreme Court, rigged medicine, rigged dental, rigged you name it. Such that nothing is reliable and nothing makes sense; NO COMMON SENSE! And the police go out of their way to keep the status quo and remain in denial.

The police have been taught that the most important thing is to "go home safe". No it isn't.

This is a high-risk job where to be effective, you lay your life on the line 24-7-365. But the police have become so soft (or disenfranchised from their real target mission) that all they want to do is ride around in new taxpayer cars burning tons of taxpayer gas and get paid for it. Meanwhile, the corporate politicians, (you know the ones that are worth multimillions in personal wealth,) keep cutting the police budgets in the name of "austerity".

You can put the truth right straight in front of the police today and they don't know what to do with it; worse, they don't WANT to recognize it. Far easier to brand you than solve the problem. (Hint: the rate of the captain is the rate of the ship.) Keeping police officers operating as "cottage industry" is one way to insure that no one knows anything and nothing gets done. Why wasn't Trayvon Martin's case properly processed IMMEDIATELY and why wasn't the self-confessed perp arrested?

The police here (I live in Florida) aren't well educated (that's not to say that officers in the field aren't nice people in their own right; not all but most.) This whole society has been taught scorn for higher education. The police here haven't been well trained and they don't have any kind of substantive ongoing education that would help them achieve critical thinking leading to appropriate problem solving skills. Ergo generations are growing up in a culture of crime and know nothing else. What they have been taught is to NOT think, NOT have the big picture, NOT to understand what's going on in their patch, and more importantly NOT to ask pithy questions and get the problem solved. They have been taught that only a detective (a higher up) should be tasked with knowledge and understanding. All the easier to bury a case; not so many who know what's truly being done (or not done) in the name of investigative pursuits.

The police think if they can just keep everything quiet, this solves the problem; no fuss equals no crime! This is akin to a tree falling in the forest not making any noise because no one is around to hear it; conveniently ignoring sound vibrations and the fact a tree is no longer standing. (I can't even close a door in my house without making noise never mind a tree falling.)

It's okay if this society has been trained over time NOT to call the police because they have come to understand (you're on your own; just pay up for it) nothing appropriate will come from it if you do. And any officer that dares raise his head to really try to do the job gets yanked off it and given some garbled tossed salad of an excuse offered up as a reason why it should be ignored.

If you are having a problem, tough! You're on your own! Better yet YOU do their job (but remember it's a one incident crime; there's no big picture here and trespass will be the charge for THOUSANDS of dollars in vandalism and theft). After which you are going to have an uphill fight to get anyone to pay attention to it or you; they aren't tasked for it and any pressure to change the status quo will be taken personally.

Why should this thinking be any different for a Trayvon Martin???

I've had my home burglarized multiple times. Because I have raised a fuss about it, it was assigned to a detective to bury it in the back of his file cabinet. I had some jewelry stolen in NYC many years ago and I had 2 police detectives in my living room within the hour. Nowadays, I've had multiple burglaries and ongoing vandalism and I've never been interviewed by this assigned detective even once in a period that spans a couple of years. And you wonder what's wrong? Or how about you turn in evidence and it is SO badly handled you're left thinking it was intentional to scuttle your case.

This society couldn't tell the difference between the truth and a lie if the truth walked up and handed it a business card; and the horror of it is, it doesn't want to! What chance does a Trayvon Martin, or anybody who isn't a multimillionaire have against a deadly organized stone wall separating rich from poor?

If you want things to change, restore the meritocracy and get rid of this moronic corporate society. That's my advice. Our grandparents didn't run a mess such as we have today because they had more common sense and wouldn't tolerate it; something that is decidedly missing in today's world. God, do I wish we had Harry Truman back!

Annelise Ekland
Nothing changes if nothing changes and you can expect more of the same until it does!

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