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Getting off on "The Grid"

Written by CD Sutton II   
Saturday, 08 June 2013 05:00

Whether we realize it or not, we are all on "The Grid", an anachronistic term that makes it easy for certain interested agencies, both behind and above "our" government, to track and surveille the general population as they see fit. From the moment we are born, there are records created; a paper trail that can be used against us, should that be deemed necessary by the status quo. And, since the McCarthy era, that sort of domestic surveillance has been used by those powerful paranoid few against the complacent many.

Justified by a variety of catchphrases and buzzwords such as "You don't need to worry if you've done nothing wrong," we have allowed our civil rights and personal freedoms to be nibbled away...the most egregious example being the misnamed Patriot Act. Don't be fooled; there was not one true patriot involved in the passing of that abortion of a fact, the only patriots in attendance were those in Congress that opposed it.

So now we live in a country that spies on its own. Like a paranoid schizophrenic without medication, the "intelligence" community is seeing shadows and threats no matter where they turn...and they now have the power and technology to listen as we whisper sweet nothings in our lovers' ears at three in the morning. Not surprising, actually; America has been fighting since the 1700's. We've always needed an enemy. And when there wasn't an actual one, we created one within our own borders. Now that the gov't has no more indigenous to demonize and vilify, the only true threat that remains is our own citizenry. I ask you all these questions:

What would have happened to this great land if Senator McCarthy had possessed these tools of spycraft? Where would we be today? Would JFK have even won a primary? Would Ike even been allowed to warn our citizens against the ..."acquisition of influence, whether sought or unsought, by the Miitary Industrial Complex"? Would Joe McCarthy have been POTUS in 1956? Scary effing thought, that.

So here we are today. Those of us who came of age in the 1970's are horrified by the lack of personal communication we see around us. The tweens, teens,and twenty somethings hold their devices in a manner more befitting a security blanket (To amuse myself, I have taken to addressing them all with the pseudonym "Linus") But it is no laughing matter; our society is distracted when it should be angry. We play Candy Crush when we should be marching en masse, swords in hand, on DC. Worst of all, we have allowed this to happen through our inattention to a basic American axiom: "Question Authority"We are on the brink of another American Revolution. According to what I am hearing on the streets and through certain rank and file members of the police and military, we may only have a few precious months before the actions of the Federal Reserve collapse our economy and raise food prices to the point where the some of the population may resort to cannibalism as a means of survival. The rest of us still lucky enough to be employed will find our paychecks may only buy about 10% of what we need to keep going. Those of us with weapons will resort to poaching wild game, but with over 300 million people in the country, that won't last long. We will become a population that will learn the harshest lesson of the natural world; survivalof the fittest.

Damn...I'm dark, aren't I?

The only good thing that may come of this scenario? There won't really be any more need for "The Grid" your social media marketing partner
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