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The Dictatorship of Ideology in the USA

Written by Russel Johnsen   
Monday, 17 June 2013 02:09
Though the USA loudly condemns hacking or cyber war, if you like, the USA is by far the number one computer hacker in our world today. The problem is that the USA doesn't want this known so much of the media doesn't bother printing the stories of the USA hacking other countries. The hypocrisy is rampant.

Today we have a glimpse of some of the companies using and abusing their access to people's files and conversations: Google, Yahoo, Microsoft, Facebook and others having been heavily involved in the 'hacking' of American's voices and especially the hacking of those of us outside of the USA who have no protection at all from the USA.

Mr. Snowden, now in Hong Kong, has exposed the insane hacking by the USA government and some of the USA corporations involved in the stealing and filing away of enormous quantities of the spoked and the written work. And this is still available, we are to understand, to a few companies involved in this information theft.

Are we going to revert to the McCarthy era hunt for people with differing views and pull them into kangaroo courts or in front of vicious Senate committees and have people by the thousands ostracised by America and Americans as their private ideals are labelled blasphemous and the writers/speakers considered to be anti-American if they voice objections to the Predator Drone bombings or the continuous war that America has been since before the Second World War.

Are people, from other countries, going to be picked up at the US border and sent down the river as dissidents with the potential, because their ideals, to harm the now thoroughly radicalised USA? Will Americans stand up and protect the rights of other Americans?

It certainly seems as if Americans, who believe they're on the right side of American ideals, are not willing to stand up for the personal freedoms of thought supposedly guaranteed in their Constitution. It seems they're confident that they will not be harmed for their views so those on the left should be the ones to suffer because they choose to disagree.

Yes, it is that bad!

Whistle-blowers are under attack like never before across the USA. They're thought of as radicals and sh!t disturbers so they deserve anything that's coming to them. The right is full of these mindless morons. It's full of a lot of bright people, too, who want to score big by limiting freedoms of thought and speech to have their way.

The government continues to claim that all Americans are safe. Of course! But what are the key words that pop ones thoughts and voiced opinions into the light deep in the bowels of the Government. Have you thought about this?

What happens to someone just fooling around on the telephone, Facebook etc when he/she sounds anti-government? What happens when any free thinkers saying anything about government have their conversations stolen? What happens when words and phrases are taken out of context?

There are huge questions not answered by the pundits of recording everything. These questions are not being answered except to say; "Oh, well, you've nothing to hide you won't be bothered." or "We're just noting key words; you're not in any trouble."

What key words? Secret - National Security!

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