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Why Einstein - and Therefore CERN - Might Be Wrong

Written by Stefan Hansen   
Thursday, 17 March 2011 17:56
CERN might be jeopardizing humanity, by smashing particles together in their Large Hadron Collider (LHC) on the border between France and Switzerland. According to critics of CERN's LHC experiment there is a chance that a black hole might be created, and that this black hole could swallow Earth. CERN dismisses this with these words "According to the well-established properties of gravity, described by Einstein’s relativity, it is impossible for microscopic black holes to be produced at the LHC" (from The safety of the LHC). Unfortunately plenty of people are swayed by a statement like this, and all too often it's enough to convince them there is no need to worry. But there might be, and you don't need to be a physicist to understand why. You just have to escape the dogmatic belief in the authority of science we have been taught to accept. It might not be the easiest thing to do, but I hope you'll try.

I'll get back to CERN's statement in a bit, but first let me give you a quote from "The curvature of spacetime: Newton, Einstein and gravitation" by Fritzsch and Heusch: "In the late nineteenth century, classical physics was seen as the very model for the natural sciences. It was dominated by Isaac Newton's classical mechanics. The laws of mechanics were interpreted as unshakable laws of nature; their validity was unquestioned irrespective of whether an investigation concerned the motion of rigid bodies on Earth or the orbits of planets and stars in the universe."

Please notice how this quote began; "In the late nineteenth century," in other words two hundred years after the publication of Newton's 1687 masterpiece Principia. And still these well-established laws were shown, by Einstein, to be far from unshakable, about a quarter of a century later. Before Einstein, Newton's laws had ruled, and physicists pedestaled them - just as CERN now have pedestaled Einstein's theory of relativity. Seemingly they have forgotten how history, again and again, have show what was considered unquestionable to be questionable - or indeed plain wrong. Newton's laws is just one of many examples. And with that said, now back to CERN's statement.

It read: "According to the well-established properties of gravity, described by Einstein’s relativity, it is impossible for microscopic black holes to be produced at the LHC," but - with our awareness of how Newton's unshakable and unquestionable laws were later replaced by Einstein's theory - might we not (with good reason) wonder how CERN can be so sure? Couldn't it be that Einstein's relativity is wrong?

Imagine a sentence like this, "According to the well-established properties of gravity, described by Newton’s theory, it is impossible for x (something, your choice) to be produced at the French-Switz border," written sometime between Newton and Einstein. Let's say 1 January 1801, just to have something concrete in this little piece of writing. Such a statement would most likely have convinced the majority, thanks to the clever use of pompous hyperbole and a reference to someone perceived to be infallible. But now we know better. A statement based to Newton's theory would - rightfully - be looked upon with lifted eyebrows. Especially, if humankind was on the line.

As I'm sure you've noticed, the statement concerning Newton was borrowed from CERN's safety document, simply substituting Einstein with Newton. This was to show how we - obviously - cannot, and should not, take something on face value. If Newton was wrong - and he was - then Einstein might be wrong as well. If he is, CERN's safely argument falls to the ground with a loud bang. "Luckily" we might not hear it, cause we might not be here anymore.

In conclusion: please don't allow rhetorics and hyperbole to sway you, especially in matters of this magnitude. We all have a responsibility here. A responsibility to stop the experiments at CERN - at least until they come up with something more convincing than their current trust-the-dogma-argument.

If you want to know more, you can read my mathematical proof showing why CERN's LHC must be stopped. It's simple to understand. You can also read about one of CERN's major critics, Otto Rössler, and sane risk management at CERN. Both can be found on my blog (see below).

Written by Stefan Hansen your social media marketing partner
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