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Bullying as a Weapon of Mass Destruction

Written by MonScott   
Monday, 13 February 2017 10:15

Have you ever thought for real that only one word spoken can predetermine the life of another person? Or, Have you ever minced your words before starting the conversation? Ask yourself it now, because you could be the one to change somebody’s life and predetermine his destiny. In the 21st century the children violence, continuous shootings at school, or even suicidal ideations are a dime a dozen. If TV shows and the news do not show at least one story about such accidents per day, it may seem extraordinary and awkward, and this tendency of revealing every detail of the fatal casualty or violence between schoolchildren only warms up the public. Everyone wants to sympathize, and in the most cases, this false commiseration is completely hypocritical, because this is the way the things are done, at best.

Generally, the first violent incidents occur at school, when children undergo the bullying. But nobody really and truly cares about such situations, the school psychologist may talk with you and your offenders. But is there anybody who tells me that such conversation could change a thing? I do not think so.

Bullying is a weapon of mass destruction which may transform your life into hell, or make you stronger, both variants depend on your self-suggestion. I thought a lot about bullying, read dozens of articles about it, and tried to remember the cases when I was bullied, and I came across with a simple injustice. If you are weaker, richer, poorer, black or white, you are already predisposed to be bullied, just from the moment of your birth. People are cruel and even the kindest person may offend somebody. The most dangerous thing about it is that the excessive violence and bullying may make a child go insane, make him shoot somebody, or even make him commit suicide, leaving a note with the text, - I am sorry, Do not blame anyone, I love you, mom and dad. Of course, it is an approximate text, but what such note can change? It is unfair, that the younger generation sees no other option but the easiest, to make quietus. I do really think it is the easiest and the most coward way of fixing the problem.

Life with bullying is possible, you cannot get rid of offenders, they were, are and will be. Only your attitude toward bullying may be changed.

Once I spoke with my classmate Julie, and she said that she had fallen under the violence when she was 7 years old. It was not a simple family incident when Julie was punished because of drawing the walls or fighting with her brother. It was the second grade when she just came to the first lesson; the summer holidays ended and she was looking forward to seeing her friends. Julie just entered the class and was immediately surrounded by others headed by Leticia , her best friend. Leticia started offending her and straightly bullying her for being too tall, too smart. The reasons were different as rainbow dyes, it did not matter what she would be bullied for, only the reaction of others was important. That situation occurred because Leticia wanted to be cool.

And we all know the rules of this life, if we want to be cool, we should find a person which is weaker, and show our superiority over him. The bitter truth of life. The worst thing about this story is that I did not feel sorry, and did not want to sympathize with my friend because I clearly understood that I used to offend others too. And it was not completely my decision, I was on the bit of society. Now, being a conscious person and responsible for all my words spoken, I know this weapon is just as a cover of the glossy magazine, you may look at it, but do not want to open. You may be bullied, but at the same time, you may not pay great attention to it. In pursuit of establishing as a personality, we make lots of mistakes, but only those who do nothing make no mistakes. The same is my friend Julie, she understands that the period when she was insulted was a starting point of her personality development and the worst is ahead.

So, if you are now bullied, bear in mind one thing - you are at risk of not being offended but of not overcoming this period. Experience keeps a dear school, but fools learn in no other. So, it’s up to you which way to choose and how to cope with the bullying.

About author: Gregory Walsh is a qualified writer of JCMuscle. He writes on different topics to help people complete their goals in the quickest and most successful way.

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