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Cast out the evil doer!

Written by Monicque Sharman   
Wednesday, 18 July 2012 11:12

We cast those charged with having committing serious crime out of general society and into another, smaller society (jail). But within both societies, are certain people outcast from that society? What is an outcast, and how does it affect your life if there are outcasts amongst us, and/or you're one of them?

To put it simply, a person 'outcast' from their society, is a person that was 'thrown-away' from the group. So, they're a person who doesn't have a group of friends and family that are 'there' for them. The outcast doesn't have anyone that can help with the 'big' decisions in life. The outcast doesn't have a father to guide them, or a friendly neighbour, or a cousin and a brother and others. But it goes a little further than that. The outcast is the one that doesn't even have services available to them. The outcast can't turn to any doctor, or any politician, or any queen, or any telephone counselling service for help. Maybe the services are there, but the outcast can't access them for whatever reason. Maybe they don't want to access them, because they think the services are evil. Maybe the outcast has chosen to be a hermit. Maybe the outcast has chosen to reside in a mental hospital or a jail. Maybe the outcast doesn't want help, and that could be for various reasons also.

I believe there are outcasts in our society, they probably look like ordinary people. Many are probably children fed up with school and hating their parents and wanting to be free and have fun, and finding that when they go outside, there's no one there, and the world in the play-station is far, far better.

We do have a society where people are 'left-alone.' They may have their same visitors every week - people that come on a roster because that's their job, plus a relative or a neighbour, and they may see the same doctor or shop-keeper. Many people are lonely, but don't feel outcast. They may feel tough or independent, or they choose to love life and be grateful for the friends and family that have been there for them. Many live choosing not to be outcast, choosing to cultivate relationships with others, choosing to believe in the good. But a lot of them may have outcasts in their family that they choose to stay away from, because they can't handle bad influence, and the depression gets them down also. They do the best they can.

So, for the outcast, there's no one there with which to celebrate the minor triumphs. For the outcast, there's no one there to help them with any cause. For the outcast, they may be lonely and no one visits. They may get sick, and no one helps them get better. They may want guidance or advice, but there's no one to give it. They may get depressed and choose not to work, or choose to commit a crime, or they may do something silly, and the decision has a terrible outcome, and no one is there to help them get better. Family and friends are disappointed. People die and move on and give up, and feel that they've failed and that society has failed them.

The outcast feels worthless and hopeless, and can't feel part of society. They've been pushed out, by themselves or others or both. In any case, there's no one to trust, no one to help, no one to turn to, except maybe cash and assets and qualifications. People rely on bullshit these days - perhaps that's why outcasts choose to stay away.

We 'throw-out' the criminals into the jails. Outcasts are criminals, but if you've become disconnected with those around you, even if you are living in society, you can feel like a criminal, with no one's support, lonely with no one to cuddle, with no one that's there.

Some lonely, hopeless people don't just get 'out-cast' from society, they flip right out of it by doing stupid things, like stabbing someone. A flip-out can happen at any time, just like a casting out. When a person 'flips-out', the feel like an outcast - there's no one there for them, or they realize no one's there for anyone - or they realize that something's wrong or they need something they can't have, and the flip-out may involve committing a crime, making a threat, smoking a joint, taking pills, or whatever.

Some don't quite flip out fully, they turn to someone or a service, and maybe find relief because in this world there are still some people and services there for others. But it seems to be getting harder. People that care are getting further and further and apart.

Maybe you think having heaps of lost, lonely outcasts in society is just life, the way it is. Maybe it is and always will be.

But why is it, all of a sudden, in a world where we have all we need, do we need to live lives where we can't be there for one another? Where we have so many outcasts? Where we have people that can't get off their fat lazy asses for each other? Is it us? Are the outcasts all criminals?

How is it, in an age where we have all we need, that children are killing themselves and each other, and our jails are overflowing?

I think we need to look at the things that are keeping us apart from our families and friends, and change the structures of our lives so that we don't have people that feel alone and cast out by the world. If we aren't getting off our fat lazy asses, there's a reason. People don't 'give up' for no reason. When we 'give up,' we do it because we feel like we're beaten.

And the outcasts are beaten and battered by the world, and feel more apart, and they die and the family thanks the insurance company and perhaps squabble over the real estate.

I know you think you can't do anything for an outcast. But I guess you could do something for all of them as a group. You could cancel all the debts anyone owes you. You could mark all your doors with a smiley face, meaning they're open and you're giving everything away that you own. You could decide that you do really think there's a better way to live, and that our global economy is a farce, and that you won't have anything to do with it. You could work when you wanted, so you'd have time to make friends with people and build relationships - hence preventing an outbreak of outcasts in society in the future. Or you could just say, "Hey, that was a funny story," and do nothing but worry that some time in the night a thief or a re-possessor or a fire or a divorce will take everything away all at once.

Imagine if the dollar falls to an unbelievable low in a few months. And you've relied on your savings, and all of a sudden they're worthless, and you've been a fool because you could have shared all your wealth months ago, with your desperate, criminal neighbours who needed it while you saved it. Anyone can feel like an outcast at any time.

You think that if you shared everything you'd lose it and hence be outcast? Well, don't you or someone in your family feel an outcast already - so what do you have to lose?

At some stage, I think we will work it out, and the evil doers will be those thrown away and outcast, and those that share will inherit the earth. I hope you have a wonderful day and a wonderful life and don't feel cast away. :) your social media marketing partner
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