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2 Impeached: Notes on the Travesty that Passed for a Trial Thomas Magstadt
3 To Quit or Not to Acquit, That Was the Question Thomas Magstadt
4 An Open Letter To All GOP Senate Jurors Terry Sneller
5 Trumpzis Revisited johnescher
6 Congress Passes Somalia Debt Relief Jubilee USA Network
7 Religious: Senate Pass Transparency Legislation Jubilee USA Network
8 Direct Discourse to Trumpzi Sympathizers johnescher
9 Congress Votes on Corporate Transparency Act Jubilee USA Network
10 Ding-Dong johnescher
11 A Lonely Man - Kafka Kouncils grill Mueller Zepp Jamieson
12 Reforming the Two-Party System
13 Congress, White House Move Disaster Relief for Puerto Rico, US States and Territories Jubilee USA Network
14 Houses Passes Disaster Aid Package for Puerto Rico, US States and Territories Jubilee USA Network
15 Barrbarian Rhatsophy - Barr belongs in jail—next to Trump Zepp Jamieson
16 Nukes and Misdirected "Manhood" In Washington, D.C. Dr. Roger Kotila
17 Mueller to Pissmop - Yes, you are fucked Zepp Jamieson
18 Senate Disaster Funding Fails Over Puerto Rico Aid Debate Jubilee USA Network
19 Senate Votes on Puerto Rico Disaster Aid and Emergency Food Assistance Jubilee USA Network
20 It really is all about the Benjamins, baby! Eric Resnick
21 Puerto Rico Debt Advisors Subject to Conflict Disclosure Jubilee USA Network
22 Puerto Rico Debt Deal Receives Court Approval Jubilee USA Network
23 Shut down - Shut up, Donald—Grown ups are talking Zepp Jamieson
24 Barr None - He hit all the right notes, but… Zepp Jamieson
25 Taking Back Foreign Policy: The Congressional Progressive Caucus Judy Pasqualge
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