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1 A Lonely Man - Kafka Kouncils grill Mueller Zepp Jamieson
2 Reforming the Two-Party System
3 Congress, White House Move Disaster Relief for Puerto Rico, US States and Territories Jubilee USA Network
4 Houses Passes Disaster Aid Package for Puerto Rico, US States and Territories Jubilee USA Network
5 Barrbarian Rhatsophy - Barr belongs in jail—next to Trump Zepp Jamieson
6 Nukes and Misdirected "Manhood" In Washington, D.C. Dr. Roger Kotila
7 Mueller to Pissmop - Yes, you are fucked Zepp Jamieson
8 Senate Disaster Funding Fails Over Puerto Rico Aid Debate Jubilee USA Network
9 Senate Votes on Puerto Rico Disaster Aid and Emergency Food Assistance Jubilee USA Network
10 It really is all about the Benjamins, baby! Eric Resnick
11 Puerto Rico Debt Advisors Subject to Conflict Disclosure Jubilee USA Network
12 Puerto Rico Debt Deal Receives Court Approval Jubilee USA Network
13 Shut down - Shut up, Donald—Grown ups are talking Zepp Jamieson
14 Barr None - He hit all the right notes, but… Zepp Jamieson
15 Taking Back Foreign Policy: The Congressional Progressive Caucus Judy Pasqualge
16 Landslides are wasteful - I Love Gov. Tom Wolf, BUT! RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
17 The Post Office is not going Broke. It is a scam! John Zwiebel
18 The Kavanaugh Kave - Black robes don’t make a fascist a Justice Zepp Jamieson
19 The America We Knew is Being Buried Today RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
20 Senate Passes Puerto Rico Nutritional Assistance in Farm Bill: Puerto Rico Housing Assistance Fails in Senate Jubilee USA Network
21 A Referendum on Regime Change (Or How to Think About the 2018 Midterm Elections) Thomas Magstadt
22 Congressional Dems Can (and Should) Conduct Their Own Hearings About Sexual Misconduct David Bass
23 Congress Tax Reform Package Could Harm Poor, Warns Religious Development Group Jubilee USA Network
24 None Dare Call it Treason: Life with the GOP Monkerud Don
25 Trumps Plan To Throw Republican Congress Under Bus robertj
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