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writing for godot


Written by Carol Wolman   
Thursday, 20 August 2020 12:00


The Democrats have been playing defense.  The President throws out so many offenses that it’s impossible to respond effectively to all of them.   Public attention can only handle one or two issues at a time.  His offenses are many since January 2020, when the Republican Senate  acquitted Trump of the charges brought by the Democratic House, of abuse of power and obstruction of Congress.

Many of the new offenses are impeachable, such as:

  • Committing treason as commander-in-chief of the US armed forces, by ignoring and then dismissing intelligence that Russia was paying bounties to Afghanis to kill American soldiers.
  • Negligent homicide of the Americans, for political ends, with his tardy and misleading response to the covid-19 pandemic.
  • Abuse of law-enforcement powers, with reckless deployment of federal forces into U.S. cities for political purposes
  • Abuse of appointment power, by firing courageous whistleblower Lt. Col. Alexander Vindman, and blocking his promotion.
  • Abuse of power for personal enrichment, by pushing the U.S. ambassador to Britain to get the British government to steer the lucrative British Open golf tournament to a Trump-owned resort in Scotland.
  • Abuse of the reprieve and pardon power, by pardoning Roger Stone, who was convicted of lying to Congress and the FBI.
  • Accepting help from Russia during the 2016 election campaign, as detailed in the just-released report by the GOP-led Senate Intelligence Committee.
  • Willful and blatant interference with a federal election:  Trump, 8/13/2020, on why he won’t fund US Postal Service:  “Now they need that money in order to make the post office work so it can take all of these millions and millions of ballots ... But if they don’t get those two items that means you can’t have universal mail-in voting.”

Any one of these items constitutes grounds for a second impeachment.  But the last one is glaring, urgent and crucial, as it could determine whether or not there is chaos around the November election. Trump is fomenting chaos, as it is gives him his only chance to stay in office another four years and institute fascism.

Speaker Pelosi is calling the House back into session this week to confront President Donald Trump’s attempts to undermine the U.S. Postal Service.  There may be a vote as early as Saturday, Aug. 22, on a proposal to block his plans.  This special session could easily be used to bring new impeachment charges.  No investigation is necessary, since Trump has already condemned himself publicly.

Unlike the previous impeachment, which was obscure and hard to understand, this one would be simple and clear.  The whole country is already suffering from the postal slowdown. Checks are held up, vital packages of medications are slow to arrive.  Rural areas and older voters, who prefer paper to electronics, are especially hard hit.  The postal logjam affects everyone, no matter what their color, creed or political preference.   We’re all pissed off about the attack on the USPS, and would be happy to see some real action taken.

If the impeachment charges are well-phrased, the Democratic House will surely pass them again, putting Trump back on the defensive.  There are a number of GOP Senators up for re-election who see Trump as a liability, and might well vote for conviction this time around.

Impeachment by the House this month would undercut Trump’s attempt to destroy the November 2020 voting, and might even remove him from office before then.  Many articles have been written warning of the chaos and perhaps violence that will likely surround that election.   Why not forestall it with impeachment now?

There’s a petition circulating which you can sign and disseminate.

Time is very short on this, so please act now.  Call your Representative and send this article to his/her office, marked HIGH PRIORITY.  Post it on your facebook page and spread it to everyone you know.

As a psychiatrist, I know that there is no treatment for malignant narcissism and sociopathy.  Only legal restraint is effective.  Let’s use it.

Carol S. Wolman, MD

Board Certified in Psychiatry


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