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writing for godot

Whose is the Voice asking for Support of Ossoff and Warnock?

Written by johnescher   
Thursday, 24 December 2020 08:36

American or Brit?  A 120-year-old dowager played by Dames Maggie Smith or Judi Dench?  Nancy Pelosi or a committee of young fund-raisers mimicking her?

The voice is that of a melodramatic person with vapors and goes like this:

"SABOTAGED: Georgia"

"Please, John"

"Georgia TRIUMPH!!"

"Georgia TOSS-UP."

"Georgia PREDICTION: Joe Biden GRINNING Ear to Ear After Reading This Poll."

"Georgia Senate R.  Brutal news for john escher."

"Disaster in Georgia.  UGH!!! (This is sad.)"

"Very bad news for Reverend Raphael Warnock."

"Georgia GLEE.  Over the moon (Raphael Warnock)"

"Our hearts just sank.  (Warnock and Ossoff: TUMBLING)

My usual idea is better to criticize the other side.  This hyperventilated language however requires response.  And the way Nancy draws me in through repeated use of my name gives me the clear message that if Democrats once again lose the Senate it will be for one reason only, that John Escher did not contribute $25 although he lives in a charity.

Do these messages tell us anything about Ossoff or Warnock?  Never.  Are they ever about ideas or issues?

When I read the sentence that "Kelly Loeffler is jumping for joy" I think that her money bags must be jiggling a lot.

When I read these words, "We're stunned," I wonder how hard Dame Smith-Dench will hit the floor as she faints.

Then Nancy Pelosi says "I'm sorry, John" and I click on that one to see what she is sorry about.  Sorry she is sending still another dun for funds.

As well she should be.  The message I'm getting is that, 1) Democrats are flibbertigibbets running through more mood changes than Duchess Sansevera thinking about Fabrizio del Dongo, and 2) Democrats like Republicans care about one thing: money.










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