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writing for godot

An Open Letter To All GOP Senate Jurors

Written by Terry Sneller   
Friday, 24 January 2020 03:51

Before Trump was selected to be President, many of us noticed the videos where several of you expressed your honest feelings about him.  As he has gained power, it has become obvious to us — your employers — that he has quite rapidly spread his various insidious forms of control to all of you.  As voting tax paying citizens, it has been remarkable to watch as he — along with his also compromised and throughly compliant head of the Senate — have rapidly subverted all of your personal self-control to his!  It has been somewhat sad to observe the once proud Republican Party of Ike and Reagan be converted into the Party of Trump.

If you had any doubts as to the lengths that this mentally unbalanced, media manipulating and malignant narcissist will go, certainly you must have had your thinking rearranged after sitting silent in the Senate Chamber for several days being bombarded for hours on end with the rather redundant details of how he has been trying to rig our next election in his favor.  It is sad to imagine how any of you could not dig down into your very essence and find some semblance of loyalty to your country.  Do you REALLY want to bow down to Putin's Puppet?  Have each and every one of you completely lost all sense of honor?  Wouldn’t you like to throw off his yoke of illegal control and break free to become your own person again?  Don’t you still have concerns for your current job, reputation, self-respect and place in history?


Here is a solution for your serious consideration — form a movement!  Generally, people think of movements as large, slow building operations.  However, that doesn’t need to be the case.  Just get together with your fellow Trump victims (you only need twenty) — excluding Moscow Mitch, of course — and decide that to join your movement, you must ALL pledge to vote the source of your despair out of office.

While seeking just four of your members to vote to break the 53-47 lock-hold, it was related to the press by one of you, that if your votes were secret — and thus not invite recrimination from your respective constituents — you would probably ALL vote to get rid of this mental midget, anyway.  So, here is your chance!  Get in one of your Senate Cloakrooms and organize a resistance in order to regain your freedom AND, in the process, save not only your Republican Party, but our vulnerable Democracy, as well!

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