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writing for godot

Direct Discourse to Trumpzi Sympathizers

Written by johnescher   
Saturday, 16 November 2019 07:39

You Trumpzis and self-declared Trumpzi-opposers who are unconscious abettors of Nazi evil will ultimately like Roger Stone be convicted on all counts although it may not happen in a court of law.

The most unconscious of you are apt to incur such conviction because of an excess of fiddling around and a dearth of passion. You simply are not indignant enough at the travesty of Donald Trump as president.

The result of this unnatural suppression is the echolalia of misplaced passion, e.g, a rather common anyone's repeated declaration of hate for Adam Schiff, a man who simply as prosecutor is doing a good job.

Donald Trump should be the object of our wrath.  He is while the most powerful person in the world doing the world grave harm.  A verbal attack on anyone else is by contrast petty, ineffectual and small. your social media marketing partner
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