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writing for godot

Water Bottle, Again?

Written by johnescher   
Wednesday, 10 February 2021 03:40

It was Mark Rubio who grabbed his water bottle in a strange way that overwhelmed the rest of a speech he was giving.  Americans may never have fully interpreted that event but nevertheless played footage of it over and over again.

Now David Schoen, second lawyer on Trump's B-team for impeachment defense, has done a similar thing on all seven occasions when he stopped his initial speech to take a drink of water.

Rabbi Menchem Genack, as quoted by the New York Post, explained, "Each time we eat or drink something we say a blessing to thank God and we cover our head, typically with a yarmulke, to show respect and to acknowledge that there's someone above us."

Some other time than when defending a boss known for his propensity to fire people?  Was Trump impressed by this obeisance to a God other than himself or would the seven water hole instances result in a C-team of lawyers being substituted in the middle of the one-week trial?

Politically speaking, Schoen may have been trying to match the real yarmulke on the back of impeachment manager Jamie Raskin's head.

Whatever the case the seven pate-pattings were major distraction for all non-Jews watching the trial, similar perhaps to Trump's holding a Bible upside down to celebrate beatings of political protesters near a D.C. church.

Both lawyers may merely have been continuing Donald Trump's MO of maximum distraction at all times-- every pundit in the land regardless of political persuasion described first lawyer Bruce Sassor's opening speech as "meandering."

While seeming the living embodiment of Ralph Waldo Emerson's proverb "A foolish consistency is the hobgoblin of little minds" Sasser and Schoen should also take note of Emerson's advice to his nephew on how to give a speech.

Even if you gave a very good speech the week before, the American philosopher-poet wrote, you need to engage your new audience just as efficiently and all over again.

Also, lawyers or not, Sasser and Schoen represented the common type of Trump supporter always talking about hatred on the other side.

No.  We mainly laugh at Trump on our side, not the same as anger and hatred at all.  If you want to know those characteristics look at Trump himself.

He hates the environment, democracy, science, immigrants, BLM, Mexicans, Muslims, children, old people, Americans (why else did he let so many die?).  In fact the list of his hatreds goes on and on and on.
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