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writing for godot

Trumpzis Revisited

Written by johnescher   
Friday, 20 December 2019 03:54

Can't use the words stupid, deplorables, Nazis.  Supposedly.  But why do we think we need to de-fang ourselves?  Will that do us good?  Really?

I will assert once again that calling someone a red or a commie or even a "socialist" is just pure nastiness, an effort to stick it to the other side.  And if I call the Republicans who recently testified at the pre-impeachment hearing "Nazis," which I do, I'm sharing in the universal wish to stick it to the other side.

But I'm also trying to understand the enabler turn of mind in any human being, the willingness to abandon democratic ideals and succumb to the will and blind power of some leader of a weird cult. your social media marketing partner
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