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1 So Okay, What If He Did Shoot Somebody, Would That Be Enough? John Miller
2 Donald Trump, Antichrist-In-Chief at the Whore of Babylon
3 May the best presidential performer win! Robert S. Becker
4 Save Our Democracy Announce the Brave Pro-Impeachment Republican Leaning Libertarian as the Future Democratic VP RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
5 What Kompromat Does Trump Have on the GOP? John Miller
6 Me and Nancy johnescher
7 The Democratic Debates Citizen Mike
8 A Personal Tale of Trumpism johnescher
9 Obliterate the Deplorables johnescher
10 Decompensation - Trump is at his most dangerous Zepp Jamieson
11 "Deplorables" Revisited johnescher
12 Trump's 2020 MAGA CARTA- his Manifesto Destiny
13 Con-artist Trump is spreading the mass delusion of his never letting a supporter down RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
14 Are you now, or have you ever ...? Robert J Gaydos
15 Trump's Battle That Can't Be Won Arturo Tha Cuban
16 Coda - The end is near Zepp Jamieson
17 A Mouse Has Left the White House Carl Peterson
18 MSNBC Was Right All Along johnescher
19 The Plea Bag - Mueller outsmarts them all Zepp Jamieson
20 The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy - Who knew the Trump White House was infested with libruls? Zepp Jamieson
21 Our Rakish President - Trump uses his to start forest fires Zepp Jamieson
22 Shun the Chief “Enemy of the People” Robert S. Becker
23 Trump Debunked at the World’s Lying Olympics Robert S. Becker
24 Nothing to Fear but...: A review of Fear Zepp Jamieson
25 It’s the Base, Stupid! — the Know-nothing Swamp Drives Toxic Politics Robert S. Becker
26 Our “Oh Shit” Moment - We’re at Meltdown Point for Trump Zepp Jamieson
27 As Epic Losses Mount, Trump’s One ‘Win’ Spurs the Ultimate Boomerang Robert S. Becker
28 Six Potential Lessons From Our Most Debased Presidency Robert S. Becker
29 Omarosa -- Crazed crying lowlifes, Unite! Zepp Jamieson
30 There's no there there? Philip Kraske
31 Addressing Redeemable Trumpers: Offsetting the Blarney, Upping Midterm Pressure Robert S. Becker
32 Bravo, Another Global Trump Triumph! Now Grievance Is Universal Robert S. Becker
33 Mueller and Trump and the Hypnosis of Story Philip Kraske
34 Pool Resources. Sue Trump — Sting Him with his Own Medicine Robert S. Becker
35 Why does 'Heaven' want to destroy us? Meditation on the biggest eco-system of all Robert S. Becker
36 Donald Trump Is No Joe McCarthy: He's Worse Thomas Magstadt
37 The Great Trump Selfie: As ‘Transparency’ Surges, So Does Disgust Robert S. Becker
38 Electing Trump ‘Elected’ Seven Deadly Sins — Plus Scoffing at Five Commandments Robert S. Becker
39 Intelligence: Not knowing what is known Zepp Jamieson
40 Fire and Fury: Truth or Lies? A Quick Review Raven Grimaldi
41 TRUMP'S LATEST LIE John Glassco
42 Bannon & Trump Deserve Each Other — Divisive, Grandstanding Demagogues at Each Other’s Throat Robert S. Becker
43 What and Who is the Biggest, Ugliest Shithole in the World? revcom
44 Four Thoughts on the Trump “Tell-All” Book revcom
45 A Letter to Republican Lawmakers B.T. Hill
46 ‘Very Stable Genius’ Bravado— Trump’s Epic Self-Delusions Will Boomerang, Again Robert S. Becker
47 10 Reasons Trump Won’t Last Four Years Robert S. Becker
48 Is Trump Our First, First-year Lame Duck President? Robert S. Becker
49 Führer Trump Tweets Neo-Nazi Anti-Muslim Propaganda - There Is No Innocence in Looking Away. The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! revcom
50 Franken’s Perfect, Defiant Taunt to Trump: ‘I’ll Resign if You Do’ Robert S. Becker
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