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1 Bravo, Another Global Trump Triumph! Now Grievance Is Universal Robert S. Becker
2 Mueller and Trump and the Hypnosis of Story Philip Kraske
3 Pool Resources. Sue Trump — Sting Him with his Own Medicine Robert S. Becker
4 Why does 'Heaven' want to destroy us? Meditation on the biggest eco-system of all Robert S. Becker
5 Donald Trump Is No Joe McCarthy: He's Worse Thomas Magstadt
6 The Great Trump Selfie: As ‘Transparency’ Surges, So Does Disgust Robert S. Becker
7 Electing Trump ‘Elected’ Seven Deadly Sins — Plus Scoffing at Five Commandments Robert S. Becker
8 Intelligence: Not knowing what is known Zepp Jamieson
9 Fire and Fury: Truth or Lies? A Quick Review Raven Grimaldi
10 TRUMP'S LATEST LIE John Glassco
11 Bannon & Trump Deserve Each Other — Divisive, Grandstanding Demagogues at Each Other’s Throat Robert S. Becker
12 What and Who is the Biggest, Ugliest Shithole in the World? revcom
13 Four Thoughts on the Trump “Tell-All” Book revcom
14 A Letter to Republican Lawmakers B.T. Hill
15 ‘Very Stable Genius’ Bravado— Trump’s Epic Self-Delusions Will Boomerang, Again Robert S. Becker
16 10 Reasons Trump Won’t Last Four Years Robert S. Becker
17 Is Trump Our First, First-year Lame Duck President? Robert S. Becker
18 Führer Trump Tweets Neo-Nazi Anti-Muslim Propaganda - There Is No Innocence in Looking Away. The Trump/Pence Regime Must Go! revcom
19 Franken’s Perfect, Defiant Taunt to Trump: ‘I’ll Resign if You Do’ Robert S. Becker
20 Nation Unified as Scandal-rich Contest IDs ‘Trump’s Most Damning Legacy’ Robert S. Becker
21 VP Pence Won’t Entertain Trump Resignation Robert S. Becker
22 Is Trump’s Demolition Derby Apt ‘Punishment' For Our Sins? Robert S. Becker
23 More than ‘Moron,’ More Like Plague Robert S. Becker
24 Does Trump’s Threat to “Totally Destroy North Korea” Presage a War Crime? Robert S. Becker
25 DACA Sophistry: Trumpery at Its Worst Robert S. Becker
26 The Vietnam Blue Water Navy Initiative Raymond Melninkaitis
27 History of Recent Presidential Administrations, 1901-2031 John Miller
28 Self-made Minefields Doom GOP Scams — What Doesn’t Boomerang? Robert S. Becker
29 Sniping at His Own Party 'Losers,' Trump Should Jump the Shark and Embrace Democrats Robert S. Becker
30 Real, Intact ‘Walls’ Impede the Reactionary Trump/ GOP in their Tracks Robert S. Becker
31 Clearing the Trump Trainwreck! Robert S. Becker
32 Priceless Advice for a Clueless President: Want More Scandals? Deny, Defy and Defame. Robert S. Becker
33 Unheralded National Popular Vote Push To Remedy ‘Elitist’ Electoral College Robert S. Becker
34 Putin to Move into White House Next Week James Israel
35 Bots, Fake News, Gerrymandering, Voter suppression, Citizen’s United, the End of Truth - is dismantling our society - with Trump as the head cheerleader Levine Bruce
36 Trump trifecta abuses science, world diplomacy and Mother Nature Robert S. Becker
37 Trump, turmeric and Taoism Robert J Gaydos
38 Overseas Travel Cements Trump’s Ugly ‘Ugly Americanism’ Robert S. Becker
39 What Went Wrong, Donald? Everything Is About You — Your Dream Come True! Robert S. Becker
40 Trump’s Perilous Gamble: Act Guilty, Evade Infamy; Then ‘Redeemed,' Lord Over ‘Lying Losers’ Robert S. Becker
41 It's Just Business, Folks... Raven Grimaldi
42 Love and Contempt; Dispatches to the President jellyroll
43 Still Phony After All These Years: Trump ‘Pivot’ Exposes Fake Populism Robert S. Becker
44 The President of Wrath Trolls the Politics of Rage Robert S. Becker
45 Unintended Consequences Foul the Trump Swamp Robert S. Becker
46 Where’s the Pre-emptive, Super Majority Impeachment Trigger? Robert S. Becker
47 Who Knew What When Redux Paul mcconnell
48 Trump Bashes Paris, Sucker Punches Our Oldest Ally, Rewards Terrorism Robert S. Becker
49 This Government and its Enablers Must Be Removed citizenpaine
50 What Looms Beyond National ‘Laughingstock’? Will Mayhem, Ridicule or Mass Tedium Derail Trumpism? Robert S. Becker
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