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1 Delinquent Don exploits — and thus exposes — huge, systemic presidential flaws Robert S. Becker
2 Calling Out the Trumpzis johnescher
3 So Okay, What If He Did Shoot Somebody, Would That Be Enough? John Miller
4 Donald Trump, Antichrist-In-Chief at the Whore of Babylon
5 Donald Trump, Antichrist-In-Chief at the Whore of Babylon
6 May the best presidential performer win! Robert S. Becker
7 Save Our Democracy Announce the Brave Pro-Impeachment Republican Leaning Libertarian as the Future Democratic VP RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
8 What Kompromat Does Trump Have on the GOP? John Miller
9 Me and Nancy johnescher
10 The Democratic Debates Citizen Mike
11 A Personal Tale of Trumpism johnescher
12 Obliterate the Deplorables johnescher
13 Decompensation - Trump is at his most dangerous Zepp Jamieson
14 "Deplorables" Revisited johnescher
15 Trump's 2020 MAGA CARTA- his Manifesto Destiny
16 Con-artist Trump is spreading the mass delusion of his never letting a supporter down RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
17 Are you now, or have you ever ...? Robert J Gaydos
18 Trump's Battle That Can't Be Won Arturo Tha Cuban
19 Coda - The end is near Zepp Jamieson
20 A Mouse Has Left the White House Carl Peterson
21 MSNBC Was Right All Along johnescher
22 The Plea Bag - Mueller outsmarts them all Zepp Jamieson
23 The Vast Left-Wing Conspiracy - Who knew the Trump White House was infested with libruls? Zepp Jamieson
24 Our Rakish President - Trump uses his to start forest fires Zepp Jamieson
25 Shun the Chief “Enemy of the People” Robert S. Becker
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