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writing for godot

Unsung Heroes saved America from dictatorship or are postponed the demise of our Democracy

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Friday, 25 September 2020 17:05

Unsung Heroes:
Jeff Sessions doesn’t see himself as a hero. Just proud that he maintained his integrity. He still admires President Trump when it comes to the hot button issues, and wishes Trump would appreciate him again. Sessions just held himself up to due process of law more than Trump.

The next possible upcoming hero or villain who may not have made up her mind mind yet is Amy Coney Barrett Trump’s Supreme Court choice who Trump hopes will save him from loosing the election. If Trump has a last minute dark horse pick it will mean he suddenly doesn't trust Amy. Mitt Romney sounds like he will ask her the right questions. The immediate Supreme Court question today is, “Will American Democratic Traditions Survive”, the social questions come later.

After Trump teargassed peaceful protesters for his Bible holding photo op, the military command made it clear that they are going to stand up for Democracy rather than be lapdogs for Trump. So Trump tried calling in the border guard the next time he wanted armed support.

Trump is doing everything he can to discombobulate Iran and Venezuela which some mistake for being less militaristic then just sending in the troops like during the Cold War days. When Trump announced he was going to withdraw US troops from Syria. Russia reacted with a comprehensive peace deal between Turkey, Iran and Syria. Trump postponed so the Kerds thought they could back out, and Turkey pounced, and Trump left in US troops near the oil wells to keep them away from Syria. Being controlled by Turkey is the Kerds worst nightmare, which Trump facilitated. The local goons Trump supports overseas Trump needs to help him screw up America as well.  

Trump keeps buttering up right-wing extremists hoping they will be involved in giving him armed support in the US domestically as well.  Southern Poverty Law Center has a list of extremist groups but they don’t list which ones are offering armed support. Trump’s motto is if at first you don’t succeed try try again. How many chances will he get away with.  One dangerous group that was once constantly in the news that is now under the radar but is still totally organized is Sun Myung Moon’s Moonies they still own the quite articulate Washington Times newspaper when not fleeing the Federal Government for stimulus money, and are capable of organizing armed groups in support of Trump.

This is the closes to a call to bare arms to defend the Presidency.

Again, if American Democracy survives, it will mean among other things that Jeff Sessions is not the only Trump die-hard that ends up putting integrity ahead of aiding Trump. At this moment let’s publicly long for such heroes. It may make the difference. your social media marketing partner
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