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I Predicted in July that Trump Would Get Infected

Written by Paul Delanoe   
Friday, 02 October 2020 08:46

I Predicted in July that Trump Would Get Infected

By Paul Delanoe


I told you so. In an article published July 9, I told you Trump was going to get sick, that he would catch the corona virus.

Here is the link to the story published in The article was titled: 
“Trump’s Sickness — A Bold Prediction”

In the article I wrote that it was a bold prediction. Not really. It was just a guess. I had no inside information.

Here’s part of what I wrote:

“I think he is going to get sick.

“He’s 74 years old. He is obese. He does not social distance. He does not wear a mask in public and he is frequently in public. He already wheezes through his nose when he gives a speech (you’ve heard that, right?) He looks a little orange around the gills. He is definitely in the high-risk category.

“He is surrounded by people who have been infected.”

It’s October, Trump is infected — not really a surprise. That was an easy call. I’m sure that a whole lot of people were expecting this. Dr. Fauci was probably shocked it took so long. Trump was doing everything the doctors and scientists say you should not do. All it takes is one mistake and the corona virus can infect anyone, and it is a deadly brute. The virus is not a hoax.

When Trump started holding rallies (many indoors, contrary to his claims during the debate) he likely sealed his fate. We still don’t know how many people have become infected by being at those rallies. Herman Cain died. It is certain that he was not the only one infected at a rally. Suddenly, many prominent people who recently attended various presidential events are turning up positive.

We don’t know who infected Trump. Hope Hicks, his aide, was diagnosed positive. That same day, Trump still attended a fundraiser and then went on Fox/Hannity where the news was not mentioned for more than ten minutes. Trump finally acknowledged the infection and tried to slough it off, “A lot of masks, she wears masks a lot, but she tested positive.” Trump said he would take a test, but he seemed to downplay the incident, as always.

He still doesn’t understand that masks are more effective at preventing spread to others. Apparently, Hicks did not always wear a mask. Now Trump and Melania have tested positive and they are showing mild symptoms. They are in isolation/quarantine.

For now, Trump is still president, even in quarantine. Typically, you would expect isolation for at least 2 weeks, meaning we should be spared any more presidential debates. This should be proof that God does answer prayers. If his symptoms remain mild, he can carry out the duties of the office. Quarantine could last much longer. If his symptoms get worse, we know the ‘rona exhibits in many ways, including neurologically. Someone will need to make sure his fevered fingers are nowhere near the nuclear football.

I do not wish ill for Trump’s recovery; I do not wish anything for him; it would be bad karma. Maybe, after I finish praying for the 7 million who are already infected and the 210,000 who have died in this country and the one million lost souls around the world — maybe I will consider how I feel about praying for his recovery.

He is likely to recover despite his advanced age and obesity. He has a great health care plan, not like the poor citizens of Hidalgo County, Texas. I heard bleach is a great disinfectant, wipes it out in a minute; Trump might want to disregard his doctors and do a quick self-injection of Clorox.

Still, we need to think about what might happen if Trump’s condition worsens; vice-president, Mike Pence, would take over, following the procedures set out in the 25th amendment of the US constitution. Pence has tested negative for the virus but, if he should fall sick as well, then next in line is Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi. The whole situation could quickly turn into a Constitutional clusterfuck.

If the line of succession puts Pelosi in the Oval Office, Madame President’s first official act should be to withdraw the nomination of Amy Coney Barrett and submit her own nomination of Merrick Garland (or Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez would be another fine pick) and demand that Moscow Mitch vote on confirmation in less than 5 weeks. I think this outcome is a long shot, but it looks like Notorious RBG has already successfully argued her fist case in heaven.

Another possibility is that Trump gets just sick enough so he can’t carry out his duties, Pence takes over, and issues pardons for the entire Trump klan. This would be a great way for Trump to save face; he could argue that he only lost the election because he got sick; he could blame the infection on a deep state conspiracy; he could avoid all prosecution except at the state level. It’s a win, win, win.

Or not. Trump’s infection could pass in 2 weeks. Trump could resurrect his campaign and against all odds, he could win the election. I don’t mean to frighten you, but it is still imperative that you vote like your life depends on it.

All we know right now is that Trump is sick. I told you so.

I made one prediction back in July — nailed it, but I can’t predict the future. Nobody can, especially in 2020. This is a very strange year; reality is stranger than fiction. Still, I believe the universe is unfolding exactly as it must.







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