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writing for godot

Trump’s Sickness - A bold prediction

Written by Paul Delanoe   
Tuesday, 07 July 2020 13:07

By Paul Boaventura-Delanoe


I’m going to make a prediction.

About Trump.

The prediction business is notoriously perilous, but if I nail this one, it would be memorable – and if I’m wrong, who cares.

So, without further ado – here’s the big prediction: Trump won’t make it to the election.

Wait, wait, wait – do not call the Secret Service – this is not a threat, this is a prediction.

It is not a prediction that he will stop running. Some people have already made the prediction that he will drop out of the race – that the writing is on the wall and he would rather quit than lose. The grand stratagem is that there will be some sort of payoff for Trump, likely including a pardon and some cash.

The idea is that sometime before the convention, GOP leadership has a Come to Jesus meeting with Trump. There is precedent. On August 7, 1974, a meeting with Senator Barry Goldwater (R-AZ), Rep. John Rhodes (R-AZ) and Rep. Hugh Scott (R-PA) made it clear to the embattled Nixon that he faced all-but-certain impeachment, conviction and removal from office in connection with the Watergate scandal. Nixon announced his resignation the next evening.

The problem with this fairytale is that there is no GOP leadership today. Mitt Romney can’t get past the White House gate, and besides, any thought of Trump stepping down would be seen as potentially self-serving on the part of Romney, who still suffers from a terminal case of presidential aspiration.

Lindsey Graham has Trump’s ear, but alas poor Lindsey underwent a radical spinalectomy in late 2016 and he is now just a soul-less bag of dough. Senators Lisa Murkowski, Susan Collins, Joni Ernst and Martha McSally can’t have a serious meeting with Trump because they are women and Trump won’t hear anything they might say. Grassley, Alexander, Inhofe, Shelby, and Roberts are more likely to pass the torch than carry it.

So, where it the Republican leadership? Don’t worry, they’ll emerge to speak truth to power in about six months, after they sign a book deal.

Many Republicans are watching the polls spiraling down the drain and fantasizing about a Pence-Haley ticket. Haley would appeal to suburban moms named Karen and Pence could declare the coronavirus threat is over.

Meanwhile, Trump continues to play lapdog to Putin; he demands protection for Confederate statues of long-dead traitors but seems to have no problem with bounties on active service US troops. Trump continues to order young children to be thrown into ICE cages. He continues to try to strip women of their reproductive rights. He continues to tweet the most racist garbage on the internets, while the rest of the country gets woke to the idea that racism hurts us all in innumerable insidious ways. He is so tone deaf, he filed a lawsuit to wipe out health care insurance for more than 20 million people during the worst global pandemic in 100 years. He has laid out a vision for America, but it is nothing but carnage. For his next campaign rally – minus social distancing and masks – don’t be surprised if he shows up wearing Melania’s “I really don’t care, Do U?” jacket.

It doesn’t matter if he cares. It doesn’t matter if he is the most incompetent president in history or if he just has a twisted psyche. It doesn’t matter if he has come under the spell of Stephen Miller’s racist rhetoric. It doesn’t matter if he is corrupt to the core. It doesn’t matter that he oversaw the worst economic collapse since 1929. It wouldn’t matter if he changed his campaign slogan to “A Lot of People Will Die – Trump 2020.”

The corona virus doesn’t care about any of that.

I think he is going to get sick.

He’s 74 years old. He is obese. He does not social distance. He does not wear a mask in public and he is frequently in public. He already wheezes through his nose when he gives a speech (you’ve heard that, right?) He looks a little orange around the gills. He is definitely in the high-risk category.

He is surrounded by people who have been infected. As many as 10 Secret Service agents working on protecting Trump have fallen ill. Several agents in Pence’s Secret Service detail are sick. Donald Trump Jr.’s girlfriend caught it. Stephen Miller’s wife got sick. An assistant for Ivanka tested positive. All sorts of politicians from Rand Paul to Keisha Lance Bottoms have tested positive. Boris Johnson got sick and Jair Bolsonaro is sick. All these people have access to the best health care – and they still were infected. And then Trump goes to campaign rallies where he is surrounded by people who believe they have some inalienable right to be walking petri dishes without regard for human life (unless it’s a fetus, of course). It’s just a matter of time until Trump hooks up with the rona.

Of course, timing is…,



Will he be infected before or after the convention? Will Covid-19 be the October Surprise? I have no idea. I don’t have a crystal ball.

I’m just predicting that Trump will get sick because I believe in karma. For the past few years, Trump has sickened the body politic, he has infested the national spirit, he has debilitated democracy. It would just be poetic justice if he ended his term with as much sickness as he brought to it. Ultimately, I make this prediction because I believe the universe is unfolding as it should and we will eventually come out of this mess. Stay safe. Strive to be happy. your social media marketing partner
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