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writing for godot

I was momentarily mesmerized by Trump’s Positive Thinking Trace

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Saturday, 24 October 2020 00:26

I am considered anti-Trump but I was momentarily mesmerized by Trump’s Positive Thinking Trace or mirage

I breezed in the delusional clean air and waters, not noting the choking western endless wildfires smoke, In California and Oregon voters will choke as they vote for Biden. Trump diehards will cling to Trump unless they or a close friend gets deadly sick.

Meanwhile Biden was a bummer filled with doom and gloom. He fell for the Iran Proud Boys smear unlike Nancy Polosi,
google, ABCNews Pelosi urges caution statements coming election intelligence community

When Russia declared in 2009 cyber-war on the Olympics they hacked into an Iranian server for cover,
Google the above,

While we get hysterics about Russia and Iran, massive Hacking and Intrigue has been coming from the Saudi Crown Prince and Netanyahu which dwarfs Russia-Gate,
Trump, and Netanyahu, and the Saudi Crown Prince prop each other up. Netanyahu and the Saudi Kingdom, dread Biden’s changes in Middle East policy and will keep framing Iran until January, Google,

Donald Trump Jr met Gulf states emissary offering election help

GlobalNews lawsuit alleges Saudi Crown Prince sent hit squad to Toronto

When Trump said “I can’t hide myself in the basement like Biden, it felt like Trump was talking about me personally. I have been hiding in my apartment with my food and medicine left at my apartment door.  The physical therapist wants me not to face her while I pace my exercises in front of my apartment door, I took CC Conect only twice to visit my close friend in the hospital, then in the rehab hospital with his broken back,

Trump’s positive thinking biging made him cerebrate when he would have been miserable with pain.
Trump’s rallies seem like a macabre Woodstock, everyone crowding together in the spirit of a great America fantasy, preparing to drink a cut of Trump’s divine Kool-Aid joining much of the Evangelical Movement in becoming Born Again in Trump instead of Christ.

Biden is a bummer, brinkmanship with crazy North Korea, whether or not their many nukes slipped past Trump, with a massive hassle with Russia and China. I know better than to drink Trump’s Kool-Aid trying to avoid drinking from his poison drink. your social media marketing partner
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