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writing for godot

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1 "an immigrants Lament" Man of Steele
2 IPCC - The Scientific World Wants 1.5C: Trump wants 4.0C Zepp Jamieson
3 Solve Climate Weirding
4 The Squirrel Seller Zepp Jamieson
5 Blame Canada -- Or maybe it’s Canadian Bacon Zepp Jamieson
6 The Post-Trump Bernard Weiner
7 The Republicans are f***ing Us Right Now John Glassco
8 King Trump, Henchmen Sen Toomey and Philly Rep, White Gunning to make Philly Submit Richard Kane
9 Some State Actors behind the Munich Shooting Sajjad Shaukat
10 How President Trump Will Solve Global Warming John Glassco
11 Bernie or Kasich as VP, Means a 10% Increase in Hilary's Vote Totals Richard Kane
12 Responding to my Climate Change Denying Friends
13 What if Trump was from Outer Space? Richard Kane
14 Obama Green Lighted the Heroin Epidemic William Edstrom
15 The HFCS Conspiracy Sarah Taylor
16 International ethecon Black Planet Award 2014/2015 to Dow Chemical Tanja Brouwers
17 College-freshman clusterfuck Emily Catherine Hughes
19 Is Global Warming Making us Stupid? Mike Wolf
20 The Reason for the Rodger’s Massacre Bob Maschi
21 The End of Speech John Glassco
22 Biased Education: Assuring We Dont Learn from the World Wars Jaron Pearlman
23 Alternatives to Aircraft Disappearances Due to Pilot Distraction: Pilots Need Consciousness Training, etc., to Focus Barbara Todish
24 Time is of the Essence OligarchyNot
25 Pro-Nuke Lies & Deception Bob Maschi
26 Fukushima Nuclear Disaster - We are all ‘On the Beach’ Bob Maschi
27 Everyone Smokes John Glassco
28 TPP: A BAD DEAL FOR THE 99% Stephanie LOw
29 British Petroleum in Wyoming--and Beyond Edith Cook
30 Reject Nuclear Power - Here's Why Jim McCluskey
31 Visualizing Our World and its Dangers Richard Kane
32 Job Creation for the Power Crazy J.L. Morin
33 Insulting Muslims, contrasted with the “N” word and shouting Vicious “P” at a Police Officer's funeral Richard Kane
34 Fukushima SFP #4 another Pearl Harbor? CaptD
35 Spirituality: What's Missing? David Spector
36 Special Report: H5N1, H1N1, the global pandemic and virus origins from acquisition to man-made in labs, 1997 to 2011 - Alaska to Indonesia Robert S. Finnegan
37 Change Is at Your Fingertips pete valentine
38 Signs Zepp Jamieson
39 James Kenney Stops Tax Payer Waste but Snubbed by Tea Party Richard Kane
40 What Is the World Running Out Of? Richard Crews
41 Safe Nuclear Power Richard Crews
42 World Population Woes Richard Crews
43 We Are Being Lied to Regarding the Dangers of Japan's Nuclear Meltdown RS Janes
44 CERN's LHC Lotto Stefan Hansen
45 CERN’s LHC and the Sendai Earthquake Stefan Hansen
46 Old Folks John Turner
47 Survivalism Can Be Sprouts & Potatoes Not Guns Richard Kane
48 Abolish Nuclear Power Plants. Tim Seitz
49 A Disturbance in The Force Jim Prues
50 Closing BP's Escape Routes Robert Weissman
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