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1 Daft Times - Blojo and Trump. What Could Go Wrong? Zepp Jamieson
2 Atrocities - A sure-fire way to bring atrocities about Zepp Jamieson
3 Create and Enjoy Community
4 Letter from Colombo, Sri Lanka, 26 April 2019 Judy Pasqualge
5 The Dark Alliance, Trump, Netanyahu, Saudi Crown Salman, Kim, Jair Bolsonaro RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
6 Shuffle US and Russian Aid to Venezuela Giving it to Both Sides RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
7 "an immigrants Lament" Man of Steele
8 IPCC - The Scientific World Wants 1.5C: Trump wants 4.0C Zepp Jamieson
9 Solve Climate Weirding
10 The Squirrel Seller Zepp Jamieson
11 Blame Canada -- Or maybe it’s Canadian Bacon Zepp Jamieson
12 The Post-Trump Bernard Weiner
13 The Republicans are f***ing Us Right Now John Glassco
14 King Trump, Henchmen Sen Toomey and Philly Rep, White Gunning to make Philly Submit Richard Kane
15 Some State Actors behind the Munich Shooting Sajjad Shaukat
16 How President Trump Will Solve Global Warming John Glassco
17 Bernie or Kasich as VP, Means a 10% Increase in Hilary's Vote Totals Richard Kane
18 Responding to my Climate Change Denying Friends
19 What if Trump was from Outer Space? Richard Kane
20 Obama Green Lighted the Heroin Epidemic William Edstrom
21 The HFCS Conspiracy Sarah Taylor
22 International ethecon Black Planet Award 2014/2015 to Dow Chemical Tanja Brouwers
23 College-freshman clusterfuck Emily Catherine Hughes
25 Is Global Warming Making us Stupid? Mike Wolf
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