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writing for godot

Self-inflicted catastrophe

Written by Joinus   
Sunday, 15 November 2020 18:40

In light of oligarch corporate media trumpeting ‘Vaccine at hand’ it would be wise to inject the harsh reality there is no magic cure or silver bullet to overcome Covid19 pandemic. There remain hard halting steps in a long enduring road of obstacles and false promises, death and devastation as we continue the course our oligarch captains irresponsibly and mistakenly plot in order to prioritize and preserve their own interests, business or capital, if you will. If oligarch media continues to present false choices between the bread and circuses of businesses, restaurants, unconstrained public gatherings, irresponsible freedoms, religious assemblies, etc., v. the primacy of public health and infrastructure protection there could well be disaster on the order of that recorded for pandemics of past ages.  If public health is overwhelmed there will be no business, freedoms, etc. at all.

We must once again change the terms of social discourse to acknowledge what has been learned and contested for millennia: the conflict that threatens us even more disastrously now than in the past is that between oligarchs (plutocrats, theocrats, autocrats and their numerous clients) against the majority of people, or democracy in the classic sense, not the fictional bete noire of shrieking, co-opted political shills of the current oligarch institutional order.

The oligarch institutional infrastructure will always portray itself in the public media it owns as pure, reasonable, inevitable, simple and the source of knowledge, wisdom, grace and wealth even though the Grim reality remains that it serves the avaricious, anxious, brutally fearful few at the great expense of the disaffected, downtrodden, gullible, innocent many. Oligarchy foolishly concentrates power in its limited, misled, unenlightened self-interested clients, misallocates invaluable public treasure, prevents progressive change that challenges its death grip on power and stymies innovation desperately needed to restore balance to our world which otherwise will be subjected to the Supreme, sublime indifference of Nature which will redress the balance and reestablish its equilibrium by plagues, pandemics and catastrophic disasters as men prove by their extraordinary, reckless excesses their inability to adapt to overwhelming nature.  Nature is not at stake in the current Era, man and our culture are.

Apocalyptic warnings, some useful, some misbegotten, have always been readily used and misused by both corrupt and conscientious interests over thousands of years but man's present capacity to inflict calamity on itself has never been greater.  Clearly there are undercurrents of concern and distress resonating around the world; vivid societal, generational voices growing louder and louder which can not be dismissed as hallucinatory ravings since the apparent trajectory we now follow is measurable, predictable and dangerous in the extreme. While such booming, echoing voices are deliberately mischaracterized by oligarch captured institutions as either for or against traditional oligarch order the reality remains people choose repeatedly to reject the current imbalance by electing those who portray themselves as alternatives to the evermore corrupt oligarchs in their sham elections which only offer different sides of the same debased coin.

Now is the time we must reassert the social contract and raise the paean to proclaim again 'all for one and one for all' else we run the risk of waiting for  a future there will no longer be. your social media marketing partner
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