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Shuffle US and Russian Aid to Venezuela Giving it to Both Sides

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Saturday, 23 February 2019 19:00

International aid organizations like the Red Cross and the World Health Organization are rightly refusing to touch poison pill tainted US aid carefully crafted to help overthrow the Venezuelan Government, but staying away only makes matters worse. Russia is giving aid through the World Health Organization.

I urge the World Health Organization to reconsider refusing to participate in US aid shipment, instead shuffle it with Russian Aid to give it equally to both sides. It would be too intricate and bottle-necked by by both sides for the World Health Organization to finish distributing it. So Russia could offer to finish. If Russia suggested this in the beginning to would be considered a Russian slight against the very touchy Maduro Government.

The suffering can get 100 times worse if a civil war now tears up the country. Back before Saddam was overthrown in Iraq, the Iraqi Congress in Exile begged the US to overthrown him then hated the US for making a mess out of Iraq, Juan Guaido does not have the power to create a stable Venezuela that won’t terrorize and deprive those families that support the present government. Maduro never gave equal treatment to those who didn’t back him and Guaido would be bound to continue this in reverse, while nothing is in the horizon to slow the downward plunge.

A two headed government part controlled by Congress and part by the Mauro Presidency can last for a while, if the US can to induced to stop sabotaging the Maduro Presidency.


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