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The Dark Alliance, Trump, Netanyahu, Saudi Crown Salman, Kim, Jair Bolsonaro

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Tuesday, 26 March 2019 17:48

The Jerusalem Post and Fox News talks of a Trump-Netanyahu Alliance, elsewhere the Internet, of a love Affair between Trump and Brazil President Jair Bolsonaro, but its more connected then that, these strong leaders power pushers are actually working together.

Trump and Netanyahu are in trouble for corruption issues, and Trump is twisting US foreign power to try to help him stay in office.

Trump veiled threat that the military, bikers for Trump etc. others are docile now but all hell might break loose left out foreign help, if any impeachment conviction is on the horizon. Military leaders opposed to to Trump are slowly being chased out of office. Putin interference is small potatoes in comparison.

Democratic avoid talking of Israeli interference, while some want to discuss Saudi interference which is a real problem since Netanyahu and the Crown Prince lobby together. Many Israeli’s are disgusted with an alliance with the Crown Prince and an alliance with Trump and of US based neocons pushing Netanyau on them.

What Kim is giving Trump in return for not punishing sanction breaking companies, hasn’t been noted. Rev. Sun Myung Moon and the Korean CIA (Korea-gate) intensely lobbied for war with North Korea. But then Moon switched to aiding Korea to make changes there, and was allowed to ignore sanctions, the Moonies buttered up Kim when he was a student back in Switzerland. The Unification Church’s sports diplomacy became Kim’s charm diplomacy. Besides not wanting to be Impeached I strongly doubt Trump will be satisfied with two terms in office. Moon’s Washington Times and purchased UPI which lavishly aided Trump is still in controlled by Moon’s heirs and still pushing the right wing agenda. they are effective in getting Conservatives less ans less hostile toward North Korea.

In response I suggest for starters, avoiding the term Israeli-Lobby, instead talk of the Netanyahu lobby, pay attention to similarities between Netanyahu's and Trump's crimes, look into all the people who have been harassed by the Moonies which I have personal experience with.

We got to one way or another pay attention to the alliance not just Trump, and do such things as suggest to fundamentalists that they are pushing Israel in a direction of aiding Saudi Arabian attack on local Christians.

Another suggestion for new wording, and concepting Trump is planing to start invading Venezuela from Brazil, and finish the invasion from the US.

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