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King Trump, Henchmen Sen Toomey and Philly Rep, White Gunning to make Philly Submit

Written by Richard Kane   
Friday, 16 December 2016 01:03

This gang planning to make Philly Detroit Bankrupt, Mayor Jim Kenny's fight back is to declare Philadelphia a not sanctuary, but 4th Amendment City, a concept Ron Paul and Libertarian leaning Republicans hold dear. The gun debate interferes in this alliance.


Some Sanctuary Cities are lucky to have strong State and local support. Philadelphia besides Senator Toomey trying to defund it, is under attract by Philadelphia State Rep. White, a unique problem. Some in the area around Roosevelt Boulevard and the City Line don't like what turns out to be mostly Puetro-Ricans moving in, Philly has the largest Puetro-Rican community beside NY City.  

Besides national articles there needs to be local articles on how to deal with Trump, Philadelphia is a ground zero.

Philly traditionally fights with rural PA over Guns, Fracking, pubic transit vs roads and rural infrastructure, and are upset with Philly's in the open gay nightlife. Philly's priceless historic treasures likely seen as problem documents in the way of efficient Trump style government. Please everyone remind people in the 170th House District that if Rep. White makes Philly Detroit Bankrupt they will suffer too, and Trump's Infrastructure Projects will defund public transit without a united Philly which she is trying to destroy.

My contention is that Gun issues is one issue Philly can compromise on without destroying its soul. And that there is something contradictory in contending crackdowns build law and order in one area but tolerance does so in another. It is ironic that Philly Mayor Kenny points out Immigration Crackdowns make usually quiet, mostly law obeying people avoid, even when necessary, calling the police but this is also true with otherwise law obeying people possessing an undocumented gun, or a registered gun missing when the chief suspect is a relative or neighbor they are afraid of and fear to report, and avoid the police for the help they may desperately need.

Erika Kulp was terrorized by her boyfriend into buying two guns one supposedly for herself then later finally called to police to stop being beaten thus is considered a criminal along with her boyfriend. Someone terrorized into participation of an illegal act is somehow no longer considered a victim, but a partner in crime. The Battered Woman’s Movement has pity for one forced into prostitution but not into making a straw purchase.

What would happen if every time someone called the police or some other legal authority for help the police would check the complaintant and witnesses for delinquent tax payments, child support etc. Some basically want this to be done when it involves guns, others when it comes to immigration. Fourth Amendment City should involve more than gun issues.

Michael Coard has an oldie but goody article about how too much punishment also spreads gun crime.

Not everyone with an illegal gun deserves jail time


The Philly FOP endorsed Trump. Thus some officers might defy orders and give names of immigrants to the Feds. Repeatedly ignoring the chain of command could change then into vigilantes.

I suggest an only $10 fee not the current up to $2000 fine for carrying a gun in a Philly park, $50 for reporting it after the fact like right after brandishing it in self-defense and thus reporting it first, and $250 if discovered unreported, if stopped for another reason, wouldn't spread crime and bring more money to the city than the sugar and cigarette taxes.

When looking at Michael Coard's writings you might find his heavy Mumia articles a turn-off. When the Salvation Army Thrift Shop collapsed, the usually trying to be honest chief inspector Ronald Wagenhoffer mysteriously committed suicide which prevented less honest people at License and Inspection from going to jail. In the early 1980's the one reported to be honest cop in the totally corrupt 39th District Corruption Scandal, Google it) of the Philadelphia Police Department was supposedly murdered by Mumia rather than testifying in the pending investigation of the most corrupt police district in the country. They would ave gone to jail sooner and perhaps more if Officer Trump didn't die first. While Mumia abu Jamal was bringing federal attention to police corrupt Philadelphia his brother Billy and brother Billy's partner's Kennith Freeman's corrupt newsstand was servicing corrupt police. Honest public officials refuse to participate in corruption especially police officers may be in particular danger in the corrupt years to come.

When a police official is shot without warning in a routine traffic stop, the fine print is often that the suspect was facing many years in jail for Parole and/or Probation violation. Violators, perhaps preferring to die rather than spend the rest of their life in jail. If violating parole in Philadelphia would lead to a last chance with camera and 24 hour tracking device, police work would be suddenly safer, maybe noticeably safer even before Inaugural Day. A camera and tracking device on most all not violently aggressively pretrial detention would stop the Feds from trying to a bankrupt Philly into compliance.

Philadelphia must compromise somewhere if not guns than where? I am hoping that Philadelphia's desperate corner will lead to a creative response, Rather than the end lesson being, “When in a corner Trump must be obeyed”.

Everyone remind Philadelphians living near upper Roosevelt Blvd 170 State House District that if Rep. White destroys Philadelphia you will suffer too.

300 Years Ago Philly Stood Up To King George, Today It's King Trump and Gang

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