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Biden Take Charge of Fighting Coronavirus

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Thursday, 28 May 2020 09:20

Biden Take Charge of Fighting Coronavirus

Let’s not wait for election day!

America is hungry for leadership as President Trump spreads inconsistency and confusion.  

Many appreciate the moral leadership that former President Obama is providing and since you, Joe Biden announced that you will pick a women VP, if she is a governor, the Biden team showing leadership will provide a certain amount of legal leadership, in her state, as well.

Please Biden, try to add saluting nursing home staff to the heroes the media honors, especially praise the incredible super-heroes at the two Ohio nursing homes that stayed overnight with the residents replacing themselves with a new staff only after the replacements stayed at first two weeks in isolation now virus free, for over three months.

President Trump has great hunches which he always messes up. Only limited lock-down to avoid too much trauma and economic disruption. Successful in Sweden which he likes to condemn, not copy.  Sweden kept the elementary schools and playgrounds open to avoid traumatizing kids, and sitting at the bar, and any large over 50 people gathering which included a church service or crowded store, with less per capita coronavirus than Italy, the UK and the US.

Again President Trump messed up limited disruption. Thanks to President Trump’s executive order on meat being necessary for the emergency reasons, over 900 meat packing workers in Pennsylvania got coronavirus. Instead of condemning President Trump, Biden please honor the small Hepler’s Meat Processing business in Emlenton, PA where no one there got sick with coronavirus.

President Trump noted that quite a few doctors wrote prescriptions to themselves and close relatives for a malaria drug thinking it could offer some help warding off or later fighting coronvirus. However, survivors blood has always been proven to be safe, now it has been in the US only approved for the sickest patients, except for experimental trials, elsewhere like in Cuba it is routinely used with much success. One ongoing US trial actually to use survivors’ blood on healthy health care workers to see if it gives them some immunity. Biden, please praise the hero organization Survivor Corps a group of survivors urging Coronavirus survivors to donate blood plasma up to twice a week, it is not too late for President Trump to do so as well.

Some are paid for plasma, especially the poor, and Biden please urge that they they also receive health care they need later. How about a portion of a donation whether from a paid or unpaid donor be reserved and or credit given for a friend or close relative with a future need. How about urging chauffeured rides for survivors to blood banks and/or blood collection vans driving up to large apartment buildings and/or other centers near where survivors live. All should be routinely praised by Biden as heroes.

Another idea President Trump garbled is using ultraviolet light, except it should not be used on human skin. However I think someone extremely sick and needs a relative to give a pep talk to “hang in there” might be bathed in ultraviolet light right before a relative visited them.

Masks could be put on a conveyor belt bathed in ultraviolet light, even a gloved hand put in a dryer if someway could be found for ultraviolet light not to go on if bare skin is put in. Ultraviolet light pointing sideways above the head level with fans blowing up in a crowded bar. Exercise equipment placed in front of a gym, fenced in for one customer at a time. To get away from technology I found Ethyl Alcohol alcohol wipes can wipe a mask surface mask surface which hand sanitizer would gum up. 70% grain alchchol wipes are no longer available, but I open one pack 70% Isopropyl Alcohol Wipes packs to dry out on the radiator and pour on 190 proof vodka, (50% alcohol).  

President Trump is egging on defiant protesters in the battleground state of Michigan to defy Governor Gretchen Whitmer’s strick lock-down orders, Whitmer is a possible Biden VP pick.

Governor Whitmer instead of constantly urging “No” urge ultraviolet lights, setting up in the parking lot etc. and of course the store having to hand out hand sanitizer and 190 proof vodka wipes to clean the mask surface, and Biden and your VP, whether Whitmer or not, go on to win and heal the nation.

PS if Obama joins in the praise of super heroes, the effort could be less political, and if Republican Ohio Governor Mike DeWine joins the praise of super-heroes, it will be a bipartisan effort to put America together again.  DeWine is already praising nursing home staff, the trick is Biden and maybe Obama joining him. Let’s not wait to election day. your social media marketing partner
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