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1 Rental Guns with Permanently Turned On Camera and Mike Attached, Remotely Recorded RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
2 Crux - Nation may finally reach tipping point on gun violence Zepp Jamieson
3 The "Patriotic" Stupidity of a Trump Supporter David Starr
4 The “A” Generation Jeffrey Moualim
5 Echoes on the Wind Geri A Lennon
6 We Stand, We March, We Listen, We Shout! Enough is Enough Geri A Lennon
7 "Saving Lives with Guns" in No Gun Zones Under Tight Control's RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
8 Homicide in Chicago Walter Hecht
9 Orlando Slaughterhouse
10 NRA: You Can Help Stop The Bloodshed B.T. Hill
11 Reinstate Ban On Assault Weapons alan pierpoint
12 Not All of Us Jaron Pearlman
13 Gun Control: A Conversation With Universlman John Glassco
14 A Marxian Insight on Modern Mass Murder Michael Potash
15 NRA: Why Can't We Outlaw Guns Meant For Terrorists? Thomas Magstadt
16 Armed Whites to March in Black Neighborhood Walter Brasch
17 America is Standing on Shifting Ground Diane Straub
18 Law and Disorder: Cops Against Constitutions Thomas Magstadt
19 Facts and Opinions Julian Modiano
20 Muskets, Amendments and Push Me Pull You Legislation Geri Lennon
21 Almost Magical Ways to cut gun violence and other hurtful acts Richard Kane
22 Gun rights/gun wrongs Walter Hecht
23 NRA and lack of education Clint Hyde
24 Time to rethink Guns, Pot, and Gay Marriage in light of the success with seat belts and cut backs in tobacco use Richard Kane
25 Guns rule Walter Hecht
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