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Time to rethink Guns, Pot, and Gay Marriage in light of the success with seat belts and cut backs in tobacco use

Written by Richard Kane   
Thursday, 09 May 2013 16:16
Some causes tend to be slowly successful as more and more people fasten their seat belts, others are going backward as ever more people drive while on the phone, or traffic in cocaine. Gruesome ads cut down on tobacco and methamphetamine ie speed.

The fact that cops and bosses also aren’t allowed to smoke in no smoking areas suggests to me that no unlocked guns allowed areas like parks, should include the cops with fingerprint locking gun holsters which will at least prevent those being questioned in a close-up situations, even contemplating seizing the officer’s gun.

Before I go on people when they argue guns, pot, and gay rights claim that the problem is the evil people that disagree with what one side considers best; but when it comes to cocaine, heroin or tobacco no crackhead thinks it's cute to watch a mother showing her five-year-old how to snort, smoke or shoot up like a gun owner might think watching a little child being taught the right way to hold a gun.

So let’s get over the idea that the bad guys and bad organizations cause all the problems.

When Australia banned automatic weapons the government payed top dollar to buy the automatics back; but in Britain gun deaths at first shot up as a lot of people bought guns before new sales were banned, then as decades passed gun deaths went down, until gun video games and returning soldiers began to make them rise again.

When it comes to guns the US is in the worst possible world other then domestic war. Obama's rhetoric gets more people to try to get one or more while its still legal to buy one. And ordering the killing of Anwar al-Awlaki, a US citizen, without a trial by drone attack excites those who want a gun to protect themselves against the government. The best short-term solution is to call a cease fire in the gun debate, then find ways to get violators to slowly tend to comply such as a small daily perhaps $10 fine for bringing an unlocked gun to a no gun area that would become a heavy fine if violators don’t report it or pay the small fine. New cars could have to include built in cell phones that charge $2 a minute when the car is in motion, waived simply by writing up an excuse that would make them look guilty if they later, after many pages of excuses got in an accident while on the phone.

Philadelphia is in the middle of a feud with Harrisburg over whether the city can ban registered guns on city owned property, a perfect place to try a small fine.

We can solve our problems if we cool the angry rhetoric and avoid throwing away the key attempted solutions to gun violations. your social media marketing partner

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