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Rental Guns with Permanently Turned On Camera and Mike Attached, Remotely Recorded

Written by RICHARDKANE.philadelphia   
Thursday, 13 May 2021 06:50

Dangerous cities are plagued, with unsolved homicides. More cameras will make a difference. Exchanging the gun for a new one each month would discourage sabotaging the mike and uncovered camera.

People are afraid of testifying in court and can seek vengeance against someone who wronged them or a friend. If a gun shot goes off near a monitored gun the authorities could be automatically alerted.

No need for a hard to to gun license. People will hesitate before using a rental gun in road rage, Banishing a gun should require a timely police report if the gun has no camera, and automatically with a click of a button if the gun has a camera. People will know they have to make a report for waving a gun, in case the person being threatened, reports it.

Cameras make better police confrontations, if easy to obtain, more sober use of the Second Amendment for more of us as well.

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