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writing for godot

Almost Magical Ways to cut gun violence and other hurtful acts

Written by Richard Kane   
Wednesday, 19 June 2013 18:20
I doubt if I will convince many to agree with me (Gaia philosophy) in tending to believe that the Earth or earth-life connective is one organism, and we are all part of this good. So just say I found an almost magical way to cut gun violence and other behavior that many want to see changed.

When we pass laws. in the spirit of trying to stop good people from getting hurt, the compliance is much higher then when you dwell on trying to get bad people to comply. More and more people fasten their seat-belts including those with big tempers or drug induced desperation try to rob a bank. Trying to stop good people from getting lung cancer also cuts down on those with tempers getting lung cancer. Small punishments repeated, but not increased for repeat offenders, along with gross commercials showing tobacco or car accident harm cut tobacco deaths; no smoking areas for all, including the boss and police personnel.

Speed or methamphetamine is usually classified as something bad people do as with crack or heroin. But in Montana a lot of rich kids from powerful families began to get their lives and the lives of their families messed up with speed, so anti-speed commercials were created that have spread throughout the rest of the country,
Australia when it banned automatic weapons, unlike the US decided to take the guns back from good folk paying close to twice the original purchase price for their loss, drastically reducing automatic gun violence.

If one stops trying to take guns away from evil gun owners and instead think of ways to try to stop good folk from hurting sometimes inadvertently themselves and others one would notice that instead of a gun as part of the comprehensive security package those who mostly get in trouble see a gun as a means of instant security or feeling important, which is a rather dangerous attitude to have. Ads countering this attitude would cut down on gun death. Ads countering this feeling of instant worth or importance would cut down on gun deaths, even NRA officials might be talking in an ad warning that a gun isn’t a type of magic wand. The way I see it (unlike New Age that avoids unhappy thoughts) is that we are all corpuscles or other pieces of a good Gaia who only has wars between its cells to develop the ability to blast or push the asteroids away from creating so far more than a dozen near extinctions of earth life.

Ignore my religious, thought to be pseudo-science, mumblings if you like, but remember chasing after or trying to alter the good is more productive than trying to punish the bad into submission.

By Richard Kane, your social media marketing partner


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0 # barkingcarpet 2013-06-21 21:56
Just who are the crazy ones.... Some of us look at the whirled through glasses which are half fool, and some of us see only through money, and the homeland insecurity of guns and the prophets of corporate insanity.
Trust few, older than 7.......
We, the people, appear to be out to lunch, however, the credit card of Nature has been overdrawn, and is well overdue. Interesting.
0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2013-06-22 06:52

I haven't figured out what you are trying to say (or not quite say?) However goggling various sections of what you said leads in part to some very deep sites.
0 # barkingcarpet 2013-06-22 11:13
Ha. I think you got it Richard. Keep stirring the pot.
Sierra S.
0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2013-06-22 12:30
On Firedoglake someone thinks I try to spend my life in touch with some absolute,

Philly & Chicago are about to spend a fortune on locking people up on gun crimes. Already one can spend the rest of one's life for having an unregistered gun and a small quantity of pot at the same time,
Daniel Denver of the Philly City Paper is very alarmed,

As a member of the Green Party I am trying to alert the Green Party to make a statement against mandatory sentences.

The weak are not always frequently picked on There are ruffian good Sumerians. But if one's protector loses his gun or ditches it because a cop comes too close the ruffian asks one of the people he is protecting to buy him another gun. Thus thanks to mandatory sentences that may soon get passed, the weak of the world can be picked on the rest of their lives in prison in the name of law and order. Already someone with a small amount of pot who is charged with a gun crime might not live long enough to walk free again.

As soon as I say Gaia I am labeled as a person who thinks the purpose of life should be to get as close as possible to the life-force or God.

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