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1 Rights of Minorities: Pakistan Elected Lower-Caste Hindu Woman to Senate Sajjad Shaukat
2 Drive a harder bargain ron humphries
3 The Vacuity of the New Testament Ethic Richard Butrick
4 To Thee or Not to Thee S D
5 My Mother Appeared to My Wife to Say Goodbye Right After Her Death Patrick Wells
6 Extreme Right-Wing Politics Jack Dawsey
7 We All May Be Inside a Failed World! Barbara Todish
8 Why Islam Needs a Reformation Madeleine Kando
9 Pope Francis: Securing the Future of the Roman Catholic Church Steven Jonas
10 Cherry Picking makes Pope Francis’ Successes Limited Richard Kane
11 How Saving a Child's Life Changed Mine Patrick Wells
12 My Father Chose the Time and Place of His Death Patrick Wells
13 Harmonic Reality: Music is the World Jaron Pearlman
14 Pope Francis Celebrates Two-Year Anniversary as Leader of Catholic Church : Pontiff's Teachings Focus on Inequality Jubilee USA Network
15 Who is Behind Charlie Hebdo Episode? Sajjad Shaukat
16 Society & Religion- Diseased By Abrasive Aggression And Violence Russell S.Wyllie
17 Francis: The Pope of Hope Robert J Gaydos
18 The Holy Being Made of Light Patrick Wells
19 The Ray Rice/Adrian Peterson Media Embarrassment is the Perfect Example of a Synchronicity Patrick Wells
20 Religion as Totalitarianism (or, More Specifically, Monotheism as Totalitarianism) David Starr
21 Beatitudes Paul Moon
22 Religion is the root of our problems Robert L Vogel
23 The Art and Power of Creative Visualization Patrick Wells
24 Man who got hair cut in wrong barbershop Britt Towery
25 Washington Post Bashes Pope For Not Bashing Satan Robert S. Becker
26 The Seven Gates Jaron Pearlman
27 Fred Phelps Meets His Maker . . . Sort Of Kurt F. Stone
28 Pope of Poor Celebrates One Year Anniversary Jubilee USA Network
29 The Trip Brett
30 Pope Francis Sends Poverty Message with Selection of New Cardinals Jubilee USA Network
31 Do DMT Experiences Really Suggest Communication With Aliens? Patrick Wells
32 On Heroes Jeannette de Beauvoir
33 Ayn Rand, Pope Francis and the philiosophy of greed Michael Roberts
34 Inter-Muslim Racism Dr Mohammed Ilyas
35 The Most Blessed Man, Ever Herb Walker
37 Will AWOL True Believers Leave GOP at the Altar Robert S. Becker
38 Why is Laughter Really the Best Medicine? Patrick Wells
39 Love and hate Walter Hecht
40 To read the Bible as literal is less than best! Britt Towery
41 Blasphemous Acts: YouTube Follows Facebook Sajjad Shaukat
42 The end of time not here yet! Britt Towery
43 Pope Francis Concern for Poor Drives Review of Vatican Bank Jubilee USA Network
44 Book Review Allah Kaaba and My Humble Self Sajjad Shaukat
45 Easter Spotlights the Core Church Muddle: ‘Death Trips’ Drive Eternal Life Robert S. Becker
46 The pope resigns! Ho hum Robert J Gaydos
47 Dorothy Day: A Saint For Our Time Jubilee USA Network
48 Deeper than the love of women: same-sex unions in the Bible Alan Austin
49 Those kinky Hebrews: marriage in the Judeo-Christian scriptures Alan Austin
50 Intruding Upon the Constitution by the Religious Right Walter Brasch
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