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1 Donald Trump's Southern Strategy Arturo Tha Cuban
2 Pope Francis: Mauritius Reject "Idolatrous Economic Model" Jubilee USA Network
3 "A New and Unsettling Force"? lesactivist
4 White America Needs to Chill Arturo Tha Cuban
5 Trumpanazi - American descent into Nazism continues Zepp Jamieson
6 The Politics of Dog Whistles Arturo Tha Cuban
7 Separated Migrant Children Forced into Adoption David Starr
8 Racism in Talk Radio Arturo Tha Cuban
9 Making Sense of 6 Year Old Suicides miket
10 Remembering The Tulsa Race Riots Arturo Tha Cuban
11 Let’s Talk About Police Brutality Against Hispanic and Latin Americans Arturo Tha Cuban
12 GOP House members reprimand racist Steve King—while silent on systemic child abuse by Border Patrol… Jeanine Molloff
13 Child Rights & Abuse in America Today miket
14 The Truth About Immigration: Crime Arturo Tha Cuban
15 Fascism Rising - Trump and Kavanaugh aren’t bugs; they’re features Zepp Jamieson
16 Trump’s Fascistic Incarceration of Immigrant Families and the Root Causes of Undocumented Immigration David Starr
17 Barring Roseanne -- Even Deplorables Should Have Rights Zepp Jamieson
18 Weapons of War: Time To Uphold the Second Amendment Zepp Jamieson
19 Guns, Greed and Paranoia: The Poisons Bleeding America Raven Grimaldi
20 Baltimore Political Leaders Begging for FBI Investigation of Cop Killed Before Tesyifying RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
21 For Profit Child Prisons (the value of children in America) miket
22 Archbishop and Religious Groups Hold Puerto Rico Prayer Vigil at US Capitol Jubilee USA Network
23 6 Secrets of Writing a Successful Federal Resume Michael Gilmore
24 Exposing “Innocent Fool” Mumia abu Jamal can shield Philly from Trump RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
25 Fascist Pig Trump & His Racist, Chauvinist Rant on NFL Players: This Is What His “Make America Great Again” Is Really About revcom
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