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1 Trump’s Fascistic Incarceration of Immigrant Families and the Root Causes of Undocumented Immigration David Starr
2 Barring Roseanne -- Even Deplorables Should Have Rights Zepp Jamieson
3 Weapons of War: Time To Uphold the Second Amendment Zepp Jamieson
4 Guns, Greed and Paranoia: The Poisons Bleeding America Raven Grimaldi
5 Baltimore Political Leaders Begging for FBI Investigation of Cop Killed Before Tesyifying RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
6 For Profit Child Prisons (the value of children in America) miket
7 Archbishop and Religious Groups Hold Puerto Rico Prayer Vigil at US Capitol Jubilee USA Network
8 6 Secrets of Writing a Successful Federal Resume Michael Gilmore
9 Exposing “Innocent Fool” Mumia abu Jamal can shield Philly from Trump RICHARDKANE.philadelphia
10 Fascist Pig Trump & His Racist, Chauvinist Rant on NFL Players: This Is What His “Make America Great Again” Is Really About revcom
11 Kneeling Against Authority Zepp Jamieson
12 Will Saturday Night Live Have Trump on Again? Philip Kraske
13 Elder Rights Are Human Rights
14 Black bloc protests return for Trump years, COINTELPRO and the return of the Nixon-Reagan years Richard Kane
15 The Repubs. and the Religious Right, Part II: The Criminalization of Religious Belief Steven Jonas
16 Philadelphia Sanctuary City Ground Zero for Trump - Gun Compromise Could Help Richard Kane
17 Creating Refuge: #SafetyPinBrigade
18 stay alert Gregg Herreid
19 2016 World Social Forum in Montreal: The Leftist Purgatory and its ultimate sin: Neoliberalism derek monroe
20 Sexual Assault Survivors' Rights Act PASSED by U.S. Senate Patriot
21 Colin Kaepernick, the Meaning of ‘Freedom,’ and the U.S. Right Steven Jonas
22 The Burka Bathing Suit is a Refreshing Leap to more Freedom Richard Kane
23 Black People Disproportionately Targeted in War on Crime Anne Palmer
24 Racism Rears Its Ugly Head David Starr
25 Celebrating the 5th of July: the Post-Democratic Era--Flag Burning, Anti-Patriotism, Anti-Free-Speechism & Bryton Mellott Mimi
26 Be careful! Microsoft monitors, tracks, detects and locates you! Elisabeth P
27 United States of Paranoia: Surveillance of Suspects or Gang Stalking Targeted Individuals William Edstrom
28 The Next Brendan Maloney
29 Why the Magna Carta and U.S. Constitution Weren't Worth the Paper They Were Written On Brendan Maloney
30 The Sit-Ins, SNCC, and Direct Action Bob Buzzanco
31 ISDS; An Opportunity to Sue Global Corporate Economy & their Governments, or, The Death of Democracy & Sovereignty? David E.H. Smith
32 Quality Policing Transformation vs. Status Quo Police Reformation Don Washington
33 The Bill of Attainder Project Tom Saunders
34 The way it was: Gregg Herreid
35 The 'Righteous' Bigotry of Kim Davis David Starr
36 State of Missouri to execute innocent autistic man October 6th. Ferguson prosecutor responsible. Jeanine Molloff
37 Whose God is it, anyway? Steven Jonas
38 Learning of Early American Irish Slaves In a Conversation With Master Historian Queen Elizabeth Brendan Maloney
39 I Shall Live No More -Forever Andor Carnes
40 Lessons / Tactics for Modern Rebels From Sophisticated Shay's Rebellion (1786-87) Brendan Maloney
41 Will No One Rid Me of This Turbulent Priest Don Washington
42 EU Acknowledges Pre-existing CHALLENGE to CETA David E.H. Smith
43 Mumia and his Estranged Brother Billy and Crying Wolf Too Much Richard Kane
44 For This White Woman, It’s Long Past Time to Step Up Mimi Vaillancourt
45 The Many Faces of Racism Worldwide Elisabeth P
46 NSA Maintains Surveillance Power Arturo Extreme
47 The Amazing Saga of Joshua Glover, the Fugitive Slave Act, the Republican Party and the Civil War Dianne Post
48 Is the Internet a “Honey Trap” Intended for the Imposition of Martial Law? Brendan Maloney
49 Is It Time to Shut Down the Power Elite's Bohemian Grove Boys' Club? Brendan Maloney
50 Obama to Curb Militarization of Local Police Arturo Extreme
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