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Racism in Talk Radio

Written by Arturo Tha Cuban   
Tuesday, 12 March 2019 14:57

Yesterday I wrote a piece for Latino Rebels that was published this morning discussing a talk radio host who constantly uses racist and anti-Semitic language on Social Media. Many of us questioned him after he used the term “wetbacks” when referring to Hispanics and Latin Americans.

There would be no apology. Instead, we saw him just get more derogatory.

In contacting the radio station via Facebook one of my readers who sought an apology and stated that they would share his comments received a reply along the lines of “my ratings are already good, this will make them go through the roof! Thank you, I really mean that.”

Clearly, he was in control of their Facebook page that day. After several of my readers and a handful of WGMD listeners contacted me, I felt the need to contact the station. I received no comment from the business manager at the station nor did I receive a reply to an email I sent.

I worked over the weekend to get a better understanding of this Duke Brooks character, and what I found was no surprise. He has been using racist language in blog posts and podcasts for decades. And it’s much worse than anything he’s said on Facebook.

It’s disgusting.

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