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All Homes Matter, Until...

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Saturday, 01 August 2020 04:19

All Homes Matter, Until...

How do you respond to someone who says "All Lives Matter"? Here is one way to do that.


For your consideration...


The street I live on has many beautiful homes and people who care about them. All of the homes on my street matter.


But if one of them catches on fire, that home matters more.

I can react in a number of different ways.

I can ignore it so that it doesn't bother me.

I can watch it and act like I am concerned.

I can ask how I can help to put it out because I am concerned about it.

I can throw gasoline on the fire because I don't like that home or the people in it.

Or I can decide to do nothing because I believe that all homes matter equally and I don't really see that a house is on fire at all.


What would you do if the home that is on fire is directly next to your house?

If you weren't concerned before would you be concerned now?

If you take no action the fire may spread to your own home.

How does the location of the fire change your response?


Of course, this is an metaphor for Black Lives Matter.

The fact is this. If this were a perfect world and you said "All lives matter", you would be absolutely right.

But we don't live in that perfect world. We live in a world where the home of the African-American family is on fire. Right now, their home matters more.

How you choose to respond says a lot about who you are.

Don't wait until it's the home next-door to yours that's on fire to become concerned.

Just know that if you don't respond at all, respond with indifference, or throw gasoline on it, the fire may spread to your own home.


How would you want your neighbors to respond to your home being on fire?



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