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Making Sense of 6 Year Old Suicides

Written by miket   
Sunday, 10 March 2019 05:16

Kendrea (6) and Gabriel (7) successfully hung themselves a few years ago.  They came from different states but suffered the same afflictions.

Traumatized by raped and torture in their birth homes and forced onto mind numbing Prozac like drugs in foster care (court orders).  Kendrea lived close to me.  Gabriel wrote very articulately about killing himself because he despised being forced to take Prozac like drugs.

One of my CASA Guardian ad Litem case kids was tied to a bed, beaten starved and raped (again and again and again) when he was returned to his biological father (over a 4 year period).  The last time I remember crying (about 10 years ago) was when that boy (about 12) told me about his plan to suicide by cop.

This boy tried multiple times to kill himself as my case child.

Child cutting and a dozen other forms of self-harm are almost never reported and very few people ever know about how hard some state ward children exhibit self-hate, practice self-harm and try to kill themselves.

Child rape lasts forever – this suicide note explains it pretty well.

Eric, John, Mary & thousands of children just like them have been raped murdered and tortured every month since long before I became a volunteer CASA guardian ad Litem.  I’ve followed and reported their stories HERE since the early 2000’s.

27 states allow withholding lifesaving medical treatment from your own children.  Many children have died because of it.

Many states routinely returned abused children to their abusers.

Almost all states allow abusive parents unsupervised visits with their traumatized children.  There is no transparency or reporting on the lives of children in Child Protective Services.  Many states have privatized group homes and juvenile detention systems with little oversite.  One of my 14 year old boys walked home over 20 miles on a 10 degree night in a T shirt because an undertrained privatized group home staffer forced him outdoors.  That was torture.

Very few states have anywhere near the kind of trauma informed foster care available that these abandoned children need.

80% of children aging out of foster care lead dysfunctional lives.

I’ve witnessed the very worst kinds of child abuse since 1996.  It’s hard to watch.

In America, adults have a right to “own” their children and courts protect parental rights while leaving a child’s safety to the “Imminent Harm Doctrine”, the only real child right at a federal level.  Courts have the ability to take a child from an abuser, but not a requirement to keep the child safe from harm.

Eric Dean had 15 reports of abuse by mandated reporters over the 2 years he was tortured to death (he was four when he died).  His county could not have done much less for him while he was alive and they were not forthcoming in helping the investigative reporter (video) who made public the facts of the case.

When Eric Dean died there were 4 counties in his state (MN) that ignored 90% of child abuse reports and a law on the books forbidding social workers to consider a prior history of abuse in the family when reviewing a new case.

The U.S.A. is the only nation on the planet to not sign the International Rights of the Child Treaty first outlined by President Hoover in 1923.


What makes us different from the rest of the industrialized world is how we don’t provide quality daycare, early learning, prenatal services, health care and much help at all to young families.

Being taken away from the only home you’ve ever known is terrifying to a child.

I don’t like that courts have to remove children from toxic homes, but I know that until the rest of us decide that crisis nurseries, day care and other services are made available to troubled families, it needs to happen.

More of us need to care about this before anything is going to change.

“What we do to our children, they will do to our society” (PLINY the Elder 2000 years ago) your social media marketing partner
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