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1 NRA's Assault Upon Our Civility Walter Brasch
2 Insanity Extends Beyond the Shooters Walter Brasch
3 Why the second amendment? Walter Hecht
4 Guns Walter Hecht
5 Surefire Way to Major Gun Control Bob Maschi
6 Banning Automatics and Armor Piercing Bullets Won’t Protect You and Me Richard Kane
7 A New Second Amendment Daniel Borchers
8 Green 'Peace-in-the-Streets' rather than 'Gun-Control-Confiscations', Green Party and Justice Party take note! Richard Kane
9 NRA Proposal for Armed Security Guards in Schools Funding Cecil
10 The Choice is Between ’Guns and Guns’ not ’Guns and Butter’ Richard Kane
11 Let's Get To The Heart Of Gun Control Dennis Perkinson
12 “BECAUSE I FELT LIKE IT . . .” Wilma Howe-Bennett

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