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Green 'Peace-in-the-Streets' rather than 'Gun-Control-Confiscations', Green Party and Justice Party take note!

Written by Richard Kane   
Sunday, 06 January 2013 11:36

Gun deaths went down 40% in El Salvador last year. In the past there have been many attempts to control guns around the world, the first year gun deaths skyrocketed. As the years went by gun deaths often went down. Even advocating gun-control leads to gun holding and more gun deaths.

In 2012 the Green Party’s platform was a "Green New Deal for America" it had no snappy zip to it. The Green Party needs a clear issue with some zap to it. In the past words like prohibition, for better or for worse, had some zip and got third party votes.

I mention the Justice Party because Luis J. Rodriguez the 2012 Vice President Justice Candidate was heavily involved in the Peace in the Streets efforts but made no mention of it in relation to his running for Vice President. Any number of people are alive today because of his efforts against gang violence.
I wish Rodrignez had mentioned his life-saving Peace in the Streets efforts in relation to his running for Vice President under the Justice Party ticket.

Of course in Northern Ireland, where the antagonists were well organize, peace in streets deaths went down precipitously (far more than 40%). So in the US getting feuding gangs and antagonists to mee, or just cooperate, with an offer that every month in which gun deaths drop 10% a group of prisoners would have their sentences reduced and prison conditions would improve it probably wouldn’t add up to 40%. However just getting gun owners and potential gun owners to stop fearing gun confiscation would lessen gun deaths.

In Sweden and Switzerland there are lots of guns, but few gun deaths. They don’t have macho culture associated with gun ownership. So actually selling discount guns in connection to gun safety and anti -violence courses would lessen gun deaths,
The NRA craves a Militia like our Constitutional Founders did, like they have in Switzerland. If Congress passed a law that the for instance the Ohio National Guard wouldn’t be sent overseas without a declaration of war, it would make many NRA members want to join the National Guard.

Ominously the US and some other parts of the world have suffered a wave of both political and non-political mass murder-suicides. It is only right that we try to get together and do something to stop it. The best way to rain on the fantasies of suicidal maniacs would be a great effort to capture such future mayhem planners alive. Spider Man had spiderweb weapons, and there are percussion bombs. Schools could be set up with a separate entrance for visitors and staff. The staff using a card to open the door. Which would lead to a short hallway and another locked door. Any intruder with guns would be stuck between two locked doors until the police arrived. A trailer could be pulled up to one of the school doors to do this cheaply and quickly.

James Holmes wired his apartment with enough explosives to kill the entire apartment complex. Whatever laws we might have had we are lucky that his super gun jammed from rigging it to hold too many rounds, and that he only killed 12 people. With automatics unavailable he would have probably poisoned or in some other way killed thousands. Other than that, the only reason for using very unwieldy heavy and awkward automatic guns and bullet proof vest piercing bullets is where armed people may be firing back. Attempts to pass gun laws against automatics offer us unarmed civilians no protection and make gun owners gather and hoard more guns of all types. Look at the second half of this video clip to see how unwieldy it would be to use an automatic without unless firing back,

One common sense law would be to require all concealed weapons to be kept in locked boxes. There are even small pistol boxes with fingerprint lock on it that can be worn as a side pouch, note example,

If an illegal gun was much less illegal if found in such a locked box with no video evidence it was unlocked during a crime even the cheaters would keep their gun locked up most of the time. With the poor it could be a duffel bag with two locks on it one a key pad lock and the other a combination pad lock. Even though there would be people trying to cheat some of the time, many gun deaths during many crimes would be prevented. And the resulting efforts to create the technology for fingerprint locks right on the gun would save police officials from being shot with their own gun which is sometimes to case today.

Besides guns at home there is the subject of guns overseas. The US accidentally and on purpose arming the world. In Switzerland where many adults are issued automatic guns as part of the National Guard or National Militia it is illegal for most foreigners to be sold guns or for many foreigners to have them while in Switzerland.

In the US we have both a left leaning peace movement and a libertarian peace movement. In December, 11 libertarian leaning Republicans and 11 progressive Democrats signed a joint Congressional Letter calling for Defense Cuts,

Then the elementary school massacre happened and the unity between libertarians and progressives on military spending cuts made way to arguing over gun control.

I would be changing the suggest to talking about wars and foreign guns but to a certain extent setting a future war end date or cease fire date encourages temporary fighting in almost all wars. Just announcing a unilateral ceasefire where the US would stay in their bases as long as there is no Taliban effort to seize Kabul or Sunni areas of Afghanistan and let the Afghans negotiate from there might work. In the future, the woman’s movement internationally and the Shiite nations might pay some kind of rent in the future to keep the non-burkad areas without compulsory burkas for a while.

This may be fantasy, but what isn’t fantasy is that there is no possibility of the US not at war without total currency collapse, without libertarians and left-oriented peace activists working together and this wont happen by arguing over domestic gun control. I don’t think it was a accident that the Connecticut elementary school massacre stayed in the headlines while libertarians and non libertarians had been pushing to cut the military budget.

In Philadelphia gun violence has been cut by putting many Philadelphian’s in jail. Timid people who have neighbors and relatives who rob them should be considered crime victims. Often the aggressor finds vague or heavily interpreted reasons for the victim to owe them money which they seize rather than just robbing them the day the victim’s Social Security check arrives or on payday. They get ordered to buy the goon a gun, then the police put the victims in jail to suffer abuse by the more aggressive prisoners around them. Thus many children are raised without parents because both parents are in jail,

Of course some desperate mothers earn money in the sex trade so their babies can eat but don’t serve long jail time because of it. I have enough of the violence of timid people being put it jail for illegal guns, some which were originally obtained as a desperate attempt of self-protection. Philadelphia has minority representation in City Council in this Democratic town. I hope the next minority city council member is a Green instead of a Republican that will help clear out Philadelphia’s prisons.

The Green Party is working hard to clear out the prisons from all the minority members in jail for marijuana crimes. But many are in jail for crimes involving guns that in no way involve them shooting at people.

Of course my suggestion of people fined and in need be locked up for carrying a concealed weapon not in a locked box will also lead to more crowded jails. But I suspect most guns would most of the time be locked up, allowing most arguments to cool without violence such as a road-raged driver flashing a gun box around instead of pointing a gun, thus the jails less crowded.

Enclosed is a link to a similar piece I wrote on all the people dieing because the driver was on the cell phone while driving,

Enclosed is why I think the gun control debate is bad news for progressive causes in general and the US solving its problems, your social media marketing partner
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