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Philadelphia Sanctuary City Ground Zero for Trump - Gun Compromise Could Help

Written by Richard Kane   
Wednesday, 07 December 2016 19:55

Donald Trump made it clear he plans to cut off Federal funding to Sanctuary Cities, Philadelphia, by far, is the most at risk since PA Senator Toomey, and North East Philadelphia Republican Rep. Martina White already rammed a punitive bill through the State House and Senate. Rural Pennsylvanians expect to be rewarded by Trump with rural infrastructure as they traditionally fight city public transit, Philly's gay nightlife and fight with Philly over gun issues. Philly's priceless historic treasures likely seen as problem documents in the way of efficient Trump style government.

Mayor Jim Kenney calls Philadelphia a 4th Amendment City instead of a Sanctuary City which would appeal to Libertarians and Republicans if he wasn't so anti-gun. Kenney rightly cries crime will skyrocket in immigrant neighborhoods where victims are afraid to call the police. A store who would turn over a thief to the police may discover one of their guards also being arrested due to immigrant violations. using corporeal punishment instead on shoplifters could make things escalate.

Somehow Mayor Kenney and other both pro-sanctuary and pro-heavy sentence gun control advocates never note that someone brandishing an undocumented (called by Kenney illegal) gun at a robber or mugger can't, like undocumented immigrants, call the police for help. when it comes to straw purchases Erika Kulp was terrorized by her boyfriend into buying two guns one supposedly for herself then later finally called to police to stop being beaten thus is considered a criminal along with her boyfriend. Someone terrorized into participation of an illegal act is somehow no longer considered a victim, but a partner in crime. somehow the Battered Woman’s Movement has no pity for these victims.

Michael Coard has an oldie but goody article about how too much punishment also spreads gun crime.

"Not everyone with an illegal gun deserves jail time"


The FOP in Philly endorsed Trump. Some officers here are more likely to defy orders and give names of immigrants to the feds. Persistently ignoring the chain of command could head into the police changing into being vigilantes.

Trump is a master of divide and conquer. if we could master bringing people together. Donald Trump would loose some of his bite. Even improve a little. Even Donald Trump would improve.

I suggest only a $10 fee not the current up to $2000 fine for carrying a gun in a Philly park, $50 for reporting it after the fact like brandishing it in self-defense and thus reporting it first, and $500 if discovered unreported if stopped for another reason wouldn't spread crime and bring more money to the city than the sugar and cigarette tax. Obama can't seem to understand that the school to prison pipeline spreads crime. Hillary in order to appear more progressive than Bernie on one issue, pretended to be extremely concerned about guns to indicate that on guns she was more progressive than Bernie.

When looking at Michael Coard's writtings you might find his heavy Mumia articles a turn-off.  when the Salvation Army Thrift Shop collapsed, the usually trying to be honest chief inspector Ronald Wagenhoffer mysteriously committed suicide which prevented less honest people at License and Inspection from going to jail. In the early 1980's the one reported to be honest cop in the totally corrupt
39th district corruption scandal of the Philadelphia Police Department was supposedly murdered by Mumia rather than testifying in the pending investigation of the most corrupt police district in the country. While Mumia abu Jamal was bringing federal attention to police corrupt Philadelphia his brother Billy and brother Billy's partner's Kennith Freeman's corrupt newsstand was servicing corrupt police. Honest public officials including police officials may face danger in the corrupt years to come.

When a police official is shot without warning in a Routine Traffic Stop the fine print is that the suspect was facing many years in jail for Parole or Probation Violation, maybe preferring to die rather than spend the rest of there life in jail. If last degree parole was a 24 hour camera and tracking device. Police Work would be suddenly safer.

Philadelphia must compromise somewhere rather than a brick wall against Trump if not guns than where? I am hoping that Philadelphia's desperate corner will lead to a creative response, Rather than spread the lesson “When in a corner Trump must be obeyed”.

I have a lot of trouble getting my material out except at ReaderSupportedNews too bad for Philly not near by. We must wake up to the fact that over-punishment in all areas is destructive. your social media marketing partner


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0 # RICHARDKANEpa 2016-12-11 01:40
Touch of good news for Philadelphia, Pittsburgh is becoming a sanctuary city, so the Trump, Toomey, White attack won't be so pointed,

This news isn't all good, Sanctuary advocates can push others away,

Again, Mayor Jim Kenney's idea of broadening support to Libertarians and Libertarian minded Republicans I think is urgent, but he has to give something to them to succeed.
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