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What Kompromat Does Trump Have on the GOP?

Written by John Miller   
Thursday, 04 July 2019 11:47

There’s and old saying that I think I heard somewhere that says, “If things don’t add up, you just don’t have all the numbers.” And things really don’t add up concerning the Republican Party and that dude in the White House.

Okay, so they didn’t expect to win. The Clown-In-Chief stood out in the unruly field of misfits and unemployables to sneak past the normally Nazi-like GOP leaders to snag the nomination, and the Republican hierarchy probably thought that they would lose and that would hopefully, finally, emasculate the far-right crazies in their own party. Hillary would be bad, but they could deal with that, and even enjoy harassing her from dawn to dusk. Fox News had to be drooling. The Right was masterfully successful in stopping Mr. Nice Guy Obama from getting almost anything useful done for eight very long years. Very. Long. Years.

But when Putin stole the razor thin election for them, they found that they were suddenly in charge of GOVERNING, for God’s sake: something for which they have amazingly little aptitude. So what were they supposed to do now? Smart money figured they would wait about a half an hour and allow the Democrats to impeach and then he would either resign in shame to his dacha or be quietly convicted, and then the GOP could appoint a real Republican to bolster, or even replace, the weakling Pence. And they might end up with a ticket that could actually win in 2020. Or not. Who cares?

Whether Orange Man was willing or not, they could fast-track his butt out of there with a lightning-fast 98-2 bum’s rush vote in the Senate to convict, and they wouldn’t even lose the White House. They would just lose an incompetent, immoral, unpredictable, low-class, embarrassing mess, who they knew was surely un-re-electable without more Russian interference. You gotta think that every member of the GOP, in their heart of hearts, has got to hate having this slime-ball as their flag bearer.

They aren’t getting much help from Queen Nancy, who has slowed all this to a crawl because she doesn’t want to see a competent proponent of the Republican agenda versus the current pretender and mismanager who is probably un-re-electable without a truckload of Russian interference.

But then something happened. We don’t know what. But something in the smoke-filled room caused Plan B (or is it “C” or “D” by now?) to go sideways as well.

Putin has taught our Clown Prince something about how to do things. And though Mr. Comb Over cannot manage himself out of a wet paper bag, he does know a little something about blackmail. He’s got something on the Party of Lincoln, and it must be really juicy.

So when this all unravels very soon and we find out that Putin has major kompromat on Trump, I think we might just find that Trump has major kompromat on the Republican Party. And then things might start to add up.

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