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John Cory writes: "It is a sorry and sad day for America. Yesterday, Obama released his long-form birth certificate to cheers and applause and 'about time' comments across the great media landscape and inter-tubes. The Villagers are busy pontificating and examining and thumping their own chests in victory. Everyone is smiling and clapping and proud. Not me. What does it say about our 'media' that they have spent so much time and so much effort promoting crazy over reality? That our 'media' relishes circus clowns jumping out of their clown-cars and spraying clown-seltzer everywhere and then giddily covers the wet and stained audience reaction while ignoring the burning of fact?"

A young Barack Obama plays in the Hawaiian surf, circa 1960s. (photo: Reuters)
A young Barack Obama plays in the Hawaiian surf, circa 1960s. (photo: Reuters)

A Sad Day for America

By John Cory, Reader Supported News

28 April 11

Reader Supported News | Perspective


t is a sorry and sad day for America.

Yesterday, Obama released his long-form birth certificate to cheers and applause and "about time" comments across the great media landscape and inter-tubes.

The Villagers are busy pontificating and examining and thumping their own chests in victory. Everyone is smiling and clapping and proud.

Not me.

What does it say about our "media" that they have spent so much time and so much effort promoting crazy over reality? That our "media" relishes circus clowns jumping out of their clown-cars and spraying clown-seltzer everywhere and then giddily covers the wet and stained audience reaction while ignoring the burning of fact?

And what is the result of today's release by President Obama?

Donald Trump nearly lost his hair-pet as he jumped up and down, shouting: "I'm Superman! I'm Superman! I did what no one else has been able to do. I AM the great black Kryptonite!" NBC must be Soooooooo Verrrrrry Proud!

This should never have been an issue worthy of discussion, let alone news coverage.

The mainstream media has a long history of making the incredible seem credible. If enough crazy people shout loud enough to be overheard at the Villager's cocktail parties - and especially if there is money, ratings and celebrity status to be gained - then the media will make it "news."

Remember the Clinton run for office? The great NY Times witch-hunt for Whitewater? Vince Foster? Jerry Falwell videos of murder and drug-dealing lies? The birth of Fox News, where no slander was too offensive to air?

How about Chris Matthews' constant attacks on Al Gore for being a "serial exaggerator" and a boring wonk? The NY Times and Washington Post constantly questioning Gore's manliness? Remember? Maureen Dowd and Tim Russert, pointing out he wasn't like the macho W. who had nicknames for the press on the airplane and a beer for all.

In 2004 there were outrageous and despicable attacks on John Kerry and Max Cleland's Vietnam service, challenges to combat medals and wounds and smears against the very nature of their service to their country.

Where was the media?

Parroting and promoting the vile and vicious likes of Ann Coulter and John Corsi, and others. No lie too evil or malicious not to be printed or smeared across the airwaves. ABC's Nightline undertook an "investigation" of Kerry's war record by traveling to Vietnam to find someone - anyone - who could verify or confirm his "story," because the government records of the US Navy had become "suspect."

Why, the media had such a grand time questioning those troublesome war medals that at the GOP Convention, real American patriots sported band-aids with little Purple Hearts as they cheered their Vietnam-era AWOL candidate. Wasn't that funny?

President Obama finally put all this birth nonsense to rest. Right?

Do you think there will be questions about the font used on that document? Or the mysterious curls meant to infer an aging document? Or maybe, if we listen carefully, we'll hear the whispers about how it took this long because they had to forge that document, to make it look real when really - it is not. And what about the registration date? Four days after birth?

And what is the effect?

The next presidential candidate who is Black or Latino will have to provide all of his citizenship papers up front and have them certified by holier-than-thou real Americans.

If it is a woman, she will need to show medical records proving she is a natural female with a medical certificate of virginity at marriage. Or, if she is not married, god-forbid, she will require an Evangelical certification of non-Lesbian orientation.

If the candidate is Asian, well, let's just say they are too smart with computers to get caught forging birth certificates so we'll have to figure out a different test for them.

Obama gave in to insanity so the country could move on to important matters, but the truth is, there will be no movement. As Stuart Chase said: "For those who believe, no proof is necessary. For those who don't believe, no proof is possible."

There is a stain now, a stain that will permeate future candidates who might be one of them. An outsider. A different one. In trying to satisfy the poisonous present, Mr. Obama ignored his duty to the future.

No, this is a sad day.

Yesterday morning, the media flexed its great star power and forced a president to jump through a flaming hoop to prove he was American. Viewership through venom is so much more profitable than truth or fact.

By the afternoon, they will weigh in on who the winners and losers are.

Last night, some families packed up their belongings because their home had been foreclosed on, or faced medical bankruptcy because their insurance carrier had denied treatment payments, or struggled with whether to pay their utility bill or buy a tank of gas to go looking for a job in the morning.

We know who lost.

And we didn't have to watch TV to know it.

Maybe it is time to turn off, tune out, and drop the news media altogether.

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+20 # Activista 2011-04-28 10:22
"some families packed up their belongings because their home had been foreclosed on, or faced medical bankruptcy because their insurance carrier had denied treatment payments, or struggled with whether to pay their utility bill or buy a tank of gas to go looking for a job in the morning" - agree with everything except - because their surgeon charged $50,000 for the bypass - that likely did NOT need.
Greed of US doctors causes US medical crises.
Let support Sleaze Trump as Republican president - such a perfect symbol of Sleaze GOP.
+68 # Sick & Tired 2011-04-28 11:17
Actually, I would venture the greed exhibited by insurance companies, who play too active a role in our health-care system, is what drives medical crises - not doctors.
+15 # Activista 2011-04-28 12:24
US Doctors are greedy - part of money culture - $500 000 + year for cutting people up - why they are pushing bypass surgery? When statistics and research shows that they are NOT needed and in many cases less expensive and effective treatments are available.
Compare to other countries. State - one payer system is democratic solutions. Let rich have their private surgeons - keep Cheney like monsters alive.
+14 # LeeBlack 2011-04-28 12:56
Whenever there is a system there will be those who 'game the system'. There are definitely too many bad apples but there are also many, many good, ethical doctors.
+7 # Activista 2011-04-28 13:45
Sorry - it simplistic to generalize. I see trend that under fifty it is Money Culture - wan to be millionaire.
There are doctors - mostly older - with wider focus than money.
US medicine is technology oriented - not psychosomatic - cut them, give them expensive drugs. There is very little searching for causes (pesticides in everything, air quality, water quality ..) very little prevention - there is NOT PROFIT.
+7 # genierae 2011-04-28 16:45
Traditional medicine completely leaves out the mind's powerful influence on the body. It is astonishing in this 21st century that conventional doctors still ignore the most important factor in getting well. A cheerful, sane mind is bound to have a good affect on the body's condition. Why can't they see that?
+7 # Ellen Stein 2011-04-28 13:42
If you think your doctor is trying to do unnecessary bypass surgery, there's a simple solution that has obtained for umpteen years: GET A SECOND AND THIRD OPINION. Simple. At some point, you have to stop being paranoid!
0 # Activista 2011-04-29 13:20
"At some point, you have to stop being paranoid!"
I know how medicine is practiced in countries with less "money culture".
In US it is PROFIT FIRST ... service second. US doctors are not immune to US Money Culture Sickness - would argue that they are even more sick than normal people.
+2 # heraldmage 2011-04-28 15:41
Generally it is not the doctors who pushes surgery, but the patient who decides fast track their treatment rather than follow the regimen prescribed by their medical doctor (internist). Than if it determined that their conditions fits surgical criteria and insurance approves they get their operation. However, if you don't have insurance and its not an emergency you are not going to get an operation without a substantial down payment. What gets people into trouble is insurance claim denial, even with pre-authorizati on, after treatment has been provided.
So if you don't like your doctor or disagree with their recommendation, unless you are in a managed care situation get another opinion its alright they won't get upset.
It is the insurance industry that has increased the cost of care using premiums for enormous corporate salaries, bonuses for rejected claims, and salaries of clerks & adjusters necessary to manage massive amounts of documents required per claim. They manage your care not the physician delaying treatment as long as allowed by law, Generally health care fraud is not committed by the patient but are unintentional innocent provider coding error or misunderstandin g of massive, complicate coding system.
+4 # NORDLIE1 2011-04-28 14:57
A close relative while hospitalized had the chief surgeon recommend MULTIPLE SURGERIES that were not needed to fatten his pockets. The other doctor had to fly home during Christmas on Christmas day to save on the cost of the ticket. So glad you mentioned the unchecked greed of U.S. doctors. It needs to be addressed and corrected with oversight. Here's help for regular folks meanwhile:
+64 # wleming 2011-04-28 10:32
The u.s. media are the basis for the disinformation, lies, distortions, and spin that now dominate our national life. TV is the essential mode for what has come to be a blitzkreig of disinformation, and falsehood. There remains a tiny "alternative" media, underfunded and marginal. Corporate imperialism has an agenda..... simply turn on your TV set and discover what they intend.
+22 # Activista 2011-04-28 12:30
I threw out TV ten years ago - was destroying my brain with Nazi propaganda, brainwashing to buy more crap we do not need. Get your behind out into the nature till there is still some left ..
+10 # Olindaboat 2011-04-28 16:31
Quoting Activista:
I threw out TV ten years ago - was destroying my brain with Nazi propaganda, brainwashing to buy more crap we do not need. Get your behind out into the nature till there is still some left ..

I threw the wretched thing out from a third story window (it bounced once), 16 years ago.
Ever since then life has been so much saner.
+44 # StPete 2011-04-28 10:46
John, it says two things:
Our media is owned and managed by people who need eyeballs for advertising more than people who need to get the news out and be responsible about it.
Many of those people are in on the GOP joke, and are willing to destroy the President's at any cost.

Just more reasons why Reader Supported News is appreciated, alive and well, albeit always broke.
+37 # Dave W. 2011-04-28 10:53
"What does it say about our "media" that they have spent so much time and so much effort promoting crazy over reality?" I'll tell you what it says John. It says we are, as a nation, pampered, pompous, debauched and singularly unconcerned about actual facts. Majorities could give a shit about their fellow human beings as long as they themselves are "in the money." We are a sick and dying empire rotting from the inside out an no amounts of "altruistic infusions" will save us until the almighty dollar is exposed for the fraud it has been for centuries. The "media" are merely the parochial, blinded eyes of a perverse old man who revels in the rapaciousness of his twisted actions. We all know him. His name is Uncle Sam.
+32 # Activista 2011-04-28 12:32
It started in 1980 - Reagan - fiction over reality. Americans are hooked - most potent drug is TV.
+12 # Dave W. 2011-04-28 14:34
Activista, "It started in 1980-Reagan-fic tion over reality. Americans are hooked-most potent drug is TV." Actually,"it" started long before then. It started when a group of prosperous, white men set out to create a utopia/tax shelter and call it the United States of America. Women, Blacks, Hispanics/Asian s/Native Americans were simply there to be exploited. It started with the ignoring of 167 "treaties" and the relegation of a noble people to essential "cattle status." It started with a civil war in which millions were killed under false pretenses. Lincoln wanted solidarity with the South, not war. North wanted cheap labor to exploit and unequal share of profits. Slavery was an afterthought to Lincoln if you read his speeches even a year before the war. It started with the beginnings of U.S. Imperialism and the "fabricated" sinking of the Maine. It started with the exploitation and decimation of hundreds of thousands of Filipinos coerced into thinking they were fighting for their liberty by Presidents McKinley and Roosevelt. It started with T.R. enabling "the white Asian empire" i.e. Japan, to become a rogue state in our image and ended with the nuclear slaughter of nearly two hundred thousand innocent people in a span of a few days.
+14 # Dave W. 2011-04-28 14:47
In between these "God blessed" events we invented a fellow named "Jim Crow", exalted the KKK, kept women as functioning incubators and school marms, fulfilled the cries of "Manifest Destiny", forced other minorities into subservience and relegated them to ghettos besides the enactment of the Monroe Doctrine which basically allowed U.S. to meddle, often with disastrous results, in the affairs of peoples thousands of miles from our own borders. All this and much, much more...long before anyone had plugged in the TV or lost the remote between the couch cushions. Some now say the "grand experiment" has, or is, failing. In reality, it "failed" for millions many, many years ago. The information is out there. But you sure as hell won't find it on the TV.
+15 # Annalois 2011-04-28 11:03
:Tell Donald Trump about "the blacks" in science.

The blacks invented practically everything we use today: Blood plasma,portable xray machine,pacemak er,linoleum,syn thetic marble, elevator,refrig eration on it, "the blacks" invented it.
+6 # PIA WINDWOLF 2011-04-28 13:16
+33 # murielschnierow 2011-04-28 11:11
Anyone who paid attention at grammar school ought to be able to add the $400 billion a yr we can add to treasury by taxing billionaires,cu tting out in appropriate "gifts' to the wrong companies,shutt ing the off shore tax havens, and now TimeMag says we can save 1 TRILLION in excessive costs at the Pentagon.Trumps hair and the birthcertificat e are deliberate distractions from all this extra Revenue that the GOP wants to give to the people who need it least.
+7 # Byronator 2011-04-28 18:25
Trump is the rodeo clown here, but a clown from hell, nonetheless. His orange comb-over crowns a low IQ real estate developer whose ego and greed have built towers celebrating his own ugly smallness, inside and out. His value as a "distracter" from the GOP's oligarchic interests is soon to expire.
+34 # granny 2011-04-28 11:16
Too bad Obama didn't wait until the day of the Royal Wedding to release the form. All the important people are in London, slobbering over the young royals, and the rest of the foolish people, including many of the tea partiers, are more interested in what Kate wears than whether their fellow American citizens have clothes to wear and food to eat and homes to live in - if their lives are sacred enough to be given health care.
+38 # Capn Canard 2011-04-28 11:17
John Cory, good commentary. There is no proof that can disprove their twisted fantasies ... it is a manifestation of AMERICAN STUPIDITY. This RACISM(especial ly Racism!), FEAR, INSECURITY and IGNORANCE are the new weapons of the WEALTHY. They will beat the middle class over the head with their LIES(a subjective interpretation they think of as "truth"), masquerading these lies as FACT. There will be no rest for those who want objective reality to hold power or for those who respect OBJECTIVE REALITY, or truth. In short, the enemy is not human, it is far too greedy for more POWER and CONTROL. I feel that things may only get worse.
+31 # Nan 2011-04-28 11:23
I work with people with dementia and this is so like having to tell someone who has lost his mind the day of the week for the 50th time. You know that it's a waste of time because their brains don't work properly and they are just likely to get agitated. President Obama has patiently indulged the demented masses by continually telling them a fact they can't process because their brains aren't working. The "news" outlets can't stop talking about this because they just love a freak show- and the freakier it is the more money is made. And, what a freak show it is with Donald Trump front and center.
-52 # jlohman 2011-04-28 11:30
John, I'm not so impressed with it. my question to Obama is, if this was in your possession, why in the hell didn't you put the matter to rest two years ago??? There was reasonable doubt, was this some sort of perverted game he was playing? To "time its release"??? I'm disappointed.

Jack Lohman
+42 # al 2011-04-28 11:56
There was no reasonable doubt, only unreasonable doubt among unreasonable people. Why indeed was Obama hounded from day one? I know, and so do you.
-33 # PIA WINDWOLF 2011-04-28 13:20
+12 # in deo veritas 2011-04-28 16:17
Sounds like you are comparing it to the way the Repugs colluded with Iran to wait to release the hostages until Raygun was in office. We knew what was going on but the "media" ignored it.
+21 # tm7devils 2011-04-28 11:32
It is easier for a camel to pass through the eye of the needle than to find moral or ethical relevance in most of the Fourth Estate...

It’s not a shame but a catastrophe that ideology and greed has undermined the best tool for a free and working democracy…a free and ‘working’ press.

“Freedom of the Press” , phrase. (Oxymoron) Synonyms: Lying; obfuscation; innuendo; senseless blather; hype. Antonyms: The truth; the whole truth; and nothing but the truth.
+25 # Brewsir 2011-04-28 11:55
I enjoyed watching the media discover people who were willing to use the noun 'racists' on TV as they were trying to describe those who requested our President's papers. Do you remember Martin Luther King's "Letter from a Birmingham jail"? He was replying to a group of sympathetic clergy (their description) who were telling him that now was not the time to demonstrate against the racist doctrines and laws of that time. Many of our forbears went to their graves having to prove that they should be working and living where they were. Some had to have letters from white men supporting their claims to have written what are now described as works of art. President Obama had to produce his papers showing where he was born and now is again being asked to respond to racist demands from the obese and garrulous spoiled progeny of white America. Trump has significant support. Things have not changed much.
+15 # Activista 2011-04-28 12:36
"Trump has significant support" - sleazo is perfect symbol of GOP - IGNORANT and ARROGANT.
Let him run -
+23 # Doctoretty 2011-04-28 12:08
I agree that it is sad that this is the only Pres. in our history who has had to prove his birth, and I agree that the demands are based on racism. But I think Obama by doing this has made all the birthers look sillier and has one-upped Trump, who just looks more the jackass every day!
+21 # muffy7 2011-04-28 12:23
I feel so sad for Pres and Mrs. Obama. How tragic that such a lovely, intelligent couple cannot enjoy their time in the White House. It is all racist and the GOP should suffer hugely for this. He is such a great man and I pray he wins a second term and then MAYBE they will leave him alone. God bless him and his dear family. I am a white, senior woman, a Liberal all my life and never have been a will be a racist.
+7 # muffy7 2011-04-28 12:27
WHY has there never been a Jewish
president. Most of the brilliant people
are Jewish, why can't one get elected? Another form of bigotry.
By the way I am not Jewish.
+4 # Activista 2011-04-28 13:53
AIPAC controls USA is responsible for the Middle East Wars - brilliant people are in opposition - like economist Stieglitz, Chomsky, etc.
Nobel price ...
+1 # Heartbeatt 2011-05-02 03:19
Quoting muffy7:
WHY has there never been a Jewish
president. Most of the brilliant people
are Jewish, why can't one get elected? Another form of bigotry.
By the way I am not Jewish.

What a silly notion. There are brilliant people in every nation, race, corner of the earth. And many Jews who are not brilliant. But I do hope there will be a Jewish president soon, preferably a Jewish woman.
+4 # futhark 2011-04-28 12:29
Thank goodness Barack Obama has a valid United States birth certificate. That means, I suppose, that he can legally continue to order American drone aircraft to drop bombs on and fire missiles at unwary folks on the ground in a country on the other side of the planet. THAT IS SUCH GREAT NEWS! WHOOPEE!
+9 # casavenko 2011-04-28 12:30
These birthers are just a bunch of racists,chicken shits, that see its not just the White mans world. The ignorants run rampant in the south. They can't stand the fact that they couldent steel the last election, and now the thought of a Black and his people have invaded there White(mans) house. Just imagine a dissendent of slaves in control of the white mans world.
this is what's wrong with America.the exceptional ones. I think its from possibly too much inbreading, but that's just the way I see it.
+3 # Michelle 2011-04-28 14:15
There in lies the problem. President Obama is NOT a descendent from slaves. His father was African. Not NEGRO, African.
+17 # heidi reidell 2011-04-28 12:48
Overlooked in this coverage is the State of Hawaii's role in governing its own affairs. Overwhelmed by incessant requests for the long form, no longer in use for years, the State made an exception to Obama's attorney to provide the long form so they could get on with their business. According to yesterday's Washington post, this is the first exception ever to limitation to issuing only the short form.
+8 # HerbR 2011-04-28 12:54
..about our media it says that the requirements of commercial advertising control the size and kind of audience that pays attention for whatever reason at all. About the audience it says that they are so thoroughly disoriented and perhaps even corrupted that they can no longer identify their own needs and that of their communities or even their country.
+15 # heidi reidell 2011-04-28 13:00
And because if we can't laugh we'd all go nuts, the Balder's movement is taking hold, alleging that Donald Trump is not 100% American because his hair is not his own, and is of unknown, undocumented origin.....chec k out
+28 # fredboy 2011-04-28 13:00
This is the same media that forgot to cover just about everything else in the 90s to focus on a blow job. And the same GOP twits who spent $80 million investigating it.

You can't win with losers, and there are so many losers roaming the halls of Congress and our state houses and clogging the airwaves these days.
+13 # ruth kelsen 2011-04-28 13:02
The long-form birth certificate won't matter to hate-mongering racists and Orly Taitz.
+3 # Slyfox 2011-04-28 13:03
Ditto, Brewsir. African American in all walks of life have to prove that they are "CERTIFIABLY BLACK." Its not enough to look the part and come from lineage that indicate that you are. No, the "acceptable white" has to certify that you are. certifiable during slavery when "Freemen"and slaves had to carry papers verifying certifiability.

This racism still exists today in order for Blacks to get contracts and/or do business with government and corporate businesses in America. BLACKS, who want to contract with governments and corporate america business have to be certified by a member state of the National Minority Business Council. If you weren't a member through paid certification, then you may not be considered. To the governments, state, local and federal, you could not compete with majority business owners if you were not certifies. you were not certifiable.

The racism goes all the way to the top, even if you have become president of the U.S,, and the state that you were born in issues your papers.
+9 # LeeBlack 2011-04-28 13:05
The media seems to think that being fair and balanced means reporting that, "A said this and B said that." They seem to have forgotten that it's called investigative journalism because they are expected to search for the facts behind the statements and report those facts along with the daily sound bite.

Their job is not just filling up the 24 hour day with words.
+7 # Susan W 2011-04-28 13:07
I don't understand why everyone is so quick to label this birther movement as racist. It is insane, ludicrous, stupid, mean-spirited, distracting, petty, ridiculous, unnecessary, nasty, vile and many more things but to immediately call it racist is to distract from the real story which is our press and our society have deteriorated to the point no one of any color, gender, age or intellect can run for office these days without being eviscerated by a pack of idiots looking for publicity.

Clinton and Kerry and Gore and others are all white and got treated just as badly. Please people, quit seeing racism as the cause for stupid actions by stupid people because all it does is perpetuate the victimization of people of color for no reason other than their color. There can be other reasons or no reasons independent of skin color. Until we move past color as the primary cause we will make no progress toward true equality.
+5 # Michelle 2011-04-28 14:23
I am confused. So,No other President has had to prove anything. Our last president could not read- no one asked for his college transcripts (or we did but he refused to release them). Now the "original" birth certificate has been released and that too is not enough. Sometimes IT is racism. We do not live in the same fairytale land you do and while All Democrats have been vilified, nothing compares to the outright hatred heaped upon this president. If you don't judge based on color, I am happy for you. There are still far too many "whites" for whom that is the only thing they can SEE.
My prayer is that we can all move on in harmony to a better place. It is just not going on RIGHT NOW!

Quoting Susan W:
I don't understand why everyone is so quick to label this birther movement as racist. It is insane, ludicrous, stupid, mean-spirited, distracting, petty, ridiculous, unnecessary, nasty, vile and many more things but to immediately call it racist is to distract from the real story which is our press and our society have deteriorated to the point no one of any color, gender, age or intellect can run for office these days without being eviscerated by a pack of idiots looking for publicity.
+7 # Dave W. 2011-04-29 02:42
Susan W, You make solid, cogent points however...when Obama first announced candidacy for President my neighbor, a now acknowledged "birther" asked me point blank if I was going to vote for the n****r. You're correct in pointing out the treatment afforded Clinton,Kerry and Gore. But don't think for a second that a certain percentage of the birther set are not good, old fashioned racists. I work in low income urban high school. I can assure you we "have not" moved past color or race as a primary cause of intolerance. I have given up on Obama for the simple reason he has failed to live up to the expectations he set for his party and himself. I could really care less if our next President was a Zulu tribesman as long as he had compassion for the less fortunate amongst us and a sense of justice that did not invariably favor the elites. A functioning backbone would also be helpful. We, as Progressives, simply can't keep losing ground. We've lost considerably in the last two years. I most certainly "did not" expect that.
+1 # Imapony 2011-04-29 06:40
We'll move past it when the birthers do!
+1 # Green Genius 2011-04-28 13:23
It makes me wonder if they know they are being pulled by strings every time a progressive complains about the media. The media is colluded, just say it at the beginning of your articles and then tell us how to fight against it.
+13 # Linda Milligan 2011-04-28 13:34
You forgot to mention one other thing. This sordid ordeal has made the whole country look like a bunch of sleazy idiots, not just Trump. We've just powered down our reputation as the defender of truth, justice, and the American way another twenty notches. Or maybe this is the American way? Could this be what Sarah Palin means by American exceptionalism? Exceptionally nuts!
+6 # todd williams 2011-04-28 13:45
Well said, Muffy7. My thoughts exactly. This is not only a stain on the Rethuglican Party, but more importantly, a stain on our country. It is a sad, sad day when a man of our president's stature and qualifications has to lower himself to this level just to shut up a gaggle of racist pigs. Right now, I am ashamed to be an American.
+2 # joe joe 2011-04-28 14:37
the example of rosa parks was forgotten.... if the tea bag racists had asked for her birth certificate? she would have told them to go f@ck themselves !!!!
+4 # historywriter 2011-04-28 16:50
I think she would have been more gracious than that--in contrast to the southern racists.
+7 # giraffee2012 2011-04-28 14:44
He was "fettered" by his Party before running (including the Clintons) before running for President.

Who in their right mind could think Obama could POSSIBLY have passed all those clearances if he was giving money to the Muslims or wasn't even a citizen of this country?

The news media (talking heads) are worthless -- few exceptions.

But . . .
The regressive Republican Party of No is obstructionist, mean-spirited, thuggish, religiously fanatical, scientifically ignorant, corrupt, hypocritical, xenophobic, racist, sexist, homophobic, evolution and global warming denying, oily, Medicare and Social Security slashing, union busting, authoritarian, selfish, greedy, lacking compassion, warmongering, and otherwise dangerous.

NEVER vote for Republicans or you will go down with us in 2012.
+7 # bboren 2011-04-28 15:05
This is a really sad day in America. When our President was elected I thought we had really made some headway in this country. The sad fact is there are still far too many who believe people of color, any color really are inferior to caucasians. In Oklahoma yesterday an elected congresswoman, Sally Kern, actually said the following on the Oklahoma house floor. Minorities don't work as hard and have less initiative than whites. She made the comments while supporting a ballot measure that would no longer require the state to follow affirmative action policies. She is actually the congressional representative in my district whom I didn't vote for, but am stuck with. I am really considering moving away form Oklahoma as a majority of people here seem to think this way. I am so sad to know how little progress we have made on race related issues.
+3 # Donna Marsh OConnor 2011-04-28 15:08
Thank you.
+14 # Pickwicky 2011-04-28 15:37
Nearly every day, I put on my aluminum foil hat, square my shoulders, and listen to Conservative nuts on radio--we all know the ones. They are, after all, the great teachers of our age. The fact that they desecrate the power and privilege of teaching seems not to bother their devoted students.

Yesterday, after the release of Obama's birth certificate I listened for as long as I could stand to three of these pseudo-teachers to see if the document made a difference in the quality of their drool. In every case, the 'birther' drum beat went on. John Cory hit the nail on the head--every conceivable excuse was offered to refute the certificate.

Therefore, I appeal to the media and to all ethical people to drop the subject. What is the GOOD of arguing this matter any longer? The Right cannot hear the truth.
+7 # Jane Gilgun 2011-04-28 15:45
There was a time when educated people believed in human progress. Human beings were getting better and better at so many things. I wish this were true--that we human beings are just better than ever. We are not. Not only do some people want to believe that the president of the US was not born in the US, but there are people who encourage them in this belief. The "birthers" have an excuse--they simply do not want to believe. Those who egg them on have no excuse. They know the president was born in the US. Their motives are deplorable. What we need is more shame and more honesty. What ever happened to love thy neighbor? or to We're all in this together? Or united we stand and divided we fall? Human lives are at stake while people who know better fan the flames of nonsense.
+6 # Deidre 2011-04-28 17:10
"There was a time when educated people" were looked up to and admired for their intelligence. "There was a time when" people aspired to be educated. Until that time returns we will continue to see a media that left mediocrity behind long ago preferring to scrape the bottom of the barrel. If history truly does repeat, then when, oh when, will we see another Age of Reason?
+11 # wfalco 2011-04-28 16:59
This has happened because we have a Black President-case closed. It is a clear example of overt racism.
This would never have been permitted to occur if it was a white guy from Hawaii born of an American Mom and a Dad from Ireland.
The corporate owned media is complicent and primarily responsible as some many have stated.
Now there is talk from the big haired blowhard to release Obama's college transcripts. Why is this racist?-Because it insinuates Obama was the beneficiary of affirmative action. The message being that he is not quite up to snuff. Not of the level of the white Ivy League blue bloods-who, of course, never had any added advantage.
+8 # newswriter 2011-04-28 17:02
I write news headlines for a wire service. My stories on Brad Manning and on followup to Fukushima (regarding radiation) are getting killed by the national desk while other stories (like one about a priest who had a girlfriend) get through.
What's the worst part is I don't think it's any sort of conspiracy. There's no need for a conspiracy. Too many people -in- the news business think the cable channels and corporate outlets are covering legitimate stories and that Internet news--like this site---is less credible.
I don't even know what to say to argue. I feel I must but I want to keep my job.
+6 # m 2011-04-29 01:20
''What does it say about our "media" that they have spent so much time and so much effort promoting crazy over reality?..''
IT SAYS-- Thanks to 30 years of Corporate Conservative efforts on behalf of the 2% Wealthy Global Corporate Class to bring America 'SMALLER GOVERNMENT'.., they have managed to defraud 97% of Americans out of any We the People power and control over our own Country.
This was done through rampant, relentless and obsessive DEREGULATION of anything and everything that stood in the way of Global Corporations from running amok as they please in America while also allowing them to grow to Galactic Size without fear of Judicial Sanction, Taxation or Inhibition from unlimited access to the Halls of and Members of Government on all levels.
A great deal of Profit and Power now seems to be greatly concentrated in the use of 'American' Media as little more than PROPAGANDA PLATFORMS which promote Global Corporate Shareholder Agendas.
-1 # jeenious 2011-04-29 06:52
What disgusts me about this article, more than anything else, is that "the media" has become the favorite buzz term of every zealot who knows how to read and write.

There is no "the media."

There is every kind of opinion and fact, and pseudo fact being published in the U. S. today that can be published in print, by radio or by television.

That is democracy.

Every lock-brained zealot who knows just enough to write something down on paper and impress himself seems to want to bludgeon "the media" for saying anything that doesn't suit his own razor thin line of reasoning.

Ironically the very highest and best freedom of the press I cherish is that even it can be a target of resentment and vitriol, for letting the "other side" speak.

Left leaning media ARE "the media." Right leaning media ARE "the media." Talk Radio IS "the media." Political candidates' campaign rhetoric on the tube IS "the media."

Even the naive ranting against "the media" by the occasional holder of the attitude "my-opinion-and -no-other-is-fi t-to-be-publish ed" is... "the media."

Rave on media participating media knocker. You're okay and I'm okay in speaking up.

This is America!
+3 # Syacht 2011-04-30 21:55
Yes, BUT: "The Media", ie 'reporters', are SUPPOSED to present the "who, what, where, when and how" and strive to eliminate any hint of their own opinion.
0 # Sallyport 2011-04-29 12:18
Obama's giving in on the birther silliness is of a piece with a good deal of his functioning in office. He loses on all counts. He ought to have dismissed the whole thing out of hand; as a challenge it didn't deserve even one iota of attention, and as a political maneuver it only exposed the pettiness & idiocy of its proponents. But as with so many of the real challenges of his term, he went out of his way to cave in, sell the store, back off, start his negotiations with a gratis handout. He certainly has amazing posture for an invertebrate.
+2 # Activista 2011-04-29 23:03
30% Americans believed/were/a re brainwashed (if it is matters) by PROPAGANDA (would not call it media).
And if there was a doubt - how ANYBODY can take Trump sleaze seriously? It was a good time to end it ..
Did his show had such a bad rating? Was this a trick ... do not have stupid TV ...
-1 # Activista 2011-04-30 20:56
- baby killer - is responsible - STOP KILLING NOW!

NATO forces killed four members of Gadhafi's family - 3 children - who had no ties to the government or military - like Reagan in 1986 - 4 more years to the WAR Criminal Obama - NO.
0 # Activista 2011-05-01 10:00 s/?x=626593
what "free World" media do not publish.
0 # Ro 2011-05-02 19:32
It was a sad day for me, as a tear slipped out of my eye. Who else has to come up with a Birth Certificate? We should all be pretty ticked off, right now! IF he weren't a U.S. Citizen do you REALLY believe Barack Obama could have been elected President of the United States? What with OUR capabilities in the SPYING business - do you think for one minute anyone would have let him get this far?

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