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The aim of #OCCUPYWALLSTREET is to draw protesters to New York's financial district in a non-violent protest to spark a mass movement against corporate dominance. While the corporate media ignores the protest, Reader Supported News will continue to report on the latest developments.

A demonstrator holds a sign during an Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan. The protests moved into their third week on Monday. (photo: Reuters)
A demonstrator holds a sign during an Occupy Wall Street protest in lower Manhattan. The protests moved into their third week on Monday. (photo: Reuters)

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Occupy Worldwide

Reader Supported News Special Coverage Archive 13

1 February - 29 February 12


This page is an archive. Future OWS updates will go on the new page.


Retired Philadelphia Police Officer Wears Uniform at Occupy Philly Event

By Liz Gormisky,

14 February

Retired Philadelphia Police Capt. Ray Lewis, who gained national attention with his defiant, in-uniform protest and subsequent arrest at Occupy Wall Street, made his first appearance with Occupy Philly on Monday afternoon. Lewis, 60, had been chastised in letters from Police Commissioner Charles H. Ramsey and the Fraternal Order of Police after he was arrested in Manhattan's Zuccotti Park on Nov. 17, wearing his old uniform.

Again donning his uniform Monday on Independence Mall, Lewis asserted his right to free speech, calling his choice of clothing a "visual symbol" of the 24 years he devoted to police work.

"I will not idly stand by while law enforcement is administered only to the poor and disenfranchised while the rich flaunt their immunity," Lewis told a crowd of 40 occupiers and reporters gathered near a stone engraved with the First Amendment.


Save Jobs, Occupy AT&T in Atlanta!


14 February

Earlier Today, Occupy Atlanta, Atlanta Jobs with Justice, Communication Workers of America, and AFSC began occupying the AT&T Headquarters in Atlanta "and are refusing to leave until every single job cut is rescinded." Simultaneously, an occupation with tents is being set up outside of the building. A General Assembly will be held at 7pm EST at 675 West Peachtree St!


Inequality? We Need a New Word


14 February

When inequality and social injustice reach the extreme forms we increasingly see today, we need new language to describe it. Yes, we have growing inequality, racism and social exclusion. But we also have something else that represents the current stage of global capitalism: expulsions.

From 2005 to 2010, some 9.3 million mortgage foreclosure notices were sent to households in the U.S., amounting to about 35 million people losing their homes.


Cops Block Occupy Oakland From Creating a Community Center

By Michelle Schudel, William West, Liberation News

13 February 12

Hundreds gathered Jan. 28 for the start of Occupy Oakland's "Move in Day" at renamed Oscar Grant Plaza, site of its original encampment. Occupiers and community activists spoke of the need to occupy one of the many buildings left vacant by the economic crisis of 2008-09 and the resulting massive cuts to social services, in order to create a community space to further the growth of the movement.


Occupy Demonstrators Target Romney With Protest of CPAC Speech

By Ian Duncan, Los Angeles Times

13 February 12

Reporting from Washington - A small group of demonstrators staged a silent protest during Mitt Romney's speech at the Conservative Political Action Conference on Friday. Security guards for the Marriott Wardman Park Hotel, where the annual gathering of conservatives is being held, quickly threw the protesters out.


Video of the 'Occupy CPAC' Protests

By Ryan J. Reilly, TPM2012

13 February 12

Protesters rallied outside the hotel hosting the Conservative Political Action Committee (CPAC) during Mitt Romney's speech on Friday. Private security guards responded, and at times even threatened to arrest attendees who were observing the protest.


Stacking the Shelves With Peace

By Jake Olzen, Waging Non-Violence

13 February 12

Scholars and students in peace and nonviolent studies find their bookshelves teeming with new and intriguing works on violence, conflict, and social change. In the past year, a number of very important books - not all without controversy - have appeared, and are widely available, that have taken seriously the inquiry of what will it take for peace and a world without war. Two scholars in particular, Steven Pinker in The Better Angels of Our Nature: Why Violence Has Declined and Joshua S. Goldstein in Winning the War on War: The Decline of Armed Conflict Worldwide, argue that humanity is actually becoming less violent. In fact, Goldstein and Pinker penned a piece for The New York Times Sunday Review that was published at the end of December 2011 titled: "War Really is Going Out of Style."


Money and Morals

By Paul Krugman, The New York Times

10 February 12

Lately inequality has re-entered the national conversation. Occupy Wall Street gave the issue visibility, while the Congressional Budget Office supplied hard data on the widening income gap. And the myth of a classless society has been exposed: Among rich countries, America stands out as the place where economic and social status is most likely to be inherited.

So you knew what was going to happen next. Suddenly, conservatives are telling us that it’s not really about money; it’s about morals. Never mind wage stagnation and all that, the real problem is the collapse of working-class family values, which is somehow the fault of liberals.

But is it really all about morals? No, it’s mainly about money..


Why Chicago Is Occupy Ground Zero

By Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News

09 February 12

The year was 1999, and the world came to Seattle. A loose-knit coalition of direct-action groups, labor, and faith-based activists delayed the start of a meeting of the World Trade Organization, and forced it to end early without any agreements. The potential is there once again to build that kind of coalition, this time to disrupt a meeting of NATO and the G8.

Imagine 50,000 people from all around the world taking to the streets of Chicago, using various non-violent, direct-action tactics designed to disrupt the most powerful nations on earth from meeting. Imagine people from all over the world coming together in the Windy City to say enough is enough; economic inequality must go.

Imagine Rahm Emanuel showing that he is the new Richard Daily, ordering Chicago's finest to crush the protests. Imagine the labor movement coming together and marching as one, the way they did in Seattle, then joining the youth in the street to defend them from over-zealous police.


California Occupiers Camp Outside Former Marine’s Home To Prevent Foreclosure

By Travis Waldron, ThinkProgress

07 February 12

About 20 California activists surrounded a local home this weekend to prevent Freddie Mac and Chase Bank from foreclosing on the property, even amid rumors that sheriff’s deputies were coming to seize it. The Riverside, California home belongs to Arturo de los Santos, a former Marine who told Riverside’s City News Service that he fell behind on his payments when business plummeted at the factory where he’s employed.


Newark NJ to Evict Occupy Protesters from City Park

By Associated Press

09 February 12

NEWARK -- Occupy Newark protesters have been notified that they must leave a city park where they have been allowed to camp for the past two and a half months.

The Associated Press obtained a letter sent by city clerk Robert Marasco that says the group's permit ran out at 9 p.m. Wednesday. The dozens of protesters who have occupied Military Park in downtown Newark since mid-November will be given until 9 p.m. Thursday to leave the area.


Occupy Protesters Outnumber Albany Legislators 8-to-1 at Tax Hearing

By Eric Randall, The Atlantic Wire

07 February 12

About 20 Occupy-affiliated protesters crashed a New York state legislative budget meeting Monday morning, but it doesn't sound as if they had much of an audience.


2nd Wave of Evictions Is Sweeping Away Occupiers

By David Sharp, Associated Press

07 February 12

A tent city that's among the longest-lived Occupy protest encampments is coming down as part of a new wave of eviction orders against demonstrators aligned with the movement in communities including Miami, Washington and Pittsburgh. Occupy Maine demonstrators removed several large tents over the weekend, and the city on Monday gave them additional time to remove the rest.

Demonstrators who established the encampment just two weeks after the Occupy Wall Street encampment set up shop in New York City vowed to continue their work to call attention to corporate excess and economic inequality.

"Just because the occupation is changing form doesn't mean it's going away."


Breaking: Park Police Raid Occupy DC at McPherson Square

By Scott Galindez, Reader Supported News

04 February 12

5:00 am: Around 100 members of the United States Park Police surrounded the Occupy DC camp on McPherson Square. At approximately 5:30 am the police moved into the park and set up metal barricades, moving the press and Occupiers to a section of the park that was free of tents. The deployment of officers includes horses, a forklift and a large dump truck.

Many of the Occupiers were under the "Tent of Dreams," a large blue tarp that was placed over General McPherson's statue in the center of the park. Many tents were also under the "Tent of Dreams." Those protesters remained inside the barricades.

6:00 am: A Park Police Captain announced that they would be going through the park and all who were in compliance with the camping regulation would be allowed to continue their vigil. The Captain also told the media that the tents would be looked in with an observer present, not clear if that would be a National Lawyers Guild legal observer or someone else.

6:30 am: The Tent of Dreams was taken down by the Occupiers who were under it. The tents that were around the statue remained but no arrests have been made. Barricades surround the park now with at least two entrances manned by the police.

7:00 am: Media are now allowed inside the barricades with escorts. Orange armbands are now being issued to those who will be designated as observers.

7:22 am: The police are letting Occupiers come inside the barricades to get their property out of their tents before they go through to inspect the tents for compliance. They have also agreed to let people get their property before confiscation during the inspection.

7:35 am: A Park Police Captain addressed the press telling us that they are hopeful that there will be no arrests and the camp will come into compliance. He said the tents can remain but no sleeping gear can be inside. They will go through and check each tent and allow time for any property in violation to be removed before confiscating it.

8:00 am: The Park Police have set up large white tents that they plan to use for "processing." A large bus is also here presumably to transport any arrested.

8:15 am: Five Occupiers are refusing to leave the base of the statue. They issued a statement saying they that the people haven given up their rights little by little and they are not giving up one more inch.

8:23 am: The Occupiers still at the statue just received their third warning to disperse and are about to get arrested.

8:29 am: Four arrests for refusing to leave the area around the statue. There are also officers wearing yellow hazmat suits, the officers in the suits are the ones who are searching the tents and gear that were left in the area around the statue.

11:51 am: I lost internet access, over the last few hours the police have moved through the park confiscating any tents that had personal belongings in them. Originally they stated that any tents with sleeping gear inside would be confiscated but according to the observers walking with the police only empty tents have been allowed to remain.

The scene has been ominous all morning, helicopters overhead while police in hazmat suits or riot gear moved through the park bagging up peoples property and throwing it in the back of large dump trucks. The Occupiers are behind barricades and not allowed to be at their tents to take any property that the police find in violation as was originally promised. There were two small skirmishes with police over items confiscated resulting in two arrests bringing the total arrests to six.

1:17 pm: Tensions are rising. Occupiers are calling today's actions an eviction, most tents are being removed despite statements by the Park Service and the police the police that the tents would be allowed to remain. Occupiers are chanting "The Park Police lie ..." One section of the park only has three tents remaining. One Occupier inside was reading a book and was forcibly removed.

2:19 pm: The Occupiers have surrounded the Library and are negotiating with the police. Many tents that were removed were empty so they are not trusting the police with the Library. The crowd in the park is growing, a block away there was a demonstration at noon against a war with Iran. As more and more tents are removed the odds of a confrontation with the police is increasing, the Occupiers who cooperated with the police in the morning are feeling betrayed.

The situation is much calmer at the other DC camp, Freedom Plaza. The DC Government is not pressuring the National Park Service to do anything about that camp. It is quieter and not in an area that has many residents or local businesses. McPherson Square is in an area that has many local businesses and is on the K Street corridor which houses many powerful lobbyists.

5:00 pm: A major confrontation is under way over the Library, Occupiers are surrounding the Library and are surrounded by dozens of police officers. One demonstrator was just arrested roughly and there were shouts of "Medic, medic!" Another dozen protesters are sitting with arms locked just outside of the current standoff. Tempers are wearing thin for all, 12 hours into the days events.

5:30 pm: Following a skirmish with the police over the Library, it has been declared in compliance and calm has been restored. Barricades once again separate the police and protesters. 12 hours and counting, the police are still inspecting tents. General Assembly has just been called.

6:15 pm: The General Assembly is discussing the days events and focusing on lessons learned before planning the next steps. On the other side of the park Occupiers are chanting "Police go home!"

In the Middle of Negotiating New Agreement, City Raids Occupy Buffalo

By Kevin Gosztola, FireDogLake

02 February 12

"Now there's pollution where there once was something beautiful." - @BootsofSolidarity, Buffalo occupier

The city had police move on Occupy Buffalo early in the morning after it decided not to renew the occupation's permit for Niagara Square. At least ten were arrested and tents and personal property were bulldozed. Occupiers had been offered an agreement which they turned down. After midnight, they were in Niagara Square without a permit but the city could have continued to negotiate with Occupy Buffalo and chose to carry out an eviction instead.



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