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1 What Went Wrong, Donald? Everything Is About You — Your Dream Come True! Robert S. Becker
2 Trump’s Perilous Gamble: Act Guilty, Evade Infamy; Then ‘Redeemed,' Lord Over ‘Lying Losers’ Robert S. Becker
3 It's Just Business, Folks... Raven Grimaldi
4 Love and Contempt; Dispatches to the President jellyroll
5 Still Phony After All These Years: Trump ‘Pivot’ Exposes Fake Populism Robert S. Becker
6 The President of Wrath Trolls the Politics of Rage Robert S. Becker
7 Unintended Consequences Foul the Trump Swamp Robert S. Becker
8 Where’s the Pre-emptive, Super Majority Impeachment Trigger? Robert S. Becker
9 Who Knew What When Redux Paul mcconnell
10 Trump Bashes Paris, Sucker Punches Our Oldest Ally, Rewards Terrorism Robert S. Becker
11 This Government and its Enablers Must Be Removed citizenpaine
12 What Looms Beyond National ‘Laughingstock’? Will Mayhem, Ridicule or Mass Tedium Derail Trumpism? Robert S. Becker
13 President Trump Signs Resolution Voiding Transparency Rule Jubilee USA Network
14 Mock Candidate, then So-called President, Now Real Cult Leader of the Chaos Clan Robert S. Becker
15 Inventing A Crisis: Mr. Trump's First 100 Days Thomas Magstadt
16 Once Upon A Time in America: Trump, the Grimmest of Tales Raven Grimaldi
17 Reality, Not Foes, Undermines Trump’s Legitimacy Robert S. Becker
18 Trump Poisons the Well-We Humans can do better Richard Kane
19 ‘Tis the nightmare before chaos Robert S. Becker
20 What to Expect from the first 100 days of Trump's presidency? AlanMorris
21 Trump Hands Fourth Estate a Golden Opportunity Michael Potash
22 The Best Yes is ‘Nope, Nope & Nope’ Robert S. Becker
23 Trump’s Con Exposes ‘Change-At-Any-Price’ Delusions Robert S. Becker
25 Trump Lift-off: Where’s the Rip Cord? Robert S. Becker
26 Donald Trump and the Next Terror Attack Richard Kane
27 At Stake Majority Rule — Vs. the Looming Presidential Majority of One? Robert S. Becker
28 Disaster Payoffs: Best Lessons From the Worst Campaign Robert S. Becker
29 The Discrackables John Escher
30 Presidential Debate, 3rd Parties Got a boost, Now Are Contenders Richard Kane
31 An Open Letter To Robert Reich and Bernie Sanders Thomas Good
32 Not Trump, but Richard Kane
33 White House Announces Puerto Rico Oversight Board Membership Jubilee USA Network
34 Mormon Ex-CIA Agent Evan McMullin is trying to deadlock the Presidential Election Richard Kane
35 Urgent Left Brain Trap Alert: We Aren't Voting for Dump or Shillary! We Are Voting For Their Followers! Brendan Maloney
36 Will Trump 'Pull a Palin,' Jump Overboard To Avoid Epic Shipwreck? Robert S. Becker
37 Trump’s Wrecking Ball Defines His Singular ‘Greatness:’ Demolition Robert S. Becker
38 Clinton and the Progressives V. Trump Winston P. Nagan
39 The Republican Deficits and the Crushing of the American Middle Class: The Roots of Political Alienation Winston P. Nagan
40 Five Glaring Trump Contradictions that Drive Away Key Centrists Robert S. Becker
41 Trump’s ‘Trust Me’ Political Religion Parlays Revivalist-style Flimflam with McCarthyite Scapegoating, Topped with Trash Talk Entertainment Robert S. Becker
42 Trump is Screwed: If the Rogue Donald Reneges on Fire-breathing, He Risks Losing Zealots. If He Digs in, How Many Centrists Flee? Robert S. Becker
43 'Cancel Election, Keep Obama' Offers Desperate GOP James Israel
44 Looming Trump Whoppers: What If We Ain’t Seen Nothin’ Yet? Robert S. Becker
45 Trump Like Sanders? Hardly. More Polar Opposites in Mindsets, Values & Proposals Robert S. Becker
46 President Obama Supports Dumping Ally Britain Over The E.U Russell S.Wyllie
47 HIllary Clinton and the Attack of the Neoliberal Shape Shifters Allen Jones
48 How to Trounce Trumpery: Demolish the Flimflam Narrative from this Prophet of Profits Robert S. Becker
49 Why I Stopped Listening to Campaign Speeches and Why Presidents Elect Should Stop Listening to Initial Intel Briefings Brendan Maloney
50 Does Trump Want Out? Orchestrating His Own Demise? Robert S. Becker
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