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Jefferson M. Fish
Thursday, 02 April 2015
Jubilee USA Network
Wednesday, 01 April 2015
michael payne
Friday, 03 April 2015
Robert J Gaydos
Sunday, 05 April 2015
michael payne
The people of America have been very slow in waking up to the reality that they are now living in a country with a new form of government; one which could be called a corporate state; where the power that once was vested in the people of America under the Constitution is now is held by massive U.S. global corporations and the rich and powerful in America and with, I might add, the more than willing acceptance and participation of our current government.Some marriages are said to have been made in heaven, but not this one which had to be made in hell. There are certain chemicals or household products that should never be mixed. For example, oil and water, as everyone knows, should never be
Wednesday, 27 May 2015