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writing for godot

Why do we need guns at all? We don't & we do

Written by Murray Brill   
Friday, 28 December 2012 01:03

From: Murray Brill
To: " This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it "

Subject: Why do we need Guns at all? We Don't & we Do

Have a large file envelope of letters I've written on this subject and articles by others sent to the President and my three Congresswomen in recent years, all to no avail. Now after this latest senseless slaughter of innocents perhaps my fellow countrymen will at last take action. Rather than try to repeat everything said before, will try to summarize the basic points and send it out again, for the last time.
Because the 2nd Amendment to our Constitution was written 221 years ago (in 1791) in only 27 words, the meaning is not perfectly clear and it does not cover the present situation and needs in our country today 2012. Since our Constitution wisely forsees changes in our nation over time, it allows for revisions and new amendments to best adapt to future conditions. So it is now vital and urgent to rewrite the 2nd Amendment to cover the purposes and sensible limitations of gun possession.
1. The main purpose of citizens possessing guns is to protect themselves against the loss of our democracy by any military or other group, fascist, etc. taking over our government and our country thereby destroying our freedom and democracy. Our population of some 312 million armed with rifles would be able to withstand an onslaught by even a million military force in a protracted guerilla type war throughout our vast country.
2. A secondary purpose is to allow target shooting (fixed & movable like skeet shooting) as a sport.
3. Another purpose is to permit hunting, which at present is still prevalent in the country.
Apart from the foregoing three purposes, no other legitimate purpose shall require the possession of a firearm by an ordinary citizen not in law enforcement, the armed services, licensed guards & detectives, security and the like. For protection of self, family and home, anyone may possess mace spray, stun guns, paralyzing dart guns, tasers and other non-lethal defensive devices which temporarily incapacitate an attacker or intruder and these may be obtained and carried anywhere by anyone in the country even if not a citizen, underage or not. It is not necessary to permanently harm anyone who tries to hurt or steal from another person--people only have the right to protect themselves, their families, homes and possessions. Having a firearm for protection is not generally necessary but in the rare case where this is so, it must be reviewed carefully and a license issued for a handgun if appropriate, otherwise a rifle or shotgun can be used on one's property or domicile.
Types of Guns Permitted
a) Apart from the armed forces, law enforcement officers, licensed security-citizens guards, etc. NO ONE shall be permitted to possess any type of automatic weapon, machine gun, tommygun, handgrenade or grenade/missile/rocket launcher, cannon, artillery or other type of military weapon or any type of handgun, pistol or revolver whatsoever. The only exception to the handgun is for collectors who must disable it so it cannot be fired and must keep the handgun for display purposes only. Since a handgun is easily hidden it shall not be permitted to carry one even though disabled, since others may be intimidated, threatened or even robbed by brandishing any handgun. The other exception is mentioned above when licensed for protection.
b) Only two types of guns are permitted for an ordinary citizen not in the armed forces, law enforcement, licensed guard/detective:
A hunting rifle and/or shotgun, both of which may be used for hunting and/or target shooting. The rifle may employ a clip for up to 6 bullets but must be activated by pulling the trigger one shot at a time, not automatic.
Any citizen of the USA is qualified to purchase and possess a rifle/shotgun provided that he/she is over 21 years of age, not a convicted felon, not mentally unstable, unbalanced, having serious psychological problems, having a history of restriction for maladjusted behavior and not involved in terrorism. Non-citizens including visitors are not permitted to possess a gun of any kind. A short waiting period will be required of all purchasers while all available records are checked and any other necessary investigation is carried out to confirm that these requirements are met. In doubtful cases a review/investigative board should render a decision. Enforcement shall be at State, County and Municipal levels.
Except by Law Enforcement Officers, Licensed Guards/Detectives in carrying out their duties or the Armed Forces under unusual circumstances, no one shall be permitted to carry a gun into a school, public building, restaurant, library, theater, office building, residence or any other private property except by permission of the occupant or owner for a specific purpose, nor in any public place apart from hunting grounds or target practice areas or the home or private property of the owner. Anyone proposing to have a permitted weapon must be given a license for it as a prerequisite to possession. There shall be no "concealed weapons" nor permits for same for anyone not a police officer, security guard/detective, armed forces or rare special case.
The provisions of this Amendment to the Constitution of the USA shall be carried out with due consideration to the local conditions and requirements by each State, County and Municipality, with each State having the final decision in case of conflict. The review/investigative boards shall be set up as required by each State, County and Municipality. All gun shops and sales outlets must be licensed according to the requirements of this Amendment and must have fixed and established locations. No guns of any kind are permitted to be sold at fairs, street markets and the like or by private person to person sale. Any violations of the waiting period for determining qualifications of the buyer to own a rifle/shotgun or for sale of a disabled handgun for display or any other related requirement of this Amendment shall be punished by immediate permanent closure of the shop or sales outlet. Moreover, due process of law should be able to take away any gun from an individual found to be disqualified for ownership (found to be mentally unstable or having a criminal background, etc.). If one person obtains an unreasonable number of weapons or ammunition that person should be subject to investigation and action by the authorities.
No private citizen of the USA who is eligible to possess a permitted weapon shall be unduly denied a license and right to possess such weapon.
All commercial interests and suitable organizations are asked to make availability and sale of Non-lethal defensive devices (sprays, stun guns, etc.) more well known and widespread with lots of advertising, publicity and promotions. Everyone should be able to have these devices without any restrictions which will have the effect of drastically reducing the proliferation of guns and reducing crime......with no one getting hurt.

Murray Brill American retired in Greece
Dorian Inn 17 Pireos St. Athens, GR10552 GREECE +30(210)645-1849 This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it your social media marketing partner


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+1 # kandotom 2012-12-29 00:32
Good, serious and reasonable approach to the problem.

For a more light-hearted approach, see my article:

"Should We Have a Constitutional Right to a Bicycle?",

where I argue that, our right to FLIGHT being as fundamental as our right to FIGHT, the Founding Fathers should also have adopted an amendment 2B, stating that

“Rapid mobility being necessary to escape violent attack, the right of people to keep and own horses, shall not be infringed.” (which right, by the 21st century, would have evolved to include a car or a bicycle).

Tom Kando
-1 # earnestjax 2013-01-13 14:46
It is easy to spot who has guns, not so easy to spot who has "mental illness". What is "signifiant psychological problems"? Someone who has taken psychotropic drugs but never hurt a fly, or someone who has never sought psychological help but decides to shoot up a school? We need to remember that guns exist to kill. Let's make guns legal but ammunition illegal instead, or stop the pretense that we need to live in a world/country in which a gun culture is so prevalent that we go south on the life span numbers in part due to the maniacs and morons who insist on maintaining the 2nd amendment as a right!!

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