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Simpich writes: "The Republicans are a political party. The Republicans are few in number and can’t even outspend the Democrats much of the time. But they know how to organize and attract people who have widely divergent interests."

Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner - running mates in 2020? (photo:
Bernie Sanders and Nina Turner - running mates in 2020? (photo:

Inside-Outside: A Strategy for the Coming Elections

By Bill Simpich, Reader Supported News

16 May 17


he Republicans are a political party.

The Republicans are few in number and can’t even outspend the Democrats much of the time. But they know how to organize and attract people who have widely divergent interests.

The Democrats are greater in numbers and can’t even attract a majority of the people who are their natural base: the working poor and the struggling middle class.

The Republicans are the only effective political party.

The United States needs a second political party.

I don’t care what its name is.

It could be the Democratic Party, if a lot of things change.

I hear that thirty nascent progressive political parties will be attending the Left Forum in New York City this year. Maybe one of them will become the new political party.

Maybe the Democrats will get their act together, straighten up, fly right, and devote themselves to organizing the organized. Maybe the Democrats will become an effective second party.

I don’t care which. I don’t want to exalt form over substance. Whatever entity stands for Medicare for All – ending poverty – stopping the war machine – election integrity – that’s the party that should run this country.

I am convinced of one thing. Whether the Second Political Party is a new party or the Democrats, none of the things I want are possible unless a new progressive party challenges the Democrats from the left. It’s just not possible otherwise.

Buckle up your seatbelts.

“Draft Bernie for a People’s Party” is on a roll.

That should be no surprise. All the polls show Bernie Sanders as the most popular political leader in America.

According to conventional logic, that makes Sanders the presumptive Democratic Party nominee.

There is one big problem – and it’s not Bernie’s age.

A young, vibrant running mate will make him unstoppable.

We need hundreds of leaders like Bernie Sanders in office.

The Draft Bernie Party now has Cornell West on board. The plan is to field progressive candidates all over the country in 2018, challenging the complacent Democrats.

Thank God.

Can you imagine if Bernie Sanders had been elected President in 2016? Upon taking office, he would have had 500 of the 535 congresspeople hating him.

There is no way we are going to have progressive candidates without a progressive motor right alongside.

Sorry folks, but the Democratic National Committee (DNC) simply can’t do the job.

The latest example: The DNC is the focus of a class action lawsuit in Florida for tilting the 2016 primary process in favor of Hillary Clinton.

The lawsuit filed against the DNC seeks damages on behalf of three “classes” of Americans who have been arguably disaffected by the DNC’s actions: donors to Bernie Sanders, donors to the Democratic Party whose financial donations may have been used fraudulently, and members of the Democratic Party broadly who were allegedly denied the benefit of impartiality offered in exchange for their participation in the Party’s electoral processes.

The DNC’s defense: The lawsuit should be thrown out because the Party has the freedom to determine its nominees by “internal rule,” not voter interests, and thus the party “could have favored a candidate.”

However, the DNC’s charter clearly articulates that it is the responsibility of the party and specifically, its chairperson, to guarantee a fair Presidential primary process.

Maybe the best solution is for an effective Democratic Party. If that’s what you believe, there is only one solution: The DNC has got to go. A new national committee has to be formulated – one that is responsive to the people.

And for any Democratic Party to continue, it must be fiercely challenged by a progressive third party. As a registered Democrat, I stand behind the effort to Draft Bernie for a People’s Party.

Its leaders? Bernie staffers, delegates, and supervolunteers who never stopped after the 2016 national election was over. Who could be better?

Draft Bernie will be putting up candidates in the November 2018 elections. All over the country.

The plan: “We challenge Republicans in districts where Bernie’s message resonates but Democrats have been incapable of making gains.”

This would build the base for Bernie and the progressive movement in 2020.

At the same time, hardcore Bernie supporters like Stephen Jaffe will be challenging Nancy Pelosi and other establishment Democrats in the Democratic primaries in 2018. Jaffe’s platform? “We are all socialists. Medicare, Social Security, the military, police departments, fire departments, and public schools are all examples of economic socialism.”

We should all support Stephen Jaffe. Honor Nancy Pelosi for her service. It’s time to move forward.

An inside-outside strategy.

That’s what it will take.

Along with free and fair elections. That is a tectonic battle in and of itself. Ossified political operatives control the nooks and crannies of the election process in thousands of counties throughout the USA. They are the ones who collect the votes – and count them.

What will get rid of them? Only a political tsunami – a grassroots movement that throws these operatives out at the county level.

A complacent Democratic Party is doomed.

A complacent progressive movement is doomed.

What we need is a fair fight – both inside and outside the Democratic Party.

After the 2018 and 2020 primaries, we can unite for the national elections.

Meanwhile ...

May the best party win. With Bernie Sanders. And a cross-racial, multi-class political movement. your social media marketing partner


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Marc Ash
Founder, Reader Supported News

+15 # mashiguo 2017-05-16 12:04
Democrats and Republicans are a cartel.
Their purpose is to limit competition and fix elections in order to gain greater profits.

I don't understand why Drug Cartels are so labeled and Democrats and Republicans are not.
Could it be that drug cartels have earned the name by being more honest?

Expect nothing from Democrats and you won't be disappointed. Expect to be screwed by Republicans and you will be ready for what Democrats plan to do to you.
0 # chapdrum 2017-05-18 13:29
No argument with that. So where does that leave us (think I know the answer)?
+19 # Pikewich 2017-05-16 13:36
Wouldn't it be just peachy if these 30 progressive parties could join together as the:

"Progressive Alliance Party".
0 # RLF 2017-05-17 05:06
But no democrats would vote for their candidates because they would want to vote for the "lessor of two evils" and blame the progressive candidates when the Democrat, who refused to stand for anything, lost.
+6 # bsimpich 2017-05-16 17:08
I heard wrong - it was "30 workshops on nascent progressive political parties" - not "thirty parties".
+9 # Blackjack 2017-05-16 17:25
I'm ready to join. The DNC is rotten to the core and refuses to look at reality. I seriously doubt that the Dem Party can be rehabilitated. I've certainly seen no evidence of that since their most bruising loss in recent history.
+9 # Inspired Citizen 2017-05-16 17:37
Bernie or Bust was an inside/outside strategy. "Or bust" meant we would NOT support anyone but the only progressive in the contest last year. The superdelegates nominated Hillary Clinton anyway, and we ended up with Trump.

In 2020, it's going to be #ProgressiveOrB ust unless Sanders gets drafted into the People's Party in which case we will abandon any "inside" the corrupt, rigged neoliberal Democratic Party. If the Democrats do not nominate a progressive in 2020, Trump will be re-elected.

0 # CurtW 2017-05-16 17:52
Only a bottom-up 'Orange Revolution' can help resolve this.
+12 # grandlakeguy 2017-05-16 18:22
The tragic truth is that the Republicans have been engaging in massive election fraud in many shapes and forms and THAT is why they "win".
The Democratic party certainly knows what is going on and they allow it to continue. They are either complicit in this or stupid beyond belief.


A progressive movement by whatever name it assumes will never win until the day comes when we have free and honest elections in this nation.

If that day ever comes the two existing parties will be history!
+2 # Saberoff 2017-05-16 20:34
Wholly agree again, grandlakeguy!
0 # economagic 2017-05-16 20:20
Sure. Anybody see a resemblance to the takeover by "Charter Communications" of "Time Warner Cable" (and phone, and internet)?
0 # Saberoff 2017-05-16 20:29
"The Republicans are few in number and can’t even outspend the Democrats much of the time. But they know how to organize and attract people who have widely divergent interests."

No, they don't. They've been at their game for nigh on 40 years. Everything about the elections is rigged!

We now Have... No education; no information; no three branches. No rights, no work, no honesty, justice or liberty. No privacy. No Bill of Rights. Goodbye to the first (amendment). Hello to the Fourth (Reich).

Republicans do NOT know how to organize. They know how to cheat!

RSN: Say it with me!

And, by the way: Thanks for pointing out that the Democrat Party is no better. Appreciate that fact here.
0 # kyzipster 2017-05-17 08:10
Single payer has a real chance of passing in NY. I find it difficult to dismiss the Democratic Party outright when seeing this kind of progress. It's not about rehashing Hillary and a fixed primary so much, it's about local politics (I am glad to see this lawsuit in Florida.)

As the article points out, even if Sanders had made it to the White House, he would have needed broad support and we're very far from that goal. I think he could have shaken things up quite a bit but with little support in Congress.

I agree with the article. I could care less how a progressive movement unfolds, a new party or a real challenge to the establishment, I would get behind whatever path is the most promising.

The Green Party has been around for a long time, I only see small gains in solidly liberal areas. Inside and out is the best strategy imo. Establishment Democrats like Pelosi can be challenged in a solidly liberal district, perhaps even replaced by an alternate party. In Middle America, not so much, but there are many true progressives in office in city and state government, even in Trump country. Their accomplishments should not be dismissed because of what plays out in a presidential elections. If a new progressive party emerges, some will run on that ticket, others as Democrats. I think that will be the natural flow regardless of personal conviction.
+3 # chapdrum 2017-05-17 14:04
Polling consistently shows Sanders as the most popular politician. "Funny" how he is not president.
P.S. The Republican Party is not a party, but a plague.
-1 # ericlipps 2017-05-17 17:53
All the polls show Bernie Sanders as the most popular political leader in America.
According to conventional logic, that makes Sanders the presumptive Democratic Party nominee.
There is one big problem – and it’s not Bernie’s age.
A young, vibrant running mate will make him unstoppable.
What, "Vote for Bernie! It won't matter if he keels over!"?

Seriously, polls or no polls, Bernie's "one big problem" is his insistence on running around telling everyone in earshot that he's a socialist.

I suspect a lot of his supporters just tune that out, but you can bet Republicans would hammer him with it. The only reason they didn't in 2016 was because they wanted him to kneecap Clinton.

Face it, the s-word has been poison in U.S. politics since the nineteenth century, and Sanders didn't help himself by embracing it.
+1 # PaulK 2017-05-18 15:16
"Our national election process tried to commit suicide again."

"Well, take away its bed sheet."

We're going to continue to have horrid elections forever, as long as the system demands exactly two always horrid candidates who each have to raise a billion dollars.

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