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Richard Kane
United States
Retired in Philadelphia, from a family of historic peace activists. Didn’t oppose drone warfare, but if drones can blow up anyone digging on the side of a road who didn’t have to be planting bombs, they could be taking pictures instead, and after enough pictures a few brave heroes capture suspects rather than blow them up.
1965 peace movement link follows:,2477653
08.21.2016 14:40:11Mormon Ex-CIA Agent Evan McMullin is trying to deadlock the Presidential Election
08.08.2016 02:54:04Let's Push for a Deadlocked Eletoral College
07.22.2016 22:38:33Convention Override Hillary! Bernie for VP
05.29.2016 17:27:40Bernie or Kasich as VP, Means a 10% Increase in Hilary's Vote Totals
05.12.2016 16:15:05What if Trump was from Outer Space?
04.22.2016 03:15:49Vote with Enthusiasm as you Choose Between the Best of Two Choices
04.17.2016 17:16:11Bernie for Vice President, Insist on It!
03.20.2016 10:13:07Trump, and the Return of Napoleon
02.28.2016 16:19:32Donald Trump and Chris Christie in Jail or in Office
12.06.2015 17:52:02Pearl Harbor Day 2015, Finally with Something to Celebrate
12.04.2015 22:47:42Rizwan Farook: Looking for Heroes Inland Regional Center
11.15.2015 13:41:17Eiffel Tower peace sign
09.29.2015 15:56:27Cherry Picking makes Pope Francis’ Successes Limited
09.15.2015 13:07:28Donald Trump is Like the Emperor Who has No Clothes
08.23.2015 18:06:11Iran Challenges ISSI far more Efficiently than the US
06.24.2015 05:59:00Mumia and his Estranged Brother Billy and Crying Wolf Too Much
01.16.2015 03:24:45Should We Let Terrorists and Assassins Choose Our Heroes?
11.27.2014 10:25:26Cuban doctor Felix Baez Sarria's fantastic success story, with an ironic twist
11.18.2014 18:27:52Stop Blaming Ebola on Backward Africans
11.15.2014 10:48:40Green Party's Uphill Swim in Poor Town Philadelphia
11.11.2014 08:48:20Smashing Victory for Hate, Election Season 2014
11.02.2014 08:23:24Ebola Pakistan, a Real Reason to Panic, Instead of Ebola Hype
10.26.2014 05:00:39Ebola, the Real Worst Case Scenario Horror
10.26.2014 00:45:25I Long to Be a Young US Nurse With Ebola
10.06.2014 07:46:47Ebola, What Is It Doing to African Culture?
09.21.2014 19:32:02Unity in Fighting Ebola is a Step Toward World Peace
09.14.2014 20:31:37Ebola can lead to Free or Affordable Healthcare for all Americans, One Way or Another
09.08.2014 13:41:24New Insight Desperately Needed in Ebola Fight
08.26.2014 12:49:22US Could Have a Heroic not Selfish Role in the Ebola Fight
07.27.2014 09:54:43There Is Too Big to Fail and There Are Important People Who Never Go to Jail
05.25.2014 13:21:50New Benghazi hearings miss what Chris Stevens did right in his service to America and a better world
05.23.2014 13:45:25Racism and Growing Inequality is Rampant as Donald Sterling Gets Canned
05.13.2014 11:53:07Blaming Victims especially Donald Sterling - Can Oprah Come to the Rescue?
04.14.2014 16:00:39Congress in a Unanimous Vote Ordered the Iranian Ambassador Banned from the US – Entrenched Lobbies Going a Muck
04.01.2014 00:06:49A Huge Witch-Hunt not just One Civil Rights Nominee Squashed
02.16.2014 16:52:18Hamid Karzai Resistance to the US Good News in Disguise
01.26.2014 14:09:09Ceasefire that Continues the Concrete Step Toward Toward Hope for Syria
01.09.2014 22:46:36Dennis Rodman, Basketball, Rev. Sun Myung Moon, Benghazi and Innocence of Muslims Porn Trailer
12.17.2013 04:39:24Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu is Pushing the US the Wrong Way, an Enlightened Way to Deal With It
12.08.2013 09:18:22Nelson Mandela's Truth Commission, Inspiring History, Fresh Insight for the US
12.02.2013 09:55:33Celebrate the Path Toward Peace even if it is only a Peace Bubble
11.25.2013 04:42:41Iran Deal, and Removing Chemical Weapons from Syria, Precedent Setting Good News
11.22.2013 18:48:28It is Time to Put an End to Those Baiting for War with Muslims Over Ambassador Chris Stevens' Death
11.11.2013 09:31:56Salvation Army Store Collapse, the Media Dropped the Ball, It was a Setup
11.10.2013 03:19:20Benghazi is an Albatross Around Hilary's Neck
10.27.2013 13:51:25Why Obama Must Snoop on Friendly Governments
09.14.2013 12:51:25Time for the Western Peace movement to acknowledge a hurt it hid from accepting. Maybe this is the year the road to peace will be established
08.09.2013 04:03:29Ancient Rome with Mass Lead Poisoning, Meth and Hitler’s Super Drug to Make Supermen More Super
08.03.2013 16:28:34It's ironic, after the Batman Movie massacre was a discussion of these comics being considered decadent 50 years ago, but
08.02.2013 09:07:20Your police report with 911 has been canceled
07.23.2013 16:59:17The System Almost Worked with Trayvon Martin
06.19.2013 18:20:13Almost Magical Ways to cut gun violence and other hurtful acts
06.09.2013 04:55:37Pennsylvania already spent 1.6 billion a year on prisons
05.27.2013 20:23:43Vietnam, Woodstock, Iraq Protests, and now Decarcerate PA
05.09.2013 16:16:01Time to rethink Guns, Pot, and Gay Marriage in light of the success with seat belts and cut backs in tobacco use
04.18.2013 13:11:45Earth Day 1970, Today & Centuries Ago
03.17.2013 17:59:12Gun Violence, War, and War Video Simulations
03.09.2013 20:06:21None Dare Call it Brainwashing
02.28.2013 02:00:00Guns, Gun Posters & Gun Games, the Real Lesson of the Sandy Hook massacre
02.23.2013 17:37:22We Can’t Stop Rampaging Killers by Hiding From the Obvious
02.12.2013 04:48:28Same Rules or All - Ceasefire vs Gun-Control
02.12.2013 04:36:06Banning Automatics and Armor Piercing Bullets Won’t Protect You and Me
01.26.2013 19:31:59Progressives Against Obama Gun Control
01.06.2013 11:36:21Green 'Peace-in-the-Streets' rather than 'Gun-Control-Confiscations', Green Party and Justice Party take note!
01.01.2013 12:55:16The real story of Barack Obama
12.30.2012 02:27:35Cell Phones while Driving and Guns in our Cities Is Banning Then the Solution?
12.26.2012 06:47:31Dennis Kucinich and Lame Duck, He Might Soar Rather Than Wind Down
12.18.2012 16:06:14The Choice is Between ’Guns and Guns’ not ’Guns and Butter’
12.13.2012 05:31:24Libertarian Purge – An Invisible Witch-hunt
12.07.2012 10:59:40Lefties must defend Libertarians in this time of crisis, or Bernie Sanders might be next
11.17.2012 11:08:13Visualizing Our World and its Dangers
11.12.2012 20:09:36Embargo on Cuba end it today November 13 2012
11.07.2012 05:02:53World Peace! The Opportune Moment is Now
10.16.2012 16:29:20Ambassador Stevens is a hero, Four Heroes who ended a Helter Skelter Chain
10.08.2012 13:06:47As the Rich get Richer, Two Who Were Once Desperately Poor, Inspire
10.01.2012 00:29:52Vote No, Vote No, then Vote Yes to 3rd Party Hope
09.28.2012 06:48:00Insulting Muslims, contrasted with the “N” word and shouting Vicious “P” at a Police Officer's funeral
09.19.2012 23:43:10Before I cheer Obama's revival, I look at Philadelphia
08.30.2012 09:20:59Romney's Convention pep talk a high like Pure Meth, Ironically Romney condemns Meth
08.07.2012 01:30:45From Homeless Child, to Community Leader, Perhaps Even President Someday!
08.06.2012 04:31:44Amazingly good news “Joker” wanted to kill hundreds, but only killed 15
07.28.2012 02:20:54From Homeless Child to Vice President is Possible
07.19.2012 18:08:21Child Molestation Hysteria falsely defeated a Philadelphia Representative
07.04.2012 09:32:16Mormons beware of a Romney Presidency!
06.22.2012 06:22:33A Tragedy in the Making, unless Hawks and Doves Work Together
06.08.2012 23:39:21Tensions With Pakistan Boil as the Peace Movement Yawns
05.06.2012 07:02:06Ron Paul has done More for Peace than People who Dedicated Their Entire Lives Working for it
04.26.2012 08:12:37Don Quixote aka Ron Paul for President
04.21.2012 17:36:27Welcome Ron Paul (the new Ralph Nader) to the Liberty Bell
04.19.2012 05:59:16Bee Colony Collapse, Hiding from Danger
04.12.2012 14:18:43Bring out beer & champagne, celebrate even if the ceasefire is just for a moment
04.02.2012 04:12:41Two State Solution? No, Three State Solution
03.14.2012 06:57:58Daddy came home to find his family dead
01.07.2012 18:25:08Why Ron Paul Won't Run under a New 3rd Party Banner
01.02.2012 23:27:05Ron Paul, Santorum and bin Laden - personal morality their followers admire
12.31.2011 03:17:51Ron Paul and Churchill, Echoes of 'Blood, Sweat and Tears'
12.27.2011 05:52:44House of Horrors - Is the solution Punishment or Better Service
12.22.2011 10:39:14Attack on Abortion & Super-Hawk Advance over Ron Paul, but Silver Lining Possible
12.17.2011 15:37:37I Long For a Iraq War Coming Home Celebration
11.27.2011 21:45:02Ron Paul Tent Hopefully only Temporary Closing, disenchanted Obamaites got survival skills. Maybe Obama & Paul can also learn from each other
11.23.2011 07:27:47Hiding from Bad News Hides the Good
10.28.2011 00:11:31Hot Beverage for Freezing Protesters
10.19.2011 12:04:51No Arrests in Pennsylvania even in Republican rural areas
10.18.2011 11:51:24Occupy LA stops eviction
10.08.2011 13:30:24End the War in Libya Now!
09.05.2011 04:35:17Gaddafi and CIA once worked hand in glove
08.28.2011 14:34:35UN Libyan Resolution, A Resolution to Save Lives, somehow a license for British bombing of Gaddafi’s hometown
08.05.2011 09:15:48July 25, a Grimmer Omen than August 6
06.18.2011 18:27:29James Kenney Stops Tax Payer Waste but Snubbed by Tea Party
06.04.2011 19:09:20The Victory Over bin Laden Belonged to the World
06.03.2011 00:34:34Small Is Beautiful Afghan Peace Steps
05.30.2011 17:46:48A Miracle Almost Happened, a World at Peace
05.24.2011 23:58:02Ding Dong the Wicked Witch Is Dead
05.15.2011 20:36:56The War Is Over, It Ended May 2, Let’s Celebrate
05.09.2011 11:19:19A New Change to Build Toward Peace Before Bankruptcy
05.03.2011 21:19:29The Afghan War Is Almost Over If We Would Again Join John Lennon in Imagining Peace
03.30.2011 02:00:00The People United Can Always Be Exterminated
02.25.2011 03:10:26Doomsday Gambles or False Rumors
02.14.2011 11:14:08Michael Scheuer's Cry: 'We Need Another Terror Attack,' Haunts Me
02.06.2011 20:35:53Doomsday Collider Revisited
01.22.2011 22:33:18The Real Surprise Attack, Poisoned Tylenol
01.12.2011 21:11:04Blaming al Qaeda more doesn't mean more war
01.10.2011 08:50:56Casino at Philadelphia Airport?
01.09.2011 15:50:58WikiLeaks May Bring World Peace
01.04.2011 18:05:57Survivalism Can Be Sprouts & Potatoes Not Guns
12.28.2010 04:07:36Can the US Get Out of a Hopeless Corner?
12.20.2010 00:07:39Can Armageddon be Stopped?
12.09.2010 11:55:20Cheer Obama but Oppose his Tax Extension Deal
12.03.2010 13:06:23Fighting Bedbugs with Forest Fires, Obama in Afghanistan
11.01.2010 21:49:46Some Tea Party Candidates Dangerous but Others Could Help Bridge Partisan Walls
07.26.2010 03:49:37Awakening Council Slaughtered as the World Yawns
06.22.2010 15:26:56Praising, not Condemning, General McChrystal Might End the War
05.19.2010 10:57:20US Deaths Reach 1000 & other bad war news, peace leader killed
05.12.2010 02:39:20Some So-called Corruption is Necessary
05.09.2010 16:31:08Obama supposedly betraying us? What about his handling of the bailout compared to Greece
05.05.2010 11:43:17Obama betrays us, NO! Not so fast
04.25.2010 17:00:03No Way Out of Afghan War (Unless the US Owns up to Grim Choices)
04.14.2010 06:53:52Western Peace Activists Ignore Real Afghan Peace Efforts
04.11.2010 14:38:30Peace Movement Betrays Afghan President Karzai
03.29.2010 19:59:09Afghan Peace Fever Grips Kabul
03.24.2010 23:42:39Peace Negotiation Breakthrough in Afghan War
03.16.2010 00:42:04With Barack Obama Winning Means Losing
02.22.2010 03:24:40Remembering the Past Can Predict and I hope Change the Future
02.17.2010 22:19:37Peace May be a handshake away
02.16.2010 02:16:43Support Obama Not the War


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