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Bishop Andrew Gentry
I am the servant bishop of a very small and perhaps first Congregational Catholic Church which meets at a local coffee shop in downtown Asheville. We are a welcoming and inclusive community of faith. We use a table liturgy that is very celtic in flavor and inclusive. We see ourselves as a little leaven in the loaf of downtown, and a place where everyone is welcome.
06.29.2012 05:17:41The Fourth of Jully
05.30.2012 03:31:13A National Campaign
03.23.2012 08:33:46Profiteer or Human Person
02.29.2012 06:32:57I am not gay after all!
02.01.2012 08:15:53Issue Driven Churches
01.19.2012 03:51:38Marines and War
01.11.2012 07:18:25Bill Maher as a Secular Prophet
01.04.2012 06:18:49Snake Oil and Wedding Chapels
12.29.2011 08:35:44Too many chefs too little stew
12.08.2011 10:04:07What Hath Trinity Wrought
12.05.2011 06:35:52what is in a name?
12.01.2011 09:39:22How would the Holy Family fare in Asheville
11.19.2011 16:15:11From Dominum Vobiscum to Mic Check
11.15.2011 06:24:23Occupy Birth Pains
11.08.2011 01:33:17Asheville NC Bigotry in the Police Department
10.11.2011 05:47:29Protest Chaplains
10.01.2011 05:54:21PRIDE Festival in Asheville
09.17.2011 10:36:59Three 'Faces' of War
08.27.2011 11:32:28To Speak the Truth to Power
07.22.2011 06:47:26Religion or Faith and the Debt Ceiling
05.17.2011 04:58:05Powers and Principalities
05.07.2011 18:36:04The Second Estate
05.01.2011 10:21:12The Silence After Eastertide
04.22.2011 08:46:52The Still Days
03.29.2011 04:26:06The Killing Team
03.23.2011 10:06:49The Intellect as Desert or Why It Is Good to Ride the City Bus
03.18.2011 11:02:49A Servant of the Devil
03.12.2011 09:36:37A Poem for Japan
03.11.2011 08:46:42Assaulting the Victim Again
03.09.2011 05:08:45Awesome Silence of God
03.05.2011 19:20:28A Cult and an Apocalyptic Choice
03.02.2011 07:07:52Passages
02.28.2011 09:02:09Rallies and Unions and Memories
02.25.2011 09:59:08Sacred Words
02.18.2011 03:38:25Various and Sundry Things
02.14.2011 07:05:38'A Rose by Any Other Name'
02.12.2011 08:55:0930 Pieces of Silver Anyone
02.04.2011 10:28:02What Price Witness
01.28.2011 14:13:55The Myth of Asheville N C
01.23.2011 10:33:19Our State of the Union
01.22.2011 14:38:09Responsibility for Our Culture and Our Conduct
01.20.2011 05:13:05Need We Ask Why
01.17.2011 10:09:20The Feast of the Confession of Peter
01.16.2011 08:16:12Anawim


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The Feast of the Confession of Peter2011-01-17 16:09:20Published
Need We Ask Why2011-01-20 11:13:05Published
Responsibility for Our Culture and Our Conduct2011-01-22 20:38:09Published
Our State of the Union2011-01-23 16:33:19Published