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Collins writes: "Laszlo Thea stole a stallion. Stole him from the misty mountains."

Sunday Song: Judy Collins | Anathea (Hootenanny)

By Judy Collins, YouTube

25 April 21

Portrait of young Judy Collins circa, early 1960s. (photo: Unknown)

Laszlo Thea stole a stallion
Stole him from the misty mountains
And they chased him and they caught him,
And in iron chains they bound him.

Word was sent to Ana Thea
That her brother was in prison
Bring me gold and six fine horses
I will buy my brother's freedom.

Judge, oh, judge, please spare my brother
I will give you gold and silver
I don't want your gold and silver
All I want are your sweet favors

Ana Thea, oh my sister
Are you mad with grief and sorrow?
He will rob you of your flower
And he'll hang me from the gallows

Ana Thea did not listen
Straight way to the judge went running
In his golden bed at midnight
There she heard the gallows groaning

Curses be that judge so cruel
Thirteen years may he lie bleeding
Thirteen doctors cannot cure him
Thirteen shelves of drugs can't heal him

Ana Thea, Ana Thea
Don't go out into the forest
There among the green pines standing
You will find your brother hanging your social media marketing partner
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