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Excerpt: "Armed groups showed up to scores of racial justice protests since May. Our video shows how police officers at times let them operate freely."

'I Am on Your Side': How the Police Gave Armed Groups a Pass in 2020

By Stella Cooper, Evan Hill, Dmitriy Khavin, Arielle Ray and Drew Jordan, The New York Times

02 November 20


inutes after 17-year-old Kyle Rittenhouse appeared to fatally shoot two people at a Black Lives Matter protest, he walked away, hands in the air, seemingly surrendering to the police. But the police let him walk by. We reviewed hundreds of incidents from around the country since protests began in May and found that, at times, police officers gave the benefit of the doubt to armed far right groups and individuals, which can embolden vigilantes and lead to violence. “All right, everybody, back the [expletive] up!” Far right armed groups have been on the rise for decades. But in 2020, they started showing up to protests in large numbers. “Take your goddamn mask off. And y’all can go play your gun wars back down that way.” These groups have diverse causes, including white supremacy and opposition to the federal government.

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